The Mysteries Of Salt Spring Island:

China, Murder And Conspiracy

August 1st, 2020 | RR

There have been extensive reports of Chinese shell companies and individuals with connections to the Chinese government buying up real estate in Canada. This has been ongoing since long before it was detailed in a joint RCMP/CSIS investigation called Operation Sidewinder back in the 1990s. Now, a new and bizarre story seems to be shedding light on a wide and ominous network operating in British Columbia. Following the murder of a Chinese national in Surrey, an investigation is linking her death to several possible shell companies and what appears to be a military boot camp operating on a secluded island off the coast of Duncan, BC.

There have been reports of military-style marches and drills near the Mineral Springs Resort—which is owned by a multi-national company called Create Abundance International Inc.. Locals have posted videos and photos of these drills online, some dating as far back as 2018. The video from 2018 shows what appears to be mostly Chinese women dressed in military garb and following marching orders, which according to witnesses, are being shouted in another language. One local resident, Joe Clemente, told The Breaker  and CTV that he had heard rumours of a large group-booking at the resort prior to the drills.

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The company (Create Abundance International) that owns the resort, also happens to own a mansion in Surrey where a Chinese national named Bo Fan was found dead. Fan suffered severe injuries, including a “destroyed” femur, and she died in hospital from what appears to be foul play.

A joint CTV/Breaker investigation linked the owners of the property where Fan was found to various other properties owned in Langley and Surrey—and to the Mineral Springs Resort on Salt Spring Island.

The mansion where Bo Fan was found dead is listed as the registered mailing address for Create Abundance International Institute. Create Abundance International is also referred to as “Golden Touch”. According to CTV, the Chinese symbol for wealth can be seen hanging in the window at the home. Witnesses have stated that Fan spent a lot of time at the residence and that tour buses filled with “wealthy visitors” would come and go from the property.

CTV also reports:

In recent years, those evening events, the source said, appeared to be smaller in scale, with fewer than a dozen cars parked on the driveway and street, some with license plates that began with the letters GT.

The source pointed to another house less than a block away that had a sizable Create Abundance sign with a logo mounted next to the front door. The sign had Chinese and English writing pronouncing it a “Research Centre of Quantum Medicine.”

CTV reports that the owners of Create Abundance International also own five other companies with names that start with the letters GT. All five of the companies have the same registered address as the mansion where Fan was found. Witnesses claim the company has been operating in Surrey's Grandview Heights since 2016. Two of the five companies have received business permits from the city of Surrey.

When the reporters managed to track down some of the registered owners of the companies, they reported this:

The addresses for their directors, who could potentially have information about Golden Touch or a way to contact their corporate leadership, led CTV News to four new homes in Surrey and into Langley.

At an acreage, a pair of alpacas are having lunch in a field, but no one answers the front door.

On a suburban street not far away – at a house displaying the same Chinese symbol for wealth out front – someone inside initially responds, but then doesn’t open the door.

The investigation eventually led reporters to the Mineral Springs Resort on BC's Salt Spring Island. The resort is located on what is described as Salt Spring Island's “remote northern end” and contains ocean-side cabins and over 29 acres of land. This is a satellite image of the resort.

"There have been reports of military-style marches and drills near the Mineral Springs Resort..."

Two local islanders, Kathy Weisner and Joe Clemente, described their experiences to CTV.

Weisner described seeing 50 or so men and women dressed in full military garb in 2018, marching down the road and shouting commands in another language. They appeared to be unarmed and wearing matching caps and uniforms.

Clemente described a similar experience, which he recorded and posted online:

A year later, Clemente's wife said she saw a similar military march, but involving a smaller group of people. CTV also obtained a photo from the Mineral Springs Resort that shows “troops” lined up in front of the resort's office in 2018.

Who Is Bo Fan?

According to homicide investigators, Bo Fan was an employee of Create Abundance and had only been living in Canada for about a year. She dealt with several clients in her role, but little about her or Golden Touch is yet known. Many of her family members and people who could give police more answers have since left Canada.

Reporters retrieved a phone number associated with one of the Golden Touch companies that went to a man named Peng Fan, who has identified himself as Bo Fan's brother. Unable to speak good English, Peng Fan instructed reporters to send him an email translated into Chinese. As of this date, they have not received a reply.

Bo Fan drove a white Dodge Charger with a pink sticker that says “princess on board”.

Two directors listed for Create Abundance, Zhang Guo and Zhang Dazhun, have an address listed on a trademark application. The address is a hotel complex across from the Changchun University in the Chinese province of Jilin. Create Abundance has been accused of fraud and occultism in parts of China since 2016, which could be nothing but a clever ploy to distance the Chinese government from the company.

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