Harder Represents Real Women

September 26th, 2017 | R. Rados
Rachael Harder

You may have heard about the latest hissy fit thrown by Liberal women. On September 26, members of the committee on Status Of Women walked out when Conservative members nominated Lethbridge MP, Rachael Harder, to chair the committee. As per parliamentary rules, the opposition has the right to select who chairs the committee, meaning had Conservatives been the government, either the NDP or Liberals would have been in charge of appointing the chair. It turns out, Liberal and NDP women don't think pro-life Canadian women should have representation on the committee. In fact, they tried to take away the opposition's right—and Harder's right—to represent real women with different views.

To start, in a 2012 poll conducted by Ipsos, 62% of Canadian women supported putting restrictions on abortion. That's just a fact. As it stands now, Canada has no restrictions on abortion and women can abort fetuses as late into their final trimesters as they'd like. According to Liberal and NDP women, it's wrong to represent the 62% of Canadian women who think putting limits on late-term abortions is the right thing to do—among other things.

Rachael Harder was also accused of being anti-trans, despite being absent during the contentious Bill C-16 vote in the House Of Commons. She has, however, supported maternal rights in ways that include giving $12,000 in federal job grants to pregnancy care centres in Lethbridge, saying she believes in protecting unborn rights and being called “perfectly pro-life” by an anti-abortion group. The horror!

When asked about his thoughts on his own MPs walking out on the committee like spoiled, teenage brats, Justin Trudeau said he supported their decision. Canada's Liberal minister for Status Of Women, Maryam Monsef, also expressed her support for their childish hissy fit, saying, "Andrew Scheer would like us to believe that his style of leadership is an inclusive one, a positive one where gender equality matters, and yet he continues to send signals like this that go against what the women's movement has been saying for decades."

It's funny that Monsef would say that, considering she deflected Rachael Harder's questions just weeks earlier about gender-selective abortions. When asked about the 2,000 abortions performed in Canada based on gender (specifically against girls), Monsef went on about believing in a “spectrum of violence” and a bunch of other nonsensical things. When Harder asked her if she thinks gender-selective abortion discriminates or is considered violence against women, Monsef said, “I believe that women have a fundamental right to be able to control their reproductive health rights. Sorry, I didn't hear anything you said because I was answering your question.” When Harder accused her of not answering the question and whether she believes gender-selective abortion is gender-based violence, Monsef said, “I believe that any sort of gender-based violence is wrong. I understand that women and girls in Canada are vulnerable to all sorts of forms of violence and preventing that violence is a shared responsibility for us all.”

Right? How does Maryam Monsef still have a job? I've been asking this question since she was replaced as the Minister of Democratic Institutions. Her hypocrisy is astonishing. You can watch the video of their exchange here. It's the best way to see Monsef's smug arrogance for yourself. You'll have to see it to believe it.

If we go back to Trudeau's comments in support of the hissy fit thrown by some of his MPs, it might make sense why people like Monsef have been tasked with representing women in Canada. About the hissy fit at committee, Trudeau said, "The fact is that the Liberal Party, and indeed this government, is unequivocal in our defence of women's rights. We will always defend women's rights and, quite frankly, one would hope that the committee for the status of women would have a spokesperson to stand up and unequivocally defend women's rights. That is sort of the point of the status of women committee."

Never mind the Trudeau government's obvious support for gender-selective abortions, his statement singles out a woman and excludes her from chairing a committee dedicated to the status of women. Rachael Harder doesn't meet the standards of what the Trudeau government thinks a Canadian woman should be. It's as simple as that.

62% of Canadian women support limiting abortions, yet the Trudeau government doesn't think they should have any representation. Women like Rachael Harder don't qualify in Trudeau's game of equality. That fact, in and of itself, speaks volumes about what it means to be a Liberal in Canada.