What Should Social Conservatives Do? 

January 5th, 2020 | JH

Social Conservatives in Canada are an extreme minority. There’s a small subsection of intelligent (and likely) activist groups that understand socially conservative positions and issues and knowingly agree with that point-of-view. They’ll cite classic works of great thinkers throughout antiquity and draw parallels to times of decline or collapse with the madness of our own. They’ll be able to dominate specific debates like abortion, but be completely ineffective at changing the cultural zeitgeist. They likely go to church and are university educated and are probably working on writing their book that they secretly hope will “WAKE PEOPLE UP,” but it won’t.

There’s another, larger group, that simply has social conservative tendencies, but they can’t identify or articulate what they think or believe. These are the non-self-examined types that have an aversion to abortion, but don’t really know why. They instinctively recoil from cross-dressing transsexuals, but don’t give it much thought. They think criminals aren’t punished severely enough for crimes committed, but still respect our legal system overall. They don’t really believe in gay marriage, but they don’t say so. They secretly feel bad for a single woman who’s pregnant, but they say, “Congratulations!” They hate hearing about a divorce and they probably don’t do drugs and they probably go to church on Easter and Christmas.

These are your two basic So-Con CPC voters.

There’s a movement afoot, fuelled by the media and progressives inside (and outside) the Conservative Party to shed the socially conservative wing of the CPC. The general narrative is that Andrew Scheer lost the election because of his socially conservative views on abortion and same-sex marriage. This is highly unlikely, but not entirely unreasonable. The question is two-fold…

1. What should the CPC do?

The first assumption is that the CPC even truly wants to win in the first place. Being in opposition is a comfortable place to be. You can throw stones from the sidelines all day long and talk endlessly about how if you were doing it, you’d do it better.

Fundraising is also a lot easier when in opposition. Angry, true believers that hold party memberships are more motivated to part with their money when they are hoping to get rid of a hated enemy (Trudeau) than when they are assessing a Prime Minister with mixed results (Harper).

Meanwhile, life carries on for the grifters and trough-dwellers in Ottawa. The mortgages keep getting paid and the gold-plated pensions keep building. It’s not a bad life being the Conservative Washington Generals to the Liberal Harlem Globe Trotters.

However, winning still hangs in the air and if you fail too often then you get branded a loser and stiffer measures are threatened. Thus, the CPC keeps an eye on doing what it takes to win and doing what it takes to win in Canada is... becoming liberal.

I don’t want to deep dive into the following issue too heavily, but the reality is that in Western Civilization, since the Enlightenment, any form of conservatism simply functions as a throttle on the liberal progressive agenda. It never stops or changes the landscape, it just follows along behind the progressive trailblazers like a shadow. The charge that Conservatives have failed to conserve anything of value is a legitimate one. The CPC can either athwart history uselessly yelling, “Stop!” or they can just submit.

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"The charge that Conservatives have failed to conserve anything of value is a legitimate one."

I suggest the CPC just submit.

The CPC is already to the left of where Jean Chretien was in the 1990s… both socially and fiscally. The 2020 CPC doesn’t care about the military, doesn’t deviate on immigration policy from the Trudeau Liberals, doesn’t have a grand centre-right vision as an alternative to anything. The 2020 CPC is just a branch of the Chamber of Commerce, twisting and turning within the progressive frame.

So just dispense with the quiet toleration of social conservatives and throw them under the bus with Leitch, Trost and Bernier. The amount of votes lost from doing this will be gained by picking up progressive swing voters. Elections will still be lost at a 3-to-4 ratio to Liberals, but at least this internal division can be put to rest and the Lib-Con duopoly can govern in peace.

2. What should social conservatives do?

If you’re truly socially conservative, you should probably consider not voting in a democracy at all. After all, democracy itself is a progressive aberration that has led us to this point of modernity madness in the first place. Absolute equality is pure evil and the equality of one-person, one-vote reflects this.

Nevertheless, it is the only system we have and as fraudulent as it is, it still functions as a national opinion poll. Social conservatives are entitled to vote so who do you vote for?

