Ten Types Of Men Who Will Vote Liberal

October 1st, 2019 | CW

I know it’s hard to believe, but there are men out there who may still vote Liberal on October 21. Luckily, they are mostly fringe and cringe types that won’t have a huge impact on the election outcome, but nevertheless, they will participate. For the purposes of education, let’s investigate the ten types of men who will be voting Liberal this election.

1. Extraordinarily Proud Homosexuals 

The reason Trudeau makes so many dedicated appearances at pride parades is because he’s desperate to gain the approval of homosexuals that are very proud of themselves. For those who may not be aware, homosexuals in Canada frequently march and dance in parades for the purpose of celebrating their homosexuality. They do this in order to assert that they are not ashamed of their sexual proclivities but are instead extraordinarily proud of them!

Justin Trudeau aggressively courts this constituency and attempts to align himself with their interests in order to gain their approval and votes. Because this action is so explicit and the target is so specific, his efforts will likely be rewarded by this group of men.

2. Canadian Actors 

Professional adult men who play make-believe for a living will likely vote Liberal.

Justin Trudeau himself dabbled in the art of acting before going into politics and thus has a loose kinship with his fellow actors. His greatest role, however, was acting as Prime Minister upon competing in the 2015 election. Since then his acting skills have been revealed as subpar, but nevertheless, his dedication to playing a role is likely admired by his peers.

Another reason actors will vote for him is because in acting circles it is fashionable to admire left-wing politicians, especially ones who like to act and aggressively pursue the votes of extraordinarily proud homosexuals.

3. Islamic terrorists 

Islamic terrorists will likely vote for Justin Trudeau with great enthusiasm. He gave ten million taxpayer dollars to Omar Khadr, the Islamic terrorist who murdered a US army medic. Canada is also looking at importing Jihadi Jack to our shores and the Toronto 18 are soon to be freed. Trudeau just loves to pander to Islamist radicals and all that pandering tends to pay off in a democracy, so the male Islamic terrorist vote is sure to swing his way.

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"Canada is also looking at importing Jihadi Jack to our shores and the Toronto 18 are soon to be freed."

4. Jian Ghomeshi 

Jian Ghomeshi is the former CBC radio show host for a program called Q. He lost his job during the #METOO phase of our cultural hysteria because it became public knowledge that Jian was violently abusing women during sex.

Jian will likely be voting for Justin as they share a common interest in hypocritically signalling their “feminism”, while secretly embracing male chauvinism.

5. Non-lady Journalists 

Journalists love Justin Trudeau and it’s not just the lady journalists that love him, it’s the non-lady journalists too!

Justin Trudeau provided 600 million taxpayer dollars to Canadian journalism in order to stop their industry from dying a free market death. This generosity has won Justin much loyalty. The greatest loyalty we see from journalists comes from the CBC. The CBC gets a taxpayer budget of 1 billion dollars a year. The CBC also employed Jian Ghomeshi for many years even after suspicions of his violent sexual abuse of women had garnered attention. (As you can see, some of these categories overlap.)

Non-lady journalists will vote for Justin in droves… they’re voting for their jobs after all!

6. Drug Addicts 

Justin is a big supporter of safe injection sites. These are sites in which health care professionals enable drug addicts to inject addictive drugs into their veins with less risk of overdosing to death. Conservatives tend to believe that drug addicted people require intervention and treatment, but Liberals prefer to just make sure that the addictions are managed, supervised and further enabled. Drug addicts tend to prefer safe injections compared to intervention and treatment, so Justin has their loyalty.

Justin also likes to indulge in recreational marijuana which he legalized upon becoming Prime Minister. Other males who use recreational marijuana were very appreciative of this act and will likely vote for him for the rest of their lives.

7. SNC Lavalin employees 

Do you understand the SNC Lavalin scandal? Me neither. It just sounds like the same old shady dealings that Liberals are historically known for. This time the beneficiary was a Quebec firm called SNC Lavalin.

Male employees at SNC Lavalin will likely reward Justin with their votes. If they don’t, they should! Free money!!!

8. Non-working Syrian refugees 

Justin promised to let in tens of thousands of Syrian refugees in 2015. He subsequently did so and in the years since he has garnered much gratitude from the Syrians themselves. Many male Syrians have taken advantage of Canada’s extensive social welfare state and are enjoying the fruits of Canadian generosity.

According to the May 21st article in Maclean's magazine, “Only 24 per cent of adult male Syrian refugees were working, according to census data. For government-sponsored male refugees (as opposed to those sponsored by charities, churches or other private organizations), the employment rate was a mere five per cent.

Justin will have their loyalty forever.

9. Racist NDP voters 

When Thomas Mulcair lost the 2015 election, the NDP decided to fire him. A new leadership contest ensued, and it was won by a man named Jagmeet Singh. Jagmeet Singh is actually not white and his religion is Sikh. This means that he grows a long beard, wears a turban and carries a knife. For many racist NDP supporters who really liked Jack Layton or Thomas Mulcair, this lack of a leader being a normal white man will cause them to not want to vote NDP.

How many racists are supporters of the NDP? Some estimates put the number as high as 45%, but there is no real way to know for sure. The NDP racists will probably be looking at Justin Trudeau as a solid second-best choice, since he is very NDP in his outlook, but has the added advantage of being a white man.

10. Misogynistic Green Party voters 

You may not have heard about The Green Party of Canada. It’s a party that mostly focuses on promoting radical environmentalism and anti-Semitism. This is another political party that is not lead by a white man. This party is headed by a white woman who is not Jewish.

The problem?

Many misogynist voters that respond to radical environmentalism and anti-Semitism are not going to support the party, because it’s led by a woman. Who will be their second choice? You guessed it…Justin Trudeau!

Justin Trudeau is also a radical environmentalist and although the Liberal Party is a bit softer with the anti-Semitism, the most important aspect for Green Party misogynists is that the Liberal Party is lead by a man.

This will bring in dozens of new votes for the Liberal Party, probably.


It may be hard to believe, but there are men out there who will be voting Liberal this election. We can’t just make broad generalizations and say things like, “No men will vote Liberal in this election… obviously!” or “You can’t vote for the Liberals AND be a man!”

The truth is, men who don’t fall into the above categories need to mobilize and be sure to vote. We can’t cede our political realm to the Liberals once again. It is imperative that decency be restored. On October 21, remember to vote not-Liberal!

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