Use Social Media

Most old school conservatives frown upon social media. The young and savvy conservatives are on it and have been on it since the beginning. It's not an end-all solution to winning elections, but it is a tool and tools are good.

Facebook isn't the most common place to find political posts, but it happens. When people who don't usually talk politics make rare political posts, it has the ability to pleasantly surprise or aggravate others. Either is a good thing. Both create discussions. If you're not a social media user, you should be during this election. You likely have Facebook already, so let's look at Twitter and Instagram.

Twitter allows you to use hashtags to communicate with larger segments of Twitter users if you don't have a lot of followers. So does Instagram. If you start an account tomorrow, you don't need followers to spread your message, you only need hashtags. Both Twitter and Instagram allow you to use effective memes and imagery.

On Instagram, it can be as simple as taking a picture of your lawn sign, or all of your candidate's signs stretching down the block, and posting it using a hashtag for your community. The same can be done with Twitter. If you're using Instagram and live in Calgary, post your photo with the hashtags #yyc or #Calgary. If you're using Twitter, use #yyc, #cdnpoli or #elxn42. But be warned, both forms of social media have naysayers and vile, foul mouthed, anonymous trolls looking to insult and humiliate you. Take it with a grain of salt. These people are nothing more than children tweeting and posting from their parents' basements.

If you don't have an Instagram or Twitter account, start one right now. You don't need followers and you can deactivate your account after the election. Chances are, you'll gain followers and be compelled to keep your accounts. If not, that's ok too. Social media is an effective campaign tool, which is why all viable candidates use it.

Sign up for Twitter and download the Instagram app for your smartphone. Keep focused on spreading positive facts about your target riding's candidate.

Step 5: Vote Together