Ralph's Overdue Goodbye 

October 1st, 2015 | C. Wang 


If you live in Regina-Wascana, you may be mindlessly thinking of voting for Ralph Goodale in the upcoming Federal election. Ralph grabbed this seat handily in 1993 when Jean Chretien’s Liberal Party swept to power. People have been consistently voting for him in every election since. This time around, the people of Regina-Wascana should vote for someone else.

#1. The Liberals probably aren’t going to win this election

One of the good things about having Ralph Goodale in office ten years ago, was that he gave Saskatchewan a voice around the offices of power. The Liberals were in charge and while they weren’t the first choice of most Saskatchewanians, they nevertheless got attention because of Ralph’s position of power. He helped bring the Synchrotron project to Saskatchewan and championed The Big Dig, which revitalized Wascana Lake. That was then...

Paul Martin went on to lose his second election and the Liberal Party has performed worse in each subsequent election ever since. Ralph Goodale went from being Minister of Finance in a majority government to bellowing complaints from the corner of the House of Commons with a third rate party that looks to be staying third rate.

The Liberals are probably going to lose again and the people of Regina-Wascana should aim for federal representation, not a cushy job for opposition Goodale.

#2. Goodale’s pension is obscenely enormous

When he retires he is entitled to collect $165,000 a year in pension funds. These funds are paid courtesy of you...the taxpayer. We should change politicians out every couple of terms in order to prevent such enormous entitlements from building up and costing us a fortune. Win or lose, Ralph Goodale is laughing all the way to the bank.

#3. Goodale is 66 years old

Senior citizens have every right to run for office, but the grind of national politics is a young man’s pursuit. Ralph Goodale has had a good run in office and it’s simply time to take his $165,000.00 a year pension and move aside for the next representative to take over.

Why be so greedy?

#4. Goodale can’t relate to normal people

Goodale is a career politician. There’s nothing wrong with dedicating your career to public office, but the consequence of doing so is that you become separated from the people you are supposed to represent. Most people in Regina-Wascana don’t make over $160,000.00 a year (courtesy of taxpayers) in order to work half a year in Ottawa shouting at the Conservatives. Goodale is extremely wealthy and hasn’t spent much time outside of government. It’s time for someone new with some recent real world experience to represent the people of Regina.

#5. Goodale is advocating big Liberal deficit spending

Billions of dollars in borrowed money until 2019. That’s Justin Trudeau’s plan for kickstarting the economy. Big Liberal taxpayer funded spending.

“He’s gone from saying, well, deficits don’t matter because the budget will balance itself to look, we’re going to have a deficit” - Stephen Harper

What does Goodale think of this plan? He loves it! He’s constantly on CBC selling it the best he can. He’s careful not to use the word “deficit” when trying to sell the program, but a deficit is what the Liberal Party is aiming for.

Do we really need to go down this road again?

I remember living in Saskatchewan in the 1990’s when the Liberals slashed spending and cut transfer payments. There were no jobs and there was very little money.

So why did the Liberals of the 1990’s making such severe cuts?


"It's possible to quantify the economic results of Mr. Trudeau's legacy of Big Government, as the columnist Eric Margolis did recently. The national debt grew from $11.3-billion in 1968 to $128-billion in 1984. The annual federal deficit went from zero to $25-billion." - National Post

Brian Mulroney spent his entire time in office trying to pay the high interest rates on Trudeau’s previous spending. It wasn’t until Jean Chretien was forced to follow bankers orders that Canada got back to a sane federal fiscal policy...at the expense of our standard of living.

We don’t need to go down that path again with another Trudeau.

"Have we lost our minds? Why would Canadians allow Trudeau anywhere near the PM's office? Even NDP leader Thomas Mulcair, the "supposed-to-be" extreme left-winger, has more sense than to send Canadians into a high-spending nosedive that even our grandchildren will not be able to pay off in their lifetimes. We should vote for anyone but Trudeau, unless we have a death wish to become a pathetic, have-not country like Greece, openly begging highly-reluctant, fiscally-responsible countries to bail us out." - Jim MacDonald

The Liberals aren’t going to win anyway, so why give Regina-Wascana a representative that advocates such detrimental policies?

Conclusion: Ralph Goodale has been a good representative in the past, but it’s time for a change. On October 19th, give Ralph Goodale the gift of a luxurious taxpayer funded retirement and give Regina-Wascana a new representative.