Volunteer In The Riding

Most candidates can't get enough help during a campaign season. Door knocking, literature drop-offs and BBQs are effective ways for candidates to get their messages out. They can't do it all by themselves. The more volunteers, the more effective and widespread the candidate's message. There are never enough volunteers.

Call your target riding's candidate or their representative and book some time on a weekend or evening to help out. 

Door knocking creates a discussion between candidates and potential voters. Literature drop-offs (more commonly known as "lit drops") give voters a quick piece of information as well as a reminder about election day. BBQs also offer opportunities for candidates, supporters and voters to exchange ideas and share their messages.

Phony grassroots, non-partisan anti-Harper organizations have already been doing these things on the opposition's behalf for months. Now it's our turn to counter their efforts.

Donating to a candidate in a target riding is a good alternative for anyone who might not have time to volunteer. However, finding just four hours on a weekend is pretty easy for most passionate conservatives who are willing to beat the efforts of phony groups posing as grassroots movements. 

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Step 3: Get A Yard Sign