You Don't Have To Stand With Ukraine

March 17th, 2022 | RR

At some point, we were trained to pick a side in the Ukraine-Russia war. The same media and politicians who told us we needed to support invading Afghanistan because Saudis flew planes into the World Trade Centre are the same people telling us who the good guys are in this new war. The same neo-cons and Boomers who lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq are now moving us closer to nuclear war with Russia. Yet, somehow, people are still gullible enough to believe every lie and moral justification that comes out of their mouths. It's time to look at the world from a more critical and neutral perspective, the same way a jury and judge are advised to do before a criminal trial.

Who really wanted this war? Is defending Ukraine worth plunging the world into potential nuclear war? Is isolating Russia the smartest thing to do? If so, what makes the situation between Ukraine and Russia any different than the situations between the United States and Libya, or the United States and Iraq?

The truth is, you don't need to choose a side. You can support Ukraine if you want to and you shouldn't have it held against you, but you should make sure you know why you're doing it. Furthermore, you don't need to be made to feel guilty for not jumping on the latest bandwagon, or for encouraging your country to stay out of the conflict.

Both the United States and Russia have geopolitical interests around the world that they dress up with some sort of moral justification. For the United States in Iraq, it was weapons of mass destruction and the liberation of the Iraqi people—both of which were complete fallacies. For Russia in Ukraine, it's purging neo-Nazis and liberating the people of Ukraine, particularly the people of Eastern Ukraine, who have wanted to re-join Russia since independence. Putin's plan of “de-nazification” is about as fallacious as Bush's plan to save America from rogue Saudis by invading Afghanistan and Iraq.

The same people who would dismiss this as another whataboutism had no problem with whataboutisms when it came to defending their own positions on war.

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The United States has perpetuated coups and revolutions in countries around the world since the end of World War II. Russia has done the same, but with less tolerance from the global community. When the Obama administration toppled Gaddafi in Libya, the world cheered and Hillary Clinton gloated on television. When Russia stirred uprisings and installed puppets in Ukraine, the world made an angry face. On issues of morality and human rights, the West has always put itself above the rest.

When it comes to morality and corruption, Ukraine is a far cry from other American allies, like Israel, Taiwan and Canada. If anyone were to attempt an invasion of either country, it would most definitely be worth the fight and the risk of nuclear confrontation. An attack on either country would be an attack on democracy. Unlike Ukraine, both Israel and Canada have fairly transparent and high functioning liberal democracies.

To say that you are standing up for democracy and human rights by standing up for Ukraine would be a stretch. Ukraine is as much of a democracy as Russia. Voter fraud, intimidation and cover-ups run rampant in both countries. For the woke folk, trans-genderism is legally regarded as a mental illness in Ukraine, military service is compulsory for men, and a majority of Ukraine's population believes homosexuality is unacceptable—that's according to polls by Pew Research, the British Council and Gfk Ukraine.

In 2012, Ukraine was ranked one of the most corrupt countries in a global survey by Ernst & Young. In a similar survey of experts in 2017, Ukraine was ranked in the top ten among the most corrupt countries in the world. In 2021, Ukraine was the second most corrupt country in Europe. In a poll from 2010, only 5% of Ukrainians had trust in their electoral system. In the West, this corruption is often blamed on Russian influence and pro-Russian parties. In Russia, similar accusations focus on pro-American influences.

As facts show, corruption is just as prevalent on the pro-American side as it is on the pro-Russian side.

Ukraine's previous pro-Russian president, Viktor Yanukoych, was exposed by Ukraine's media for taking control of a 138 hectare luxury estate, called the Mezhyhirya, and covering up his tracks. The land in and around the estate went from state to private control under Yanukovych's tenure and fell into the hands of wealthy developers, who then began to develop it and radically increase the area's value and appeal. Imagine that.

Former pro-American president, Viktor Yushchenko, faced an ongoing corruption probe in 2019 for abuse of power, misappropriation and aiding Yanukovych, his opponent, in the illegal privatization of the Mezhyhirya property. The property was privatized through a fake company in Donetsk. Among the allegations against Yushchenko are embezzlement and the seizure of property via abuse of power. Several of Yushcehnko's associates have also been accused of corruption.

The fact is, Ukraine is an inherently corrupt country—no matter which side is pulling the strings. In fact, it's due to the country's inherent corruption that either side, rather than the people of Ukraine, are able to pull the strings. In a democracy like Canada, such corruption rarely lasts very long and the democratic process eventually sets things straight. This is why Justin Trudeau can't win a majority and why he will likely resign before the next election. Likewise, it was the perception of cronyism and corruption that ended Stephen Harper.

"The same people who would dismiss this as another whataboutism had no problem with whataboutisms when it came to defending their own positions on war."

Now, let's take a look at some of the other facts our media has ignored in their efforts to sway public opinion in Ukraine's favour.

Another Enemy On Russia's Borders

Talk of Ukraine joining NATO has been escalating for years. Under Zelenskyy's leadership, the push has become more aggressive. Going back to old geopolitical games, Ukraine is a strategic country for its location and its resources, which makes it a desirable and highly valuable asset for both NATO and Russia. For Putin, Ukraine joining an enemy's alliance and being armed with NATO forces and weapons creates a losing scenario on the chessboard.

The media has tried to make Putin's aggression look impulsive, misguided and unwarranted. If CNN had their way, we would all believe Putin's only goal is to revive Soviet borders and to annex Ukraine to satisfy his hunger for power. “He will go after Poland and Finland next!” they say.

Fortunately, none of that is true. If it was, Putin would have made his move years ago.

The truth is, Zelenskyy has been pushing for greater cooperation with NATO and NATO has obliged. In September of 2020, Zelenskyy introduced a new national security strategy that included closer ties with NATO and publicly stated that Ukraine needs an action plan to achieve NATO membership. In April of 2021, Ukraine's Minister Of Defense stated that his country's top priority should be to have an Action Plan For Membership (MAP) to join NATO.

Ever since, meetings have been ongoing and the prospects of Ukraine joining NATO have been closer to reality than ever before.

None of that sits well with Putin. To him, NATO setting up shop in Ukraine is the same as Iran setting up shop in Cuba. It's no different than the situation between Cuba and the United States during the Cold War. NATO being in Ukraine is a direct threat to Russia's national security and geopolitical security. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either an American propagandist, or a person who believes the American propagandists in mainstream media.

NATO in Ukraine puts Russia's enemies a few miles closer to Moscow.

Had Zelenskyyy and NATO not poked the bear, there would not have been an invasion of Ukraine. In his address to his nation, Putin said, “The war machine is moving and, I repeat, it is coming close to our borders.” Referring to NATO's military expansion, Putin went on, “We can no longer just watch what is happening. It would be absolutely irresponsible on our part.”

Putin's ultimatum is pretty simple: Ukraine must reject NATO and codify that rejection in their constitution.

Now think about how we would react if Biden made a similar address about a Russian or Chinese base being built in Cuba. Anyone would support securing their own country from foreign military threats and expansion. Just like we supported securing our homeland from “weapons of mass destruction” and radical Jihadists in Afghanistan.

Open your eyes and you'll see the real aggressors.

Zelenskyy, who the West has deified, is pushing for a no-fly zone over Ukraine, which would inevitably lead to a hot war between NATO and Russia. Any person who thinks Putin would obey a no-fly zone isn't as smart as they say they are. If we establish a no-fly zone and refuse to enforce it, it wouldn't be a no-fly zone. Enforcing it would require shooting down Russian jets—which, in turn, engages us in a physical war with Russia.

The people leading us into another world war are Zelenskyy and NATO, not Putin.

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