Schooling Misguided Conservatives 

May 1st, 2013 | R. Rados 

If the Conservative Party Of Canada breaks in half, the Liberals or the NDP will win a majority government. This isn't something that would be in the best interest of conservatives or libertarians. If we go back to the days of the PCP and Canadian Alliance, the country's fragile conservative movement will shatter. Thus far, Stephen Harper has done an exquisite job of keeping his party intact and kicking away the supposed civil war that has been biting at his heels. Like the Republi(cants), Canada's Conservatives have progressive types and social conservatives feuding behind closed doors. Poor management and leadership could have the potential to divide a united movement against socialism, big government, big spending, and decades worth of backward policies.

When Conservatives fight, Canada's liberal media eats it up. Institutions like the CBC pounce at every opportunity to cover any kind of in-fighting amongst conservatives. We saw this recently when a couple of Tory backbenchers decided to accuse Harper of censorship. Although the backbenchers retracted their words and denied their opposition to Harper, the CBC went on to insist that Harper is a tyrant and that Canada's conservative movement is teetering on the brink of collapse.

Poletical's own Jeff Hodgson was recently invited to debate Jojo Ruba on CBC Radio One. Their forty minute debate was cut down to twelve minutes and the two conservatives were coached before the recording and encouraged to torque up their differences in order to make it “more entertaining”.

All parties have closed-door feuds within their ranks. The Tories are no exception. Against the aspirations of the CBC and Canada's left wing movements, the Conservatives are here to stay. There are only a few on the right that fail to understand the importance of party unity. These few are the culprits that feed Canada's lefty forces and the exaggerated notion that there are damaging divisions amongst Conservatives. The only way the left could be successful at destroying the Conservative Party is by convincing conservatives that their own party and base are unstable.

The Conservative Party's base is not unstable. There are those who think Stephen Harper is not conservative enough, but even they've understood the dire consequences of having a divided party, minus a very few who have chosen to be vocal. Like the Liberal Party, the Conservatives will evolve and change with every new leader and policy convention. They will always remain true to conservatism, but they will do so by adapting – as they already have under Stephen Harper. Some Conservatives have accepted gay marriage and pro-choice abortion policies, not because they wanted to, but because they had to. This is a democracy, which means that there are just some things that can't be done, regardless of principle. Stephen Harper understands that, unlike the few “conservatives” who have taken to blogs, forums, and radio to condemn the current position of the Conservative Party.

There might be a time for the abortion debate in Canada's future, but that time isn't now. Gay marriage does nothing to infringe upon the rights of heterosexual couples, which is exactly why true Canadian conservatives have opened their arms to gays and lesbians. Gays and lesbians are taxpayers, just like everyone else. No conservative should expect that any taxpayers should be forced to fund their own oppression. As for abortion, it's such a contentious issue that it just can't be touched – not now. There are pro-choice conservatives and pro-life conservatives, so the debate will have to be addressed from an objective taxpayer's point of view before Canadians begin to understand it. Should it be considered fair or unfair that some taxpayers are forced to fund something that they consider to be murder? That's the question.

The abortion debate scares some voters and feeds the liberal media the ammunition it needs to deride and degrade conservatives. When one conservative supports abortion or opposes homosexuality, Canadian media finds a way to make it reflect upon all conservatives and an entire party. We saw evidence for this during Alberta's provincial election and Wildrose candidate, Alan Hunsberger. Hunsberger was eaten alive  and his views were cleverly imposed upon the entire party and hyped by media. This undoubtedly affected people's perception of the Wildrose.

During an election debate on CBC, the Wildrose faced further damage after Danielle Smith was booed for her views on climate change by an audience of hand-picked progressives and liberals. This all happened despite polls showing that only 32% of Canadians believe humans are the sole cause of climate change. A video of the CBC's disgraceful set-up can be seen here.

Lefties across Canada have the ability to destroy conservatism with the cooperation of mainstream and publicly funded media. True conservatives should reign in their rogues and school them to prevent them from speeding up the left's efforts. True conservatives should be more like Stephen Harper.

If the Conservatives were to somehow collapse and split, no conservatives would get a say in Ottawa. Not a single one. It's just that simple. If there are backbenchers who feel muzzled now, they'll feel a lot worse when an entire leftist House Of Representatives puts them on ignore. What we have now is vitally important to conservative ideals and all of us have to make sacrifices. Libertarians must accept the Conservative's crime agenda, just as social conservatives have had to accept gay marriage and abortion. The time for all of these debates may or may not come in the future. That's just something we have to accept.

The truth is simple. The few "conservatives" who have condemned Harper just don't understand Canadian politics. They likely don't understand what it means to be conservative, liberal, libertarian, or socialist. They fail to grasp the structure of Canada's parliamentary system, party politics, and the inevitable labels of the political spectrum, like right and left. We call these people “politically dyslexic”. Just like the left, the right has its fair share of politically illiterate, single issue voters. These morons need to be schooled if Canada's conservative movement wants to survive the next twenty years.

Like those on the left who think conservatism is a fancy word for fascism, some who identify mostly with the right need serious lessons in politics. As conservatives, it's our responsibility to teach them. The right is about freedom. The left is about dependency, which is a form of discreet tyranny. In order for the right to be strong and meaningful, we need to compromise and make sacrifices. We need to teach our misguided counterparts what conservatism represents. We need to understand that the Conservative Party is our only home, and that if we lose it our representation in Ottawa will be ineffective.