Good Old Ralph Goodale 

May 1st, 2015 | K. McGregor 

It amazes me how an individual with little real experience in the business world can make a decades long career as a politician that represents ordinary Canadians. Not just any politician, but one that made it all the way up to Liberal Finance Minister and Natural Resource Minister, to mention a few. But this is exactly what Ralph Goodale accomplished.

Fresh out of the University of Regina and the University of Saskatchewan, Ralph got himself elected to parliament in 1974 at the ripe old age of 24. Outside of a brief stint with Pioneer Life Assurance Company and PioneerLifeco Inc, Goodale has turned his education into a life-long political career of 35 plus years and all the great perks that go with it. Astonishing.

Unfortunately, Goodale's lack of experience has led him to make some questionable comments. One such comment was in 1997 when Alberta Premier, Ralph Klein, suggested that the Kyoto agreement could not move ahead without the help of the provinces. Goodale immediately bullied Klein for his statement. With his law degree in tow, Mr. Goodale made a basic error about the Canadian constitution by threatening unilateral action on global warming, but Klein was right. The Liberals needed cooperation from the provinces. But we can't blame Mr.Goodale, since he barely practiced law and apparently had no time to check his facts.

Back in 2005, as Finance Minister, Ralph Goodale said he expected annual budget windfalls to continue for half a decade, adding up to $54.5-billion by 2010-2011. He expected to use more than 70% of this future cash to finance his mini-budget. What he didn't say was that his windfall budgets were on the backs of individual taxpayers. Also, like Pierre Trudeau, who enacted the NEP (national energy policy), assuming oil prices would keep rising and he would get a windfall from Alberta, Goodale assumed the good times were forever. The fact is, he never saw the 2008 economic disaster coming. The worst economic disaster since the great depression. He didn't have a clue. Unlike Steven Harper, who had to actually manage an economic disaster, Goodale was one lucky finance minister.

Mr. Goodale has developed a real knack for misleading Canadians on the Conservative tax cuts since 2006. You would think that as finance minister for the previous Liberals he would be happy that over one million Canadians have been removed from the tax rolls, even though it happened under Steven Harper's government. Not Good old Ralph Goodale. He has argued and voted against every tax break offered by the Conservative government. Instead, Goodale is peddling a carbon tax for Canadians, even though Canada only produces 1.57% of the world's carbon emissions. 

It has become laughable hearing Goodale criticize the economic performance of the Conservative government during the tough times the world is having. He's not fooling anyone.

I think the best decision Liberal Ralph made in his career was to hire Jason Kenny in 1988 as his executive assistant. Kenny has made an outstanding minister in Steven Harper's Conservative government. He may even be the next Prime Minister. For that, I say thank you, Ralph Goodale.