Take On Your Employers And Their Mandates

November 1st, 2021 | MP

It was leaked from one of our law firm’s partners, after their most recent management meeting, that an email will be sent out Monday, October 18, 2021 implementing a mandatory vaccine policy for all employees of our office.

While I’m currently looking for other employment and feel confident I’ll find it, I do worry for the other non-vaccinated employees in our office that rely on a dual income to support their families and pay their bills. My coworkers are now forced to choose between their deeply held convictions, or their livelihoods. Importantly, this policy doesn’t need to be implemented as our office doesn’t apply to the government’s Vaccine Exemption Program- we aren’t a restaurant, a movie theatre or a gym. In fact, our management advised that we were considered an essential service.

Our office, like many other businesses, is voluntarily implementing this policy. In their case, this move is both personally ideological for the majority of our partners, in addition to being a strategic business move to signal to the public that our office shares the perceived public view that everyone should be vaccinated, with the hope this attracts more business.

Our office joins a whole host of businesses, all over North America, that are currently engaged in a trend known as “Woke Capitalism”- a phenomenon whereby businesses advertise themselves publicly as supporting politically far-left causes such as environmentalism, feminism, LGBTQ+, and now the anti-freedom vaccine mandates, just to name a few. It must be that these businesses take the position that the majority of its consumers hold these views and by telling these consumers what they want to hear, they guarantee their continued business. While there may be some businesses (ours included) where its ownership or upper management truly hold these beliefs, it appears that Woke Capitalism is being employed by the majority of businesses as a marketing strategy.

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In my view, the woke strategy is a horrible business decision.

By taking an ideological stance on political and philosophical issues, that business automatically alienates a large percentage of their consumers, in some cases up to half of its consumer base. While I’m not anti-gay, I don’t care what BMO’s stance on gay marriage is. I want to phone a business and have a polite English, or French, speaking person assist me. I want to go to my bank and get a replacement debit card the same day. I want to get my hair cut and my nails done without knowing the personal politics of the business owners or employees who work there.

You can call me old-fashioned, but it’s my belief that the only job of a businessis to provide the public with goods or services for a fair price and to appease its shareholders or partners. Businesses are increasingly failing to provide the bare minimum of proper service, yet they feel that they have entitlement to people’s business for simply expressing a political position, including their Covid-19 safety protocols.

There is, however, a silver-lining for people who want a business to simply provide a good or service and don’t want to hear what political positions corporations hold or what causes they are engaged in.

While individual ideologues exist everywhere, the majority of businesses are engaged in woke behaviour because they are driven by profit-motive. They either listen only to the loudest of their customers, or they wrongfully assume the majority of their customers hold these woke views. They couldn’t be more wrong. And if the people who don’t hold these views are vocal, or take their business elsewhere, these businesses (if driven by profit motive) will have no choice but to listen.

"Your personal medical decisions are none of your employer’s business."

A good example of customer blowback having an effect is the response to the NFL’s Colin Kaepernick and his Black Lives Matter virtue signalling. A poll conducted shortly after Kaepernick’s antics showed that nearly a third of viewers were “…less likely to watch NFL game telecasts because of the Kaepernick-led player protests against racial injustice.” (You can read about this here). And surprise, surprise, he still is unemployed after "choosing" to opt out of his 49ers contact under threat of release. The truth is, the non-woke consumers also have a voice. And when they use it, businesses feel the effects.

So what does this mean for employees who face job loss for refusing to get the Covid-19 vaccine? Well, simply put, corporations’ profits are affected when they don’t have enough skilled employees to keep up with demands.

While I understand there are differences between private and public businesses, industries and business sizes, corporations are as much at the mercy of their employees as they are their consumers, especially when they’re organized. Your personal medical decisions are none of your employer’s business. You provide them with a service for two weeks, and then they pay you. You then both decide to renew this relationship for another two weeks, and it continues on like that until one of you ends that relationship. It’s that easy. You don’t owe them anything other than performing services while at their place of business.

So, in whatever way you can, be vocal and aggressive with your employer when they mandate Covid-19 vaccination for their employees. Walk out, tell people who agree with your position what your employer is doing and put them on blast on social media, act collectively in expressing disapproval with the policy, go on strike, walk out, draft an open letter, collectively hire a lawyer who will represent you and your fellow employees for wrongful or constructive dismissal for non-compliance. Whatever you need to do to get your employer’s attention, do it. They cannot operate a business without employees. And as much as they want to virtue signal their woke sentiments, they can only stay in business if they turn a profit. Remember, they need you as much as they need loyal customers no matter how woke or Covid-19 compliant they claim to be.

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