The Trudeau Nightmare

January 15th, 2019 | Poletical
Where do we even begin?

Upon coming into office, Justin Trudeau promised to create a culture of "real change", one different from the ethics violations, 90,000 dollar cheques and spending scandals of the previous Harper government. Here we are, starting 2019, with a list of Liberal scandals outnumbering anything the Harper government could have even imagined.

To start, Trudeau's cabinet has proved to be one of the most corrupt and arrogant cabinets in recent history. To date, none of Trudeau's ministers have been forced to resign. Not Harjit Sajjan, who lied, twice on record, about being the  architect of a military operation in Afghanistan. Not Mariam Monsef, who ran a failed public consultation on electoral reform and lied about her country of birth. Not Bill Mourneau, who failed to disclose an expensive chateau in France and was found guilty and fined a measly 200 dollars. Not Scott Brison, who intervened to kill a shipbuilding contract signed by the Harper government.

And what about Justin Trudeau, who was found guilty of violating ethics rules with the Aga Khan, paying a convicted terrorist  ten million in taxpayer dollars, inviting a terrorist to a party in India and groping a female reporter? Or, what about his Liberal government authorizing Stats Canada to steal our banking information without our consent?

The CBC and reporters working for Postmedia and Unifor sure don't care about any of it.

They sure don't care as much about Trudeau's endless scandals as much as they cared about Bev Oda's orange juice and Mike Duffy's 90,000 dollar reimbursement cheque. 

The media seems to have given Darshan Kang and Kent Hehr a free pass following allegations of sexual misconduct. Had they been conservatives like Tony Clement, we would never heard the end of it until they were forced to resign or until they were completely kicked out of their caucus.

If all of these allegations, mishaps, scandals and acts of impropriety weren't enough, Canadians are paying more for everything and getting less in return. This is the never-ending Trudeau nightmare.

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When Trudeau beat Stephen Harper, he promised real change, he conflated and confused hijabs and burqas and he promised  sunny ways and tax cuts for the middle class. Many Canadians knew what they were in for, but they didn't know it would be far worse than what they were expecting. 

Almost four years into a Trudeau government, Canada is selling its oil at discounted global prices while we import Saudi and American oil. The middle class is paying almost 25% more in taxes and 10% more in payroll deductions like employment insurance and pension. A carbon tax is being imposed on provinces that elected governments who ran against carbon taxes.

For months, Catherine McKenna hid the true cost of Trudeau's new carbon tax scheme, eventually revealing a future of  perpetual increases in the carbon price. Some of these are things no Canadians voted for, because they were never things  that were in the Liberal Party's election platform. 

Ever since Canada's oil sector started to boom in the early 2000s, foreign funded special interests like the Tides Foundation, LeadNow and ForestEthics have been trying to accomplish what Justin Trudeau has accomplished in just under four years... the near complete destruction of Canada's energy industry.

This is what Justin Trudeau calls sunny ways.

Now, with conservatives divided and an NDP leader with the leadership skills of a monkey in a skirt and fedora, Canadians may be faced with four more destructive years of Justin Trudeau. Or, worse yet, a whole decade of this. It's not like the NDP and Liberals are any different, but some diversity on the partisan left may help break Trudeau's monopoly on idiocy and  make way for a more common sense approach to economics. 

As of now, Canada's energy sector is being literally destroyed, the middle class is paying more for everything  and division and identity politics are at the worst they have ever been. This prime minister and his grotesque puppetmaster, Gerald Butts, are destroying the prosperous, free and united Canada we once knew. It's time to fight back, to be loud and to vote. If we don't end this nightmare soon, we won't have anything left to wake up to.