The Truth About Right-Wing Women 

June 1st, 2018 | Liberty 5-3000
conservative women

I had managed to make it nearly the entire semester listening to left-wing idiocy without losing it. Unfortunately for everyone enrolled, I was forced to speak my piece after our professor felt the necessity to make the comment that “contrary to frequent claims, universities do in fact contain a plurality of thought.”

I couldn’t hold it in and proceed to refute this claim without losing my mind. I cited the over-representation of Democrats to Republicans teaching in universities (here), talked about how it’s impossible to find a supervisor for an honors or masters unless you plan on coming to the desired conclusions the supervising professor wanted, and most importantly, I talked about the discrimination I personally experienced as a right-winger in university. Time after time, I had had an unnecessary amount of push-back and even hostility when I contributed even something remotely right of center in class. As soon as I revealed myself politically in classes, I would receive a significantly different reaction from that of the twenty-year-old progressive feminist regurgitating the usual talking points  or even a male conservative  that would receive only a nod of approval from the professor. My outburst ultimately did nothing, of course, and the professor's response was to sidestep and go on about something completely different, as if nothing I said actually happened. 

The kicker to this story is that it was incredibly rare for me to encounter anyone else on the right in any of my university classes. In this class, however, there was one other conservative, which I was able to ascertain from our group discussions before the start of the class. He obviously wasn’t a fan of Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment, or must have been incredibly forgetful, because he seemed to have forgotten how a conservative should never speak ill of another conservative or agree with progressives over at the expense of another conservative. In any event, he undermined my entire rebuttal to this professor’s claim in one sentence.

“I’ve never experienced discrimination here. I thought I would have, but surprisingly, I actually haven’t.” 

Thanks, asshole.

Flash forward a few hours later when I was reflecting on how I’d been thrown under the bus by one of my own. The sad realization hit me- the female conservative experience is significantly different than the male conservative experience. I can’t proceed any further, of course, without making the disclaimer, that I’m no fan of identity politics or intersectionalism, but I do believe that right-wing women receive significantly more shit and abuse from leftists than conservative men. I’ve pondered for a long time why that could be.

You’ll recall the time that Ann Coulter was called a ‘c*nt’ upwards of twenty times during the Rob Lowe roast, and how no female came to her aid (not even Jewel, who I’m told is also a singer in addition to being a feminist).

You might also recall the comments made about our girl Sarah Palin and how "we can do a lot better" than some backwoods hockey mom who could see Russia from her house.

You’ll also recall the disgusting comments made about Phyllis Schlafly, which, over and above the usual left-wing degeneracy found on twitter, actually delighted in her death.

Or you might recall how many sick lefties were successful in making the song “Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead” reach the top of the UK charts upon Margaret Thatcher’s death.

I could go on and on with more examples, but I’m advised by our editor that I do, in fact, have a limit to my word count. What I can tell you from personal experience is that I have never encountered more hate and animus than I did in university after revealing my politics. The first time in my life that I ever experienced anti-semitism came courtesy of a Women's Studies professor during a somewhat heated debate over economics, which, of course, had absolutely nothing to do with race or Israel (although she took it there). I know from personal experience that there is a completely different standard by which conservative women are measured, and a completely different treatment of females on the right versus males on the right.

You’d think that the people who claim to be champions of women and their choices would be happy to see any woman writing, speaking publicly or holding office. Sadly, this hasn’t been the case for Coulter, Palin, Schlafly, Thatcher and countless others. Why is that?

My answer is somewhat simple.

I don’t doubt that my male conservative colleague had an average time in university. As it turns out, the progressive champions of women’s rights never banked on his support anyways. The entire progressive reason for being is to represent the oppressed, marginalized and victimized. Not only do men not fall into that category, but the entire progressive movement (as embodied by both the university types and the NDP) is formed around dismantling the systems that ‘uphold male privilege and power.’ My male colleague was never anticipated to be part of their movement, because their movement is actually formed in direct opposition to his existence. The poor guy is actually just biding his time until the party whose entire ideology is based on taking down the ‘white male patriarchy’ can strike. For now, he waits in average purgatory.

The special animus and vitriol reserved for right-wing women, however, grows out of the belief that our support, unlike the male right-winger, should be banked on, and when women don’t support the party that claims to be acting on their behalf, they are perceived not as free-thinkers, but as traitors. And unfortunately for us, there’s a special place reserved in progressive hell for female traitors. So yes, I don’t doubt that my male conservative classmate had an entirely different experience than I did. Because you can’t be a traitor if you were never on the team.

Sadly, until third, or fourth, or… well, who knows what wave of feminism we’re on now  until whatever the leftie feminists adhere to dies a painful death, or until right-wing women also find their strength in numbers and manage to muster some solidarity in pushing back, the disproportionate amount of shit and abuse from leftists will continue. My recommendation is that we don’t go it alone, that we revive Reagan’s Eleventh and fight like we’ve never fought before — we could have our own team.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t address the side issue of the left’s calls for parity between the sexes in government, especially now that I’m pissed off. 

Please do not let yourselves be fooled. The left is being incredibly disingenuous when they say they want more women in politics. They don’t. They want more left-wing women in politics. The examples I gave you of the treatment of right-wing women involved in politics, (and possibly your own experiences) are proof positive that only some women are welcome in politics. I can acknowledge that there may be a small handful of lefties who genuinely care about the equal representation of women in government. After all, every one of us has a mother, wife or sister. But it’s incredibly convenient that women overwhelmingly favor left-wing parties and left-wing policies (see: here, or here, or even here).  It’s a bit too convenient. Also convenient are the calls for fresh blood and younger faces in politics. Turns out that young ladies are more likely to vote left than older ones (which you can read about here).

Right-wing ladies, continue to be your bad-ass selves. Just don’t let yourselves be used or abused in the process. And, if you can find it in your hearts, back a fellow right-wing female while you’re at it.