Seinfeld, The Anthem And The Electoral College Are Next 

October 1st, 2017 | T. Carter
seinfeld attacked

I have lived in Chicago for almost 15 years and seen some things I thought I would never see. I have seen more gun violence, heard more gunshots and known more people who have been robbed, beaten and assaulted than at any other period in my life. But those aren't the most frightening things I have come to know in Chicago. I have met more Democrats and left-wing activists than I ever knew existed in all of America. I have come to know Chicago as the epicenter of most Democratic and left-wing movements over the past decade. If you ever wanted to know where the brain and the heart of the extremist elements of the Democratic Party are, they are in Chicago. Every major movement from Occupy Wall Street to Antifa and Black Lives Matter has roots that connect back to Chicago in some way or another.

It was in 2007 when I first heard conversations about Confederate monuments being expressions of racism and about the need for a new movement that would uplift and draw awareness to black identity in America. I heard conversations in classrooms and at community centers in my neighborhood about the need for a movement that would unify blacks in America and tear down the walls around what they were calling “white institutionalism”. At the time, I thought it was only talk. Less than ten years later, I'm beginning to see those words and ideas that were circulating on the streets of Chicago turned into actions. Activists across America are accomplishing a lot of what was being talked about as far back as 2007.

It was almost like Chicago's community organizers and academics had seen the future. Or maybe it was more like they had been planning it. In hindsight, it makes more sense to believe the latter.

A few days before writing this, I spoke to a long-time acquaintance who I met in Chicago when I first moved here in 2003. It was in his circle of friends and activists that I heard talk of a “black identity movement” and the desire to “erase some of that white history” in 2007. This year, the topic of conversation on the streets of Chicago is the Electoral College, the national anthem and white Hollywood.

He told me, in these exact words, that the NFL's “national anthem thing is happening just at the right time”. He also told me that it was like “divine providence”, because it was all happening when it was supposed to. His point was that there has been talk about escalating the movement to “erase some of that white history” for months, and that everything that was happening now would help make it all go down sooner. He was talking about the word on the street for the past year and about how the national anthem is a symbol of black oppression and white supremacy.

That's not all the word on the street is about. The word is that the Electoral College is a relic of America's racist past and that it was a system designed by slave owners to empower slave owners and Southern states.

I'm going to tell you what I know from the word on the streets of Chicago (the heart and brain of Democrat activism) and how all of it might become more than just talk sooner than we think. If the word on the streets in 2017 ever becomes real, these are the things we should expect to start happening.

The Electoral College

It is almost impossible to change the Electoral College system without a majority of states being on board. There has already been a Democratic push to elect presidents by popular vote rather than by electoral college votes, but efforts have mostly failed. One such effort was the Interstate Compact, or the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, which is an agreement between states to give their electoral votes to the candidate with the most votes nationally. The only problem for that movement is that only 10 states have signed on and all of them are traditionally blue states.

It's of no surprise that Illinois is one of the 10 states that has joined the Interstate Compact. There are currently eight more states who have the legislation pending in their state legislatures, four of which are Republican states while the rest are swing states. With the ten states signed on now, their electoral votes only amount to 165, but all 10 are traditionally Democrat states.

The reason Democrats are looking to abolish the Electoral College has to do with history. Of the five historic presidential races where the winner lost the popular vote, 100% were Republicans, with the most recent being Donald Trump.

The first “Republican” to lose the popular vote but win the presidency was John Quincy Adams, who was a member of several different parties—most of which supported Republican ideals. After Adams, four more Republican presidents went on to win the Electoral College without the popular vote: Rutherford Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, George W. Bush and Donald Trump.

It is easy to see why Democrats want to do away with the Electoral College. Lucky for us, because we live in a constitutional republic, it won't be that easy for them. But they have a plan.

Democrats will try to bring down the Electoral College how they brought down Confederate monuments across the country. They will use racism and America's history of slavery to vilify America's traditional democratic history to help themselves. The seeds for that narrative have already been planted.  

The National Anthem

It goes without saying that the American national anthem, the song that was written to honor our freedom, is under attack by the American left. By now it doesn't take a psychic to know what comes next.

