Vote Together

Whether it's with all or one of your new found Conservative voters or other like-minded voters in the riding (or any riding), try to vote with them. Yes, that means going to the actual polling station(s) with them. This can be done by offering car rides to people who might have trouble getting out to vote. If you have to be a free taxi for one night, so be it.

All employers must grant all employees time off to vote. You and all of your like-minded peers can even book the same times off and go together. If not, you can all go after work and even make an event out of it by going for dinner or beers afterward, before watching the election at a pub or at your house.

If voting together is not an option, help your like-minded voters get the information they need to cast a ballot. Send them here to register and give them a reminder call on election day.

The election won't be won without our voters. Every voter has equal responsibility in motivating other like-minded voters. Now is not the time to sit around and let others make decisions for us. Now is the time to act and win.

Now, you can take our pledge to vote and receive election updates and a reminder to vote on election day. We can send you a reminder by email or text message, or both, on election day. Email updates will be rare and consist of updated and available polling data from your selected target riding. Your email and/or mobile number will be deleted from our database on October 20th. Your info will not be shared with, or sold to, anyone if you choose to provide it. 

Take The Pledge: