Get A Yard Sign

One of the easiest things you can do is display your voting intentions to help influence neighbours and voters. Candidate signs on public boulevards are different than signs displayed in private yards. The difference is simple. Candidates can only put signs on voters' lawns with their permission or by their request. This differs greatly from the dozens of signs you see strewn about in ridiculously high numbers on boulevards. 

Just like opinion polls, election signs have the potential to sway undecided voters. The more signs undecided voters see for one particular candidate on their street, the more likely they are to consider that candidate. This isn't a theory, it's been proven time and time again as an effective campaign tool. This is why candidates continue to spend money on lawn signs. 

Placing several signs on one public boulevard creates the erroneous perception that a particular candidate has more support, which is why all candidates have to keep up by copying the tactic. Unfortunately, the tactic works on those who don't pay attention to placement.

At the end of the day, nothing beats a full block of private lawns all with the same sign supporting the same candidate. 

Contact your target riding's candidate and request your lawn sign. This is the simplest step.

Step 4: Use Social Media