Sticking With Andrew Scheer

July 1st, 2019 | JH

We’re only a few months away from the next election and I’m hearing a lot of grumbling from conservatives across the country. Why aren’t the Scheer Conservatives polling better? How can people really think Trudeau is possibly fit to win another term? Why isn’t Scheer getting out there more? Why is he being such a cuck?

I get it. Conservatives are always looking for perfection and it’s frustrating living in a left-wing country and having to put up with a centre-right political party that is always cucking. Maxime Bernier isn’t wrong in his criticisms of the “Lib/Con party”, but now is not the time to bleed votes to the PPC as a protest against Scheer’s cuckservatism. There’s a variety of reasons why so hear me out…

1. Trudeau has proven demonstrably horrible

We know what the Trudeau Liberals are about. They are woke-styled hideous progressives looking to crush our natural resource sector and bankrupt Canada with ideological whimsy. They need to go. They desperately need to go. It’s the scandals. It’s the corruption. It’s the bad policy. It’s the taxes. It’s the hatred of Western Canada. It’s the debt. It’s the embarrassing optics on the world stage. They need to go.

Maxime Bernier isn’t wrong about the CPC sharing too many similarities with the Liberals. The TradCon devotion to corporatism is off-putting and the fear of social issues is worrisome. Capitulating to progressives on their own terms regarding everything from climate change to immigration is also disheartening. However, they will be better than the current Liberals if only by matter of degree and that alone is worth voting for.

2. If Trudeau loses, he will be gone for good

All it will take is a hefty loss. If Scheer gets a majority, it will be knives out for the Liberal Party. If Scheer gets even a solid minority, Trudeau will skip off into the sunset.

He wants to go. Just look at the guy. He’s not cut out for what he’s doing, and he knows it. He’s got millions of dollars and a life of leisure waiting for him. He should be easy to beat, because deep down he doesn’t want to keep doing the job.

If Scheer wins, then Trudeau will gladly head for the door and never look back. We’ll be rid of the 2015 regime of Liberals permanently. Perhaps the Liberals can rebrand and refashion into a more centrist party that normal Canadians can comfortably vote for and ordinary conservatives can tolerate.

3. Maxime Bernier is going nowhere

I’ve met Maxime Bernier and spoken with him more than once. He’s an energetic and friendly guy and I like his ideology. The problem with him is two-fold.

He’s a libertarian and libertarianism doesn’t sell in a democracy.

Secondly, his party is not ready to govern.

Maxime Bernier is going to function as nothing more than a spoiler for constituencies that are close races between Liberals and Conservatives. I understand the desire to vote for the most right-wing candidate on the ballot…heck, I voted for the Christian Heritage Party in 2015! In this case, however, supporting Max is just supporting Justin Trudeau.

"If Scheer gets even a solid minority, Trudeau will skip off into the sunset."

What should you do instead of voting PPC?

I’d recommend sending Maxime Bernier a donation to his riding in Beauce. That’s the only riding he stands a chance of winning. PPC candidates across the country are going to be a bunch of underfunded nobodies. Libertarian-minded “Fans of Max” candidates are not capable of forming government and if they did it would be a massive shitshow.

Maybe you’re thinking, “I’d like to send a message! I’ll vote for the People’s Party in order to teach the Conservatives a lesson!”

It won’t work. If you want to send a message, send it to your newly elected Conservative MP in the mail. Trying to use an election to make a statement about your preferences in hopes that the winner or competing parties will sit up and take notice and respond more favourably to your preferences is asking far too much from such self-serving partisan hacks.

Let’s be practical about life in the real world. Someone is going to win the 2019 election. It will either be the Liberals or the Conservatives. Choose the lesser of two evils. It’s a terrible dichotomy, but that’s the best democracy can offer. Remember…democracy is a terrible thing, but it’s the system we’ve got to live under so you may as well participate practically.

4. A second Trudeau term would not inspire separatism

Some conservatives suggest that if Trudeau were to win a second term, then it would serve as a catalyst for Alberta/Western separation. People would see that the country is broken, and that the system doesn’t work. This would kick-start our independence movement and it would be worth the short-term pain for long-term gain.

This won’t happen.

Canadians… especially Albertans, will suffer and complain. That’s all they will do. Trudeau could double down and shut down the oil industry completely and all we’d end up with is a bunch of National Post Op-Eds about how this doesn’t make any sense and it’s a really crazy thing to do. Jason Kenney would give some argy-bargy speeches about fairness before asking for a donation to the UCP in order to STOP TRUDEAU’S ATTACK ON ALBERTA!

Nobody would do anything other than endure the suffering.

Western Canadians have a huge capacity for putting up with hideous governments. They tolerated a second term of Pierre Trudeau without separating, and they’ll tolerate a second term of Justin all the same.

A second Trudeau term will just invite more batshittery and decline. No fundamental change will happen beyond suffering and then suffering more.

5. Scheer’s sins are not yet deal breakers

Scheer’s cuckservative moves aren’t becoming, but let’s run through the list and see how bad they really are.

He threw Michael Cooper under the bus regarding his defense of conservatism against a Muslim trying to associate conservatives with violence.

Cooper could have made the same argument without reading the New Zealand shooters manifesto. The result was he was removed from a panel. Why are they having panels like this anyway? Attain power and protect free speech. These Ottawa gabfests are a waste of time.

He allowed a government committee panel of Lindsay Sheperd, Mark Steyn and John Robson to not be televised.

Nobody was paying attention anyway. Here’s a link to the video on YouTube. A tragic 158 views at the time of this writing.

Attain power and protect free speech. Inquisition-style dialogues like this are a waste of time. It’s an excuse for partisan hacks to grandstand. Nothing more.

He extended his promise to balance the budget from 2 years to 4 years.

Fiscal conservatism is a dead-end in a democracy. Canada has the highest individual debt levels IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. That’s not a typo. Consumer debt is beyond anything in recorded history. The average voter does not care about balanced budgets. Harper proved that you can’t win elections by promising or delivering balanced budgets. Any hint of austerity is met with 65% of the voting public shitting their pants and losing their minds. Doug Ford is destroying his majority by adopting fiscal conservatism.

It’s not the '90s anymore.

Scheer should promise to cut the carbon tax and drop the GST to 3%. Costed platform? Who gives a shit?

He voted in favour of the Paris Climate Accord. 

This is a toothless document. The optics allowed him to avoid being smeared a “climate denier”. The Conservatives…apart from Michael Chong…don’t really care and nor should they. Their base is onto the climate scam, but they need the mushy middle in order to get a majority, so they need to pretend to care. This is less cuckservatism and more pragmatism.

If Scheer starts going full Joe Clark, then sure…let’s stand back and watch everything burn. He’s not there yet and we need to give him the benefit of the doubt.

In conclusion, let’s focus on getting rid of Trudeau and his merry band of SJW weirdos. They are intentionally destructive and totally poisonous to the future of Canada. When Scheer gets in, let’s not be lapdogs justifying ever cuck at every turn. Let’s take the boots to the CPC everyday from the right. Maxime Bernier will show whether he is in it for the long haul after the October election. Ignore him and his gang until then. Let’s think pragmatically and focus on one threat at a time.

First, Trudeau… he has to go.

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