Republicans Will Love Gay Marriage

April 1st, 2013 | T. Carter 

Even Fox News has acknowledged that Republicans have begun to embrace gay marriage. In a recent poll, Fox found that support for gay marriage has climbed 32% since 2003, across the nation. Support among Republicans has climbed by nearly 20% since 2008.

To stay relevant and increase their stature as a modern party, the Republicans have no choice but to support gay marriage. By their next national convention, they will have adopted legal gay marriage as a policy, not by a landslide, but by enough for it to matter. There will still remain the stubborn Republican establishmentarians, like Carl Rove, who will always support something as primitive as traditional marriage, not a kind of marriage that is based on indiscriminate love.

We have several people to thank for this long needed shift within the Republican and conservative establishments in America. We can thank the President, one of the first to vocally support gay marriage. He made it an issue early in the 2012 presidential campaign. It helped shed light on this deep flaw in Republican policy that has held the party back. Most Republicans listened. But let's not get carried away with thanking Obama, as there really isn't any other reason for conservatives to appreciate him.

Long before Obama, conservative and libertarian bloggers were trying to make the support of gay marriage a priority for the Republican party and conservative establishments. The late Andrew Breitbart wrote extensively about why gay marriage is important for a party that strives to embed the idea of individual independence into the minds of Americans. Similarly, after his death, Breitbart's employees continued the tradition. Conservative bloggers across America, and Canada, have been steps ahead of most Republicans on the issue.

Canada's Conservative government has been used as an example of a more modern, libertarian approach to social issues. Something that American conservatives could learn from.

In America, Ron Paul has been a consistent supporter of gay marriage for years. Although the retired senator may personally support and believe in traditional marriage, it was not his job to impose his views on anyone else. Like a true libertarian, Ron Paul presented a principle that was based on consistency and not his own personal whims.

Had Romney been worthy of winning the presidency, he would have won it. The next Republican candidate cannot be an establishment Republican. Marco Rubio, although a strong candidate, has done nothing to move the Republicans in a more socially liberal direction. He has only acted to press the old issues that Romney, McCain, and Bush had pressed. It is time for a re-branding and Rubio cannot accommodate such a change.  

Marco Rubio recently appeared on the cover of Time magazine as a Republican hero. Of course Time magazine would love nothing more than a stagnant Republican Party that is incapable of real change. The worst nightmare for liberals and Democrats would be a socially progressive Republican establishment. Time magazine and other left-wing publications will continue to push the normal, unchanged Republican ideals to protect the Democrats.

There are several promising Republican candidates that could take the party to new heights in 2016. Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and anyone associated with the old Republican ideas will not stand a chance against a strong Democrat. Instead, the Republicans must look at candidates like Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, and Robert Portman. Perhaps, by 2016, a new face may emerge.

The new Republicans will support individual rights without presenting inconsistencies in their values. The new Republicans will not be led by characters like Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and Carl Rove. The new Republicans will win the White House in 2016.