The NDP's Ignorance

May 1st, 2012 - R. Rados 

A recent Nanos Research poll has revealed that the most commonly used word to describe the NDP is “socialist”. This is news that Canadian voters are not entirely ignorant about Canada's “new” leftist darlings. Let us emphasize the “not entirely” part of that statement. The same poll also found that the fifth most popular word used to describe the NDP is “new”.

There is nothing new about the New Democrats or their age old ideology. The majority of NDP voters from 2011 have never heard of the Regina Manifesto according to Poletical's most recent online survey. An astounding 68% of those who voted for the NDP last year know very little – or nothing at all – about their beloved party's history. A history that Thomas Mulcair would prefer to keep in the dark. A history that includes the Regina Manifesto, a former leader with sympathy for communists, and enough provincial scandal sheets to stretch from coast to coast over a dozen times.

The truth is, whenever an NDP government has governed with a majority, there has only ever been failure. Despite never having a federal majority, the NDP has been notorious in almost every instance in which it has had a provincial majority.

Let us reminisce.

Today, Manitoba has a majority NDP government. Today, nobody cares about Manitoba. The province has no political influence or clout in Ottawa, and its only major city is renowned for its crime, bad roads, slum neighborhoods, and economic stagnation. Manitoba rarely makes the news because nothing important ever happens there; not economically, not socially, not scientifically, not at all. Manitoba has fallen under the very same NDP spell that captivated Saskatchewan for over sixteen years.

Despite its abundance of natural resources, under NDP rule Saskatchewan went nowhere. The social and economic consequences of a socialist government have no better example than Saskatchewan. For nearly two decades, Saskatchewan's economy sat stagnant while Alberta and other provinces reaped the rewards of economic prosperity. While trade workers in Alberta were earning six digit salaries, wages in Saskatchewan were below the national average. In the late 90's and early years of the 2000's, Alberta was consistently ranked as one of Canada's most liveable places in terms of cost, quality of life, and employment. What Saskatchewan had to show was much different. For nearly two straight decades, Saskatchewan's only two major cities were ranked, statistically, as Canada's crime capitals. At no point during the NDP's reign did Regina or Saskatoon leave the top five positions of Canada's crime index. On top of its disgusting crime rate, Saskatchewan had crumbling infrastructure, an overbearing government, and enough welfare leniency to make even Karl Marx turn in his grave. Furthermore, Saskatchewan is still the home of nationalized everything. Once it becomes ingrained in the hearts and minds of a population, socialism becomes extremely difficult to undo. Look at Greece and the general whole of Europe.

In the early 1990's, Bob Rae was the NDP premier of Ontario. It was short lived, but the damage was done. In 1995, Ontario voters handed the socialist party its long overdue pink slip, making way for Mike Harris' Progressive Conservatives. The voters decided to give right-of-centre policies a chance to fix the high taxes and high unemployment that resulted from the NDP's archaic and convoluted economic principles. Within years, Harris and his government drastically reduced Ontario's deficit, cut taxes, and sailed to a second majority.

Just like any government, the NDP is not immune to scandal. From Saskatchewan's Spudco boondoggle to B.C.'s Casinogate scandal and FastCat Fiasco, the evidence is clear that the NDP are anything but saintly, despite their unofficial “for the little guys” trademark. As history shows, through policies of socialism, the NDP is more about knocking everyone down to little guys rather than allowing individuals and businesses to prosper and fail on their own accord.

The NDP has been notorious for meddling in private business. Whether it's financing a new taxpayer initiative to support local industries or passing a new regulation to limit or destroy competition, the NDP always seems to have good intentions. The New Democrats are by no means evil or keen on destroying perfectly good economies, they are just misguided, naive, and incapable of learning from history. Their apparently ignorant base of supporters are just as oblivious when it comes to the history of socialism and its failure to achieve sustainable prosperity.

Whatever provincial NDP governments have touched has turned to dust and blown away in the wind of neighbouring economies. These are all facts that can be uncovered through one's own research.

The aims and goals of the CCF are alive and well within today's NDP. The control and management of the economy, the ideas of utopian bliss through forced and micromanaged “equality”, and totalitarian control at the hands of the proletariat.

The Canadian people didn't buy the ideas that were being sold in the Regina Manifesto in the 1930's and they aren't going to buy them today. Tommy Mulcair knows this. Jack Layton knew this. Bob Rae knew it when he smashed Ontario's economy into the ground. All of these fine gentlemen would ignore any questions related to the Regina Manifesto, or they would tell you that it's irrelevant because it was written so long ago. The NDP has adamantly attempted to hide their very own constitution, knowing full well about its astonishing resemblance to the Regina Manifesto, not only in language but in principle.