The Hypocrisy Of Monument Vandals

July 1st, 2020 | RR

The anarchist thugs who are currently defacing and tearing down statues of George Washington, Teddy Roosevelt, Catholic missionaries and Gandhi are not people we should be using as role models. None of those people are doing anything virtuous or righteous. However, this whole thing started with a very different set of goals. In every culture around the world, statues and monuments are erected to honour certain people and deities. We never erect statues of people we despise. You would be hard pressed to find a statue of Adolf Hitler in Germany, for good reason. Through all of this mayhem, we shouldn't be stuck thinking that only one side is wrong and that another is always right. We can all walk and chew gum at the same time, so let's start.

When American troops and rebels defeated Saddam Hussein in Iraq, their first order of business was to tear down his statues and erase his effigies. The same happened in Germany after WWII following the defeat of the Nazis. It is what victors do. However, this historic norm didn't seem to play out after the American Civil War, when the Confederates lost to the North. It is similar to the fall of the Soviet Union and how most of Russia still maintains Soviet monuments to this day. They do it because communism and Marxism are still respected and revered in most of Russia. Whether we want to admit it or not, this is why so many Confederate monuments still stand in America.

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Currently, Antifa and BLM protesters are going off the rails and scrambling the message. They are dismantling and vandalizing statues of George Washington and Gandhi in California, Minnesota and Washington—along with some Confederate monuments. What started as an attempt to address Confederate history and its sympathizers has turned into a disjointed, chaotic and amoral crusade against all historic figures who may, or may not have, said or done something racist once in their lives. Gandhi once expressed distaste for Jews. George Washington, the founder of the freest country in the world, owned slaves at a time when it was considered normal. According to BLM and Antifa, that qualifies them to be erased from history.

George Washington owned slaves, but so did almost every wealthy American colonist at the time. Unlike some of them, though, Washington expressed his dislike of slavery on several occasions and expressed a private willingness to end it. In 1775, some historians suggest Washington purchased more slaves than he required, just to avoid breaking up their families. At the time, he faced political pressure from more than one side.

In 1798, Washington said, "Not only do I pray for [the abolition of slavery] on the score of human dignity, but I can clearly foresee that nothing but the rooting out of slavery can perpetuate the existence of our union."

Gandhi is a well-known pacifist credited with propelling India's independence and for advocating for civil rights in South Africa. Defacing his statue is about as asinine as it could get—but we're at a point in history where asininity is a replacement for logic. Just when it looks like collective idiocy has reached maximum capacity, something new happens.

What started as a potentially noble movement has devolved into a morally hollow political crusade.

When this whole movement started, we gave them an inch and they took a mile. Once the taste of victory touched their lips, they couldn't help themselves. They were addicted to the dopamine high that came with political victory and the ability to quickly and radically impact change. Soon, they expanded their list of targets and expanded their list of goals. Now, there are no limits to their depravity and our so-called leaders are refusing to draw a red line.

The rioters and their endless crusade for absolute purity has become a lost cause. They've started to demand moral and ethical purity from every leader, creating a set of impossible standards that can no longer be taken seriously. Their movement now breeds and encourages hypocrisy and deceit—because no one could ever live up to their standards of moral perfection, except by being dishonest.

The message is lost and everyone's respect is next to go.

All we can do now is force our leaders to man-up and put and end to this. Allow protesters to take down legitimate Confederate monuments, but draw the line at founding fathers and leaders who did more good than evil. George Washington helped build an imperfect country based on freedom. John A. Macdonald did the same in Canada.

"We gave them an inch and they took a mile."

If we let them, they'll erase the most important parts of our history. If we let them, they'll leave us with only the history they want us to remember—and judging by the idols they worship and the monuments they have left unscathed, that's not the kind of history we should want to repeat.

Who They Admire

In Seattle, statues of revered American leaders have been defaced and torn down. Meanwhile, in the city's Fremont district, a statue of Vladimir Lenin still stands unscathed and untouched. The statue went up in the mid 1990s and has had some history of complaints, but no serious vandalism (except his hands painted red). During Pride festivals, Seattle activists and artists sometimes dress him up in endearing rainbows and drag. Despite sitting on the corner of an intersection on Evanston Avenue North, the statue is privately owned and allegedly sits on private property.

As of right now, the statue has been untouched by the very same protesters who vandalized a Virgin Mary statue at Seattle's St. James Cathedral. The same protesters who haven't touched Vladimir Lenin are probably the same protesters who repeatedly vandalized a Christopher Columbus statue in Seattle over the years, eventually forcing it to be moved to a private warehouse.