I suggest you vote based on principle rather than strategy or compromise or hating the opponent. Vote for the person or party that best reflects your interests and values. In 2015, I voted for the Christian Heritage Party and in 2019 I voted for the People’s Party of Canada. Were they wasted votes? Of course. But, so what? At least it’s honest and at least it marked a true indication of opinion.

Voting for the CPC and being lied to and marginalized is a futile existence. Expecting the CPC to be a partner in holding back the tide of progressive madness is highly unlikely. The CPC will learn with time that the path to victory requires selling your soul and adopting a Liberal-lite ethos. Social conservatives need to focus on other things… like… 

The Benedict Option.

This option was advocated by Rod Dreher and encourages people to live and focus locally. He advocates homeschooling or private schooling in order to avoid the pollution of public schools. He suggests community building and strengthening social networks with like minded individuals. Self-improvement and self-development are aspects of this ideology as well. Don’t get caught up trying to change a culture that doesn’t want to be changed. Instead, exploit from it what you can, tolerate from it what you must and fly under the radar as much as possible.

One big plank is to focus on your family and your immediate relationships. Don’t fret about the larger cultural degeneracy of society at large. Limit social media. Turn off the mainstream “news”. Spend your money intentionally and frugally. Aim for financial independence. Build your skills. Make new friends. Have more kids. Build and live a life that you want to build and live.

Representative democracy is poison. Social conservatives need to pull back and let it sink. Christians and dissidents have lived under repressive governments for thousands of years. Instead, focus on what you can change. Don’t fret about what you can’t. Be smart. Work quietly. Build a life worth living.

I’ve seen too many enthusiastic young people try to effect change only to watch them slowly burn out after years of fighting the good fight. They usually end up in the Benedict Option anyway, but how much pain and energy could be saved by abstaining from participation in the first place?

If you’re a young person think twice and think hard about having your beliefs and values exploited. Politicians will harness your time and moxie and have you knocking on doors during an election like a door-to-door salesman…all for the purpose of getting that politician a job. Implementing a socially conservative agenda somehow never happens once they get a taste of power.

I’ve seen too many good-looking women in their early 20’s and nerdy young men in their early 20’s wasting time holding placards to STOP ABORTION! Instead of marching in the life parades and making pro-life videos and hosting debates, these people should take direct action. The good-looking women in their early 20s need to capitalize on their prime years and get a ring on their finger and climb into bed. Start making babies and don’t stop at two. Instead of trying to convince degenerates not to abort, just raise your own kids to be pro-life.

The nerdy young men would be better off spending their time improving and educating themselves, finding more money for their pocket and increasing their status so they stand a chance with one of the good-looking young women. If given an easy choice between driving a giant truck around town with abortion images on it or getting into bed with a girl in real-life…they know deep down which they’d prefer. Thing is… it’s not an easy choice. Making yourself family worthy is harder than driving an abortion truck around and pretending you’re changing the world.

Which is more effective? Which is more rewarding?

Tough on crime? Social conservatives lobbied the Harper government for years to get tougher on crime. Any real legislative measures are just shot down by the liberal courts. Any changes in the law can be easily undone the next time a progressive government gets into power.

A better solution? Take measures to protect yourself from being a victim in the first place. Take self-defence courses. I’ve done Krav Maga and after about six months and 25 less pounds, I felt like the ultimate fighting champion. This stuff stays with you. You don’t need to be kickboxing everyday to maintain enough verve to street fight in a pinch.

Buy a security system for your home. Partner with neighbours to ensure your community is safe. My neighbour has a camera on top of his roof that covers our block. We all pitched in and helped him pay for it. Use your door locks. Cultivate situational awareness without being ridiculous about it. If someone unsavoury moves into your neighbourhood, make life miserable for them until they leave. How? Report everything you can to city hall/bylaw/police.

Let’s see what else…

Don’t travel to shitty countries. There’s plenty of places to go and things to see and do close to home. Be smart when you do travel. Don’t be a palooka Canadian that will be victimized. Stay in groups and don’t flaunt your money.

Allow yourself to notice. A big part of political correctness is a war on noticing. This means if you feel in your gut that a situation is unsafe, don’t overrule yourself due to political correctness. If racism stops you from being the victim of a crime…then be racist. If stereotyping stops you from being the victim of a crime…then stereotype. If being a total fucking asshole stops you from being the victim of a crime, then be a total fucking asshole.