The song was never meant to be one to symbolize black oppression in America, but the left has found a sure way to make Americans think differently of its history. They'll plan to have the song either rewritten or replaced with something entirely different. Their version will lean more towards a Marxist vision and act to symbolize a style of equality that goes against everything America is about. To do it, they will use identity politics and racial division—as they always have.

Confederate monuments never symbolized freedom, but they were a start to something the Democratic left has been planning for a while. They were deemed symbols of oppression, which they kind of were, but others viewed them as historical artifacts and relevant reminders of American history—which they also were. After the success of the Confederate removals, the left feels energized and ready to use those same tactics to target real, true symbols of American freedom that go against their Marxist vision for America.

There are two particular lines the left will target in America's anthem. Both of those things go against the Marxist ideals of the Democratic Party's fringe. The lines, “Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just, and this be our motto: in God is our trust”. Those lines come near the end of the anthem, but they will draw the most condemnation from activists looking to pacify the anthem, if not eliminate the whole thing all together.

To the left, the glorification of US supremacy contained in “then conquer we must” promotes war and fascism. Of course, it goes without saying what their problem is with the line, “in God is our trust”. That part is self-explanatory when thinking about Antifa and Marxism. We can look for petitions and movements to explode over the next few years calling for the removal of God and these lines from the anthem. They may not amount to anything, but the Democratic left will work hard at trying. They will also try to contort their arguments into ones that suggest the anthem is a symbol of black oppression and slavery.

White Hollywood

Inklings of this movement to “blackify” Hollywood were clear during last year's Oscar Awards and the controversy over there being no black actors nominated. Hollywood folded and nominated more black actors the next year, but not before engaging in a full year of self shaming and punishment brought on by black activists with deep connections to Democratic organizations based in Chicago.

That outcry and outrage was largely manufactured, but it was only the beginning and a very small taste of what's to come. There will be a continued and ongoing push to not only increase black representation in Hollywood but to “erase some of that white history” as well.

There were several shows that were produced and aired with much success in the 1970s, 80s and 90s. Most of those shows have very little black representation, which is a huge problem for these same Democrat activists, but what's worse is that some of them will be accused of promoting white privilege and black oppression. Many of the shows that will eventually be blacklisted as “racist” will include shows like Seinfeld, Friends, Cheers, All In The Family and a range of others.

There will be an increasing push to censor, ban and edit existing television shows and movies that exhibit what activists might call white privilege, white supremacy and oppression—even subtly. This might all sound far-fetched and absurd right now, but just give it a few years. There has already been talk that shows like Seinfeld and All In The Family would not have been made in 2017, simply due to the current climate of racial sensitivity and outrage.

Seinfeld's all white, mostly Jewish cast has come up before, as well as some less politically correct episodes that seemed to “normalize” racial stereotypes and epithets. One particular episode called “The Cafe” features a Pakistani immigrant who receives Jerry's advice to serve more Pakistani food in his restaurant, but fails and is later deported. The humor of deporting a Pakistani immigrant, as well as some of the stereotypes put on display in that episode, have already conjured up some manufactured outrage among activists and bloggers. Another episode called “The Cigar Store Indian” almost speaks for itself, but also includes Jerry using several politically incorrect racial jokes and the term “Indian giver”.

For the LGBT community, there is something in Seinfeld to be outraged about too. In an episode called “The Beard”, Elaine pretends to date a gay man who she later tries to convert.

There are other episodes from Seinfeld that will make it on the activists' blacklist, but shows like All In The Family would probably face complete condemnation in their entirety, even though they were meant to be examples of tolerance and racial unity at the time.

The overhaul of Hollywood and some of our favorite television shows is on the agenda. There will be calls to pull certain episodes and shows out of syndication, off of Netflix and completely out of our memories as a collective nation. This will be done to re-write American history, wash away the sins and to rebuild America in a new image. The Democratic left's war on American culture is a war to redefine America as a nation and a people, and they won't give up until every one of us has converted to their ideological vision.

America is at a crossroads.