Let me type that out again: the statue of Vladimir Lenin in Seattle is still standing, unscathed and untouched.

Seattle isn't the only US city with a monument dedicated to communism. In New York's East Village, a statue of Vladimir Lenin sits—unscathed—atop the “Red Square” luxury apartments.

As for the protesters themselves, they've shown to be a mix of Black Lives Matter and Antifa—both of which organizations have identified with Marxism. The co-founder of BLM, Patrisse Cullors, was caught in a 2015 video saying, “We actually do have an ideological frame. We are trained Marxists.” The various factions that make up Antifa all unanimously share anti-capitalist, pro-Marxist views, which they openly express by wearing communist apparel and colours during rallies and protests.

In Germany, you won't find a statue of Adolf Hitler, but you'll find several statues commemorating communism and Karl Marx. Alongside Nazism, communism is one of the worst and most destructive ideologies in history. If we were to rate either nightmare by their death tolls, communism under Stalin has Nazism beat by a few hundred million. If we count other Marxist regimes like China, the total death toll for communism is even higher.

It's strange then that communism would be the flavour of choice for these lunatics and basement-dwellers.

In Canada, the Harper government approved a monument designed to commemorate the victims of communism. The monument, called “The Memorial To The Victims Of Communism, Canada: Land Of Refuge”, was to be built between the Supreme Court and National Library in Ottawa, but the Liberal Party's new Heritage Minister, Melanie Joly, moved it further out of public sight and closer to the Garden Of Provinces. The new Liberal government also cut the project's budget and renamed it “Canada: Place Of Refuge”. As of now, the monument's Wikipedia page has a warning message highlighted in yellow, stating, “The Memorial to the Victims of Communism – Canada, a Land of Refuge is a controversial monument that is to be built in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.”

Welcome to Canada in 2020. If you had doubts about what protesters stand for, those doubts should now be resolved.

This Liberal government has been pandering to them since it was elected in 2015. With a minority government, Trudeau's pandering shows no bounds. He recently dropped to his knees at a BLM protest, despite cancelling Canada Day celebrations and calling for Canadians to maintain social distancing and to stay out of crowds. Furthermore, his government has been silent about statues of John A. Macdonald being vandalized in Kingston and Kitchener.

Where Do We Draw The Line?

Since statues of George Washington, John A. Macdonald, Gandhi, and Teddy Roosevelt are being defaced and torn down, where do we draw the line? All because these historic figures failed to pass a stringent purity test invented by hypocritical Marxists, their monuments are being defaced and removed. If we were to apply this one-sided purity test to some of their own idols, statues of Lenin and Tommy Douglas would need to come down.

In Weyburn, Saskatchewan, a statue of Tommy Douglas stands between Government Road and 3rd Street, untouched and unscathed. Tommy Douglas is credited for being the father of Canada's public healthcare system. However, he was also a known Communist Party sympathizer who advocated for eugenics during his time at McMaster University in 1933. For those of you unfamiliar with eugenics, it is defined by Merriam-Webster  as “the practice or advocacy of controlled selective breeding of human populations (as by sterilization) to improve the population's genetic composition”.

Sounds familiar, doesn't it? A guy named Hitler once wrote and fawned about the same thing.

If you ask the same protesters who are vandalizing John A. Macdonald about why Tommy Douglas should be overlooked for his dark history, they'll say something similar to, “Well, at the time, his beliefs were considered normal.”

Go figure.

Tommy Douglas also had homophobic views while he was alive, which were considered normal at the time. The problem with this “normal at the time” explanation is that it never gets applied equally and fairly without bias. As stated earlier, George Washington owned slaves—which was considered normal at the time for wealthy colonists and industrialists. Gandhi also expressed some anti-Semitic views, which were considered frequent and normal in parts of East Asia and Eastern Europe at the time. While he was alive, John A. Macdonald did things that would be considered racist today. None of that excuses either man's behaviour, but their accomplishments were far greater than their flaws. Had either of them been born today, their views may have been very different.

All of this logic applies to Tommy Douglas. His early views on gays, forced sterilization, sub-normal families and communism don't erase the fact that he helped usher in Canada's revered public healthcare system. Nor should the views of George Washington and John A. Macdonald erase their legacies as the founding fathers of the world's freest countries.

Today, both Canada and the United States are home to systems of government that welcome people of all ethnic and sexual backgrounds. Both nations are a work in progress. They were founded in a time where racism, homophobia and sexism were normal—but they have evolved and adapted through the centuries, just as they were designed to do.

Let's not allow Marxist radicals to erase the flawed men who gave us the wealth, freedom and prosperity that we take for granted today. 

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