Sometimes you’re just in the wrong place at the wrong time and crime happens and there is nothing you can do about it. Don’t count on the government to make restitutions. The best thing to do is cope and recover the best you can. The best revenge is living well. I suppose a Punisher-style killing spree is an option, but then the government will bring law and order down swiftly… on you.

Homosexual marriage? Let’s be realistic. Gay marriage will always be “gay” marriage and real marriage will always be marriage. The grand debate was lost fifteen years ago under the auspices of that dastardly concept of ”equal rights”. Back in reality, however, normal people instinctively know that gay marriage is less than. It’s also not worth fighting about. I liken it to this:

Imagine that your five-year-old is in kindergarten and the class gets a visit from a local police officer. The officer talks about safety and bullying and at the end of the talk he hands out a bunch of plastic badges that say “deputy” on them. Your kid is excited about being made a deputy and runs home to show you the badge.

Which is the appropriate response?

a.       Deputy! What the hell! They can’t make you a deputy! You’re a child! How are you supposed to uphold the law?! You don’t have any training! What sort monster would do this? This is crazy! We can’t have kindergarten children policing our community! I’m going to dedicate large amounts of time and energy fighting this development!

b.       That’s nice. (pats kid on head)

Stick with b and focus your efforts on strengthening your own marriage.

Pride Parades? Ignore them. They are incredibly lame and designed for attention whores. Most gay people I know don’t want any part of those freak shows.

The transsexual issues? Ignore these attention whores as well. I’ve worked with two transsexuals in my life and pretending to take their sex switch seriously is no great hardship. Once the initial novelty wears off in the first two minutes it’s nothing more than a quirk as far as their impact on others is concerned. I find it more annoying to be around burkas or East Indians wandering around in pajamas than to work alongside some woman that looks like a butch lesbian calling herself Larry.

Culturally Marxist public education? I know Dreher advocates homeschool and/or private Christian school. The problem here is that not everyone can afford to homeschool or pay for private school. The second problem is that not everyone wants to homeschool even if they can afford it. The third problem is that private Christian schools might be schilling on the fact that they’re Christian and be subpar or not in line with your ideology despite not being socially liberal.

A dissident solution is to use the public-school system, but red pill the shit out of your kids while they attend. My parents did this to me unintentionally. Imagine what could have been if they meant to do it? I remember in grade 7 we had some guest speakers come to our school to white-shame us about the Indian issue. This would have been 1989…the early precursor to the social justice warrior, woke progressive culture was still in the embryonic stage…but this was a prototype that we were subjected to. At the ripe age of twelve, I informed the guest speakers that we took over Canada from the Indians and that they should be grateful that we let them live. The other kids spontaneously burst into a round of applause as my teacher tried to hide his smirk.

I know that story sounds like bullshit, but it’s actually true. I was Alt-Right in 1989 as a twelve-year-old.

My point is, kids need to be subjected to a public education system so they can navigate the real world. If you bubble wrap your kids to keep the world away from them, then you could be putting them in greater danger later. Much like the cliched “preacher’s daughter” that bangs and drinks and becomes a pariah as a form of rebellion upon tasting what the world has to offer… your kids could be at risk of not knowing what they don’t know. This is especially true as we move further into a future in which no dissent is tolerated. You must know when to pick your battles and how to navigate the values of our bankrupt culture. If you don’t, you could be in for a world of pain.

Doctor Assisted Suicide? Choose not to go down this path and offer help to those you know who are tempted. 

Gun control? Buy a gun and learn how to use it. Never rely on it.

Legalized marijuana? Don’t use it.

Pornography? Don’t use it.

Cigarettes and Alcohol? Don’t use it.

Not sure what I’ve missed, but I hope by now you get the gist. Politics is a distraction for social conservatives. Vote if you must, but realize that how you spend your money and how you live your life has far more impact than any sort of official activism or political engagement. Let the Conservative Party of Canada become what it will inevitably evolve into anyway. As a big tent, mainstream party it will always drift towards just being yesterday’s Liberals. Social conservatives can be far more effective, both individually and culturally, by focusing their efforts on better prospects.

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