A Revolution In The Ranks

The Republican's Secret To Future Sustainability

December 1st, 2012 - T. Carter 

America is a nation divided and the Republicans are in no better shape than they were directly following the Bush era. It's difficult to imagine how a two-party nation could muster enough enthusiasm and energy to stir a revolution within its highest ranks. There are not a lot of options, but during the 2012 presidential election, we saw something happen and the mainstream media did almost everything they could to suppress and ignore it. The youth vote has belonged to the Democrats for nearly three decades, but during the Republican primaries a new force began to show its teeth. It was a young and feral group of neo-liberals, libertarians, and constitutionalists. Eventually, the media found them impossible to ignore. They were coming out of the woodwork and they were being drawn out and engaged by a man old enough to be their great grandfather. That man has since retired, but his ideas have permeated throughout the Republican ranks and his ideas played a major role in the Republican National Convention of 2012. 

That small flame was temporarily stifled when the Republican's elected Mitt Romney, a man largely perceived as too "status quo".

In 2016, the only hope for America is in the new wing of youthful, libertarian conservatives who haven't been brainwashed by the egalitarian scholars and journalists that have controlled the establishments and institutions of America since the Great Depression. If the Republican establishment is unwilling to go -- which they surely will be -- this new and growing wing will have to use their boot heels. 
Ron Paul is gone, but his flame will live on through his son, his young followers, and many others. The Republicans are as divided as America, in a constant battle between two forces. One that has held its grip on the party since the Nixon era, and another that continues to grow and expand its potential to displace the party's current establishment. It is a battle between social conservatives and libertarians. The Republicans have always been the party of emancipation; at least, they were supposed to be. It was their president who eventually freed the African American slaves and set them on a path to complete liberation, which is still a work in progress today. 

It has been Democrats and their policies that have taken the country backwards into a fray of dependence, poverty, and welfare. Disguised by what looks to be altruistic and humanitarian ideas, Democratic policies have only made things worse for minorities and the middle class. The Republicans have failed to offset these policies and have worked to further expand the size of government and our dependence on it. Through presidents like Richard Nixon (who abolished the gold standard) and George W. Bush (who introduced the PATRIOT Act and a whole new bureaucracy known as The Department Of Homeland Security), the Republicans have left the American constitution hanging over a flame to cook and blacken slowly. Soon it will be a heap of ashes. 

America now stands on a "fiscal cliff" and generations to follow will carry the burden of an unsustainable debt. By the time our children reach adulthood, America will be in near ruin with a crumbling economy, a heavily taxed population, and a military with reduced capabilities. 

There are folks who resort to repeating fables when discussing America's enormous debt burden. Some on the left and right live by the idea that the debt doesn't matter and that America can change its fiat currency, repel its debt collectors with military might, or just keep printing money until the Sun dies... three million years from now. Neither of these alternatives are true and the nation's debt does matter. Whether a currency is gold, rocks, or invisible digits, it only has value if people believe it has value. No matter what the currency, a massive debt always reduces its value. That's how it works and we cannot change it. 

America's debt can only be reduced by making sacrifices. Currently, not all American's believe that they should have to make sacrificies, either because they don't believe they have to (because the debt doesn't matter) or because they don't feel that it's their responsibility and should instead be the responsibility of the wealthy. 
The nation's debt will not be resolved by only taxing the wealthy, and both Republicans and Democrats know this. There simply aren't enough rich people to pull America out of its predicament. But yet, Democrats have run their campaigns on platforms that promise no tax hikes for the poor and middle class. On the other hand, the Affordable Healthcare Act, or Obamacare, implements a new set of "taxes" on the poor and middle class. These taxes will be applied to foods, activities, and various other services that are believed to have negative health effects, like tanning, carbon, and junk food. Not to mention the "individual mandate", which forces all Americans to purchase health insurance or pay a mandatory "tax". The truth is that Democrats have been clever in their attempts to deceive all Americans, rich and poor. 

There is no way to tackle America's debt by only taxing the wealthy and that is the bottom line. 

In order for America to sustain itself, the Republicans must first be able to sustain themselves as a viable alternative to the Democrats. If the Republicans remain divided, or split apart entirely, the Democrats could remain in power forever. It is unfortunate that America has been left with two political parties. But, having three parties (one the Democrats, and the other two social conservatives and libertarians) would only strengthen the Democrat's and their hold on the nation's electoral advantage.  

The way to victory will involve disarming the nation's mainstream media and the Republican's silver tongued opponents. The way to do this is to take away their ammunition, or better yet, not hand it to them. The "war on women" and several other misconceptions were given credibility by members of the Republican Party as well as by their poorly explained ideas on birth control, abortion, and "binders full of women". Blunders, missteps, and poorly timed comments are bullets for Democrats that are trying to murder the truth. 

2016 will be America's last chance, if it's not too late by then. If the Republicans refuse to open their doors to new ideas and grow enough of a backbone to expel their least tactful and socially conservative counterparts, America will fail. The idea created by Democrats that Republicans are the "backwards, stupid party" will continue to spread. A revolution within the ranks of the Republicans must involve compromise, talent, and honesty. On the other hand, it must also involve sticking to some stubborn values like less spending, less taxation, and smaller government. In order to resonate, the Republicans must let their actions speak louder than their words. 

The Republicans must do what the Democrats did in 2008 when they elected a new, charismatic figurehead. They can begin by sewing the seeds of revolution within the general population, just as Ron Paul did. Republicans will have to elect a revolutionary, not someone like Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, or any establishment candidate. Talks of Jeb Bush running in 2016 should not be encouraged. Barack Obama shifted the Democrats from the centrist platform of Bill Clinton to a doctrine that exists on the furthest left ever seen in Democratic Party history. The Republicans have tried twice to replace Obama using a centrist, moderate platform. Both times they have failed. 

The Republicans will continue to fail if they don't offer the American voters a sharp contrast to the Democratic platform while at the same time cutting into it. They will fail if they continue to flub their words, pander to meandering sub-groups that make big deals out of small things like funding Planned Parenthood, and remain stubborn on issues like gay marriage, drug laws, and immigration. The Republican's current plan is not working and it never will. The Republicans need to go back to their roots and become what they were in the days of Abe Lincoln. They need to become a party that represents everyone, not just old homophobes, traditionalists, and Christians. The times have changed and the Republicans need to catch up. This is one thing that the party's opponents have been right about. 

Gay rights are here to stay. The Republicans should get used to it. A marriage between two persons of the same sex shouldn't matter, because it isn't anyone's business. De-funding Planned Parenthood looks like a grain of salt on a table with spilled wine and milk. America has bigger problems and a few compromises are due. It's time for the Republicans to let it go or let the Democrats win again, and again, and again, and again. It's time for Republicans to pull out their hacksaws and cut pieces out of the Democrat's base. 

The Republican revolution will be led by a leader with a strong spine. It will be someone who isn't afraid to denounce the establishment and muster the same furor as the Occupy Movement did, but with an opposite agenda. It will be an agenda that not only denounces union bosses and shoddy bureaucrats, but also corporate bigwigs and lobbyists. If this sounds familiar, it's because Ron Paul has already done it. However, as sad as it is to admit, Ron Paul doesn't have the energy to move the masses in the same way Barack Obama has. But, this will change. That person is out there and the seeds have been planted. Now, with proper nourishment, the revolution will grow.

The Democrats are not the party of individual rights and freedoms and they never were. The Republicans will be that party again. Someone will emerge to unlock our chains. That spirited, vibrant man or woman is out there, waiting for that perfect moment to strike. 

America's time is running out and someone must do something.