An Inch For A Mile: How The Left Plays And Wins

July 1st, 2022 | TC

With the overturning of Roe v. Wade has come the expected left-wing rage and vitriol. Calls to burn down the Supreme Court, kill justices and overthrow the government are perfectly reasonable and normal now, because when we take the left's freedoms and set them back, they throw down all their cards. When they take a loss, society feels the brunt of it. Frighteningly, now that they have experienced this devastating loss, we can expect them to strike back and to ask for more inches so they can rob us of another mile.

Each time, the story is the same. The radical left asks for an inch, we give it to them and they take a full mile. They did it with LGBTQ rights, which have now become LGBTQ2S rights and will soon start to include pedophiles and rapists. They did it with abortion and have now gotten so radical and repulsive over the years that overturning Roe v. Wade was the most reasonable solution to their madness. Abortion in the 1970s went from safe, legal and rare to “kill all babies whenever and however any women feels the need” in the 2020s.

By choosing corruption and insanity, Democrats are fully responsible for the overturning of federal abortion laws and it started as far back as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. By embracing Clinton's corruption and inviting radical elements of the left into their party, they paved the way for Donald Trump, who would go on to appoint three conservative justices to the Supreme Court. By losing the 2016 election and allowing themselves to be rejected by Americans, Democrats created their own destiny.

Justice Clarence Thomas has now expressed an interest in reversing gay marriage laws, among others, which has set the left ablaze. This, again, is the destiny Democrats and the radical left have written for themselves. Americans are slowly turning on the left and conservatives in power are beginning to fight back against the left's insanity in ways that are long overdue.

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Conservative Americans have realized how the radical left plays politics and they are pulling out the heavy guns to strike back. For every inch we have given, the left has stolen a mile. Conservatives in power are now seeking to take back the miles and the inches, leaving the radical left with nothing. The rules are changing and the battlefield is shifting to one dominated by conservatives.

These are a few things the left has done and will try to do in the coming years. Beware, fellow Americans and Canadians looking down from the North.

LGBTQ Rights And Child Abuse

Over the years, we have witnessed the legalization of gay marriage pave the way for activists in the LGBTQ2S movement to press for children as young as twelve to be prescribed hormone therapy, surgery and puberty blockers to cure their gender dysphoria. Parents who fight back and refuse these prescriptions are called bigots and threatened with having their children taken away, under the ironic premise of “child abuse”.

What they plan next is clearly visible on social media and in obscure entertainment circles. The sexualization of children as young as toddlers is evidently becoming normalized in several LGBTQ2S circles and activists are aggressively pressing for terms like “pedophile” to be replaced with “Minor Attracted Persons” or MAPS. Some contemporary gay magazines and obscure online blogs have played with the idea of accepting pedophilia as a sexual orientation that should be treated similarly to how same-sex activities and partnerships are treated. One such example can be found here.

It would be unfair to say that all members of the LGBTQ movement are ok with this, as that is not the case. Many gay activists and transgender activists have spoken out against the sub-movements inside their own movements that have been pressing for these changes. In many cases, these ideas have been flatly rejected by several prominent LGBTQ groups.

Famous YouTubers like Blaire White and former athlete Caitlyn Jenner offer examples of those within the LGBTQ2S movement who have opposed the sexualization of children and the acceptance of MAPS. Several centre-left figures and gay rights activists have done the same. Many within these movements, on both the right and left, have flatly rejected what has been happening and expressed their feelings of alienation from some groups that had once fought for gay rights and their personal freedoms.

The next step for the radical left involves ramping up efforts in Blue States to strengthen abortion rights and to militantly fight back in Red States like Texas. Democrats will bring together forces in Texas and Mississippi to blockade legislatures and threaten lawmakers. Federally, they will push to codify abortion rights, but their efforts will most definitely fail under a newly formed Republican majority in Congress this fall.

Hollywood will press full-steam-ahead with efforts to chastise and destroy Republicans leading up to the November mid-terms.

Abortions At Any Time, For Anyone

Abortionists evolved from the reasoned feminist movements of the 1970s into radical, purple-haired lunatics in the 2000s who call for more late-term abortions and proudly flaunt and advertise their abortions on TikTok. On social media, radical feminists promote abortions in the same way Nike promotes sneakers.

T-shirts that declare “I had a abortion” are proudly brandished by young lunatics and radicals on TikTok.

"By losing the 2016 election and allowing themselves to be rejected by Americans, Democrats created their own destiny."

Within the span of fifty years, abortion advocacy has moved from “keep it safe, legal and rare” to “abortions are awesome and everyone should have at least one”. This evolution in thought has created a level of repulsion and disgust among normal Americans to the likes of something never seen before. Conservatives in power have become so repulsed, they have chosen to react in extreme ways. Moderate liberals, too, have reacted in unexpected ways to the new attitudes expressed on the extreme left about abortions.

As the left has trivialized abortion and made it the single centerpiece of women's rights in America, it has become a target for conservatives. What was once a settled law to protect women has turned into a political gimmick used by Democrats to stir outrage against their opponents. Federal abortion laws were never under threat in America until the left continued using them to their advantage and creating anger where it never existed. By putting Roe v. Wade into the spotlight for twenty years and crying wolf, the left has again written its own destiny.

To strike back, left-wing radicals will threaten to overthrow the American government and advocate for a real insurrection. They will gather their forces in Red States and push abortion further in Blue States. We should expect acts of left-wing terrorism against lawmakers and pro-life movements to become more common in the years to come, all of which will be encouraged and quietly condoned by radical Democrats in Congress and the White House.

Democrats will use the end of Roe to fundraise into the next two elections.

The Truth About Overturning Roe

Roe v. Wade was a ruling by the Supreme Court that made abortions legal across all states and protected abortions on a federal level. Without it, states are again allowed to write their own laws and legislation on the legality of abortions. Deep blue states like California, Illinois and New York will remain safe havens for abortions, but states like Texas, Georgia and Mississippi will have the right to criminalize abortions.

To many conservatives, this is how the Union was designed to function. Roe v. Wade has been viewed as a violation of state rights and autonomy. Moreover, in many Southern red states, popular opinion favors stricter laws and total bans on abortion. In states like Georgia and Mississippi, more than 60% of the public have supported limiting and banning abortions, at one time or another, within the past twenty years. Due to the Supreme Court ruling, certain states were unable to fulfill the democratic desires of their voters. As of now, that restriction on states has been lifted with the reversal of Roe.

To liberals, a sacred violation of a women's liberty to choose has occurred with the reversal of Roe. Despite what we have concluded here, it is important to understand the perspectives of those who are angry at this new ruling. There are those who stand with real universal liberty among those who are angry and outraged at the moment, but many of them will now be forced to the Democrat Party's dark side in coming elections and campaigning efforts. This is what makes Republic cohesion more important than ever.

Republicans must approach the subject gently and strategically in their districts to avoid tilting the scales. Democrats will spend the next two years aggressively playing the same cards they have been playing for years. Now that they have been dealt a severe blow, they will be playing more dirty than ever before and looking to make wins where ever and whenever they can, no matter the costs.

Beware Republicans! Things are about to get crazier.

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