Influence 5 People In The Riding

Taking the advice of Sid Ryan, an Ontario union boss with a strategy to defeat Stephen Harper, we can accomplish our own goals. Each one of us has the ability to influence five people in our circle, whether it's our co-workers, family, friends or a few neighbours down the street. That's exactly what we'll do in our ridings or the targeted ridings nearest to us. We can use the same strategies as the phony grassroots movements looking to oust Stephen Harper.

The biggest problem when it comes to engaging people in political discussion is not knowing how to start the discussion. The best way to start is casually and politely. This is how you can do it.

When there is a pause in a conversation, all you'll need to do is smile and say, "How about that election, eh? Are you voting?"  From there, you'll either get a dismissive shrug and a "no", or you'll get a clue about which party they're leaning toward. 

If you come across a fervent, Harper-hating NDP or Liberal voter, remember to debunk the false arguments about Harper destroying democracy, the environment, free speech and Canada as a whole. Remember to leave the discussion if it looks like it might be headed in the wrong direction. Never appear angry or hostile. It's better to just walk away if you have no chance of convincing him or her.

It's that simple. A quick, friendly discussion is all it might take to influence someone to vote right. While you're doing this over the course of the days leading up to October 19, you can start step 2.

Step 2: Volunteer or Donate