The Maverick Party Gains Steam

August 2nd, 2021 | RR

Offering a fair deal for the Western provinces, the upstart Maverick Party is gaining steam in Alberta, Saskatchewan and parts of British Columbia. Headed by a retired Reform MP named Jay Hill, the party is barely a year old and has already broken into the consciousness of a growing number of Western voters. Hill represented the riding of Prince George—Peace River under three party banners before retiring. He has now come out of retirement to represent a fourth party, this time as its leader.

After spending a short time growing a base and building a membership, the party is already well positioned to challenge the status quo in the next federal election. Offering to fight for the West, the party offers to give the West its own voting bloc, with the intention of pushing Ottawa in the same way Quebec has.

This is going to be a quick analysis of where the Mavericks stand right now, in the month of August 2021. We'll look at the top candidates based on how they're polling, using data from 338Canada, which aggregates every poll in the universe to determine a reliable average.

Further down, we will also ask what Blake Richards is so afraid of. Richards is the Conservative MP for Banff-Airdrie, who has gained an unsavoury reputation for blocking anyone who disagrees with him or challenges him on social media—including his Maverick opponent, Tariq Elnaga.

First, let's look at the numbers.

Mavericks In Alberta

In Alberta, Mavericks are polling at 6%. In southern Alberta, they are polling at 9% on average.

In Peace River—Westlock, the Mavericks are polling at 8.6% and their candidate is Colin Krieger. In Red Deer—Mountain View, their candidate is Mark Wilcox, who is also polling at 8%.

Tariq Elnaga is polling at 9% in Banff-Airdrie, against long-time CPC MP, Blake Richards.

In Battle River—Crowfoot, Maverick's Jeff Golka is polling at 11% against CPC MP, Damien Kurek.

In Yellowhead, the Maverick Party's Todd Muir is polling at 10.6%.

In Foothills, the Maverick's Josh Wylie is polling at 11%.

Polling just over 11% in Bow River is Maverick candidate, Orrin Bliss.

Mavericks In Saskatchewan And Manitoba

Respectively, the Mavericks are averaging 5% in the prairies.

The party's best shot in Saskatchewan is in Cypress Hills—Grasslands with Mark Skagen at 9%, unless they can find a candidate for Souris—Moose Mountain, which is polling at 11% without a Maverick candidate.

Like in Alberta, the urban areas are less receptive to the Maverick Party than rural areas.

In Manitoba, the Mavericks only have one candidate at the moment, but would be best to find a candidate for Portage-Lisgar, which is polling at 7.6% without a candidate.

Mavericks In BC

In Northern BC, the Mavericks are averaging 2%. At the moment, this is the only place the Mavericks have a shot. Their only candidate in BC is Dave Jeffers for Prince George—Peace River—Northern Rockies, polling at 4.6%.

Blake Richards Has A Problem

Maverick candidate, Tariq Elnaga, recently joined a list of many who have been blocked on social media by Erin O'Toole's chief whip, Blake Richards. The Banff-Airdrie candidate revealed on Twitter that the Conservative MP had blocked him for encouraging a debate and criticizing him.

It was confirmed that Elnaga made absolutely no disparaging comments and did not insult Richards in any way.

Others came forward with their own screenshots:

If Richards plans to carry on as a Conservative MP and as Erin O'Toole's right-hand man, he had better learn to deal with criticism. If polls are accurate, Erin O'Toole will lose seats for Conservatives and be forced to turn in his resignation after the next election. 

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