The Right Vote: 5 Steps To Victory

right vote initiative

The conservative vote has never been more important than it is now. Three anti-Conservative organizations partnered with labour unions will be encouraging Liberal, NDP and Green supporters to vote strategically on October 19th. One of those organizations is LeadNow, which receives large portions of its funding from the United States. However, supporters of Stephen Harper can nullify their attempts by showing up in hordes to push Conservative support higher in their targeted ridings.

Ontario union boss, Sid Ryan, tells his members that each person has the ability to influence up to five people in their immediate circle. The same equation applies to Conservative supporters. By talking to and engaging their friends, families, co-workers and neighbours, Conservatives can have the same impact. If we have neighbours or friends who have never voted or who don't approve of NDP or Liberal policies, we can help them register and help them get to their polling stations on election day. 

There are several key ridings in which Conservative candidates are vulnerable. These ridings are not a secret. LeadNow, AnyoneButHarper and several labour unions have already distributed lists of vulnerable Conservative ridings to their supporters. Their plan is to tip NDP or Liberal support toward either party's candidate with a lead over the other and the greatest chance of defeating the Conservative candidate. If you live in any one of these ridings, it's your responsibility to mobilize as many Conservative voters as possible. 

These are the 5 steps every Conservative Party supporter in some of these targeted ridings can take to get the vote right.

Before you start step one, share this page on social media and see if your riding, or a riding near you, is being targeted.

Target Ridings:

British Columbia (9 ridings)

Alberta (3 ridings)

Saskatchewan (3 ridings)

Ontario (9 ridings)

Begin Step 1: Engage