Theresa Tam's Many Failures

April 11th, 2020 | RR

When Donald Trump suggested that a Malaria drug could treat COVID-19, the media and Canadians had a meltdown and accused him of spreading misinformation. Even though the president was only repeating what media had reported just a week prior, it was roundly attacked and condemned because of the derangement that infests the minds of journalists and corporate media. If Trump had said that vegetables were healthy, we'd be bombarded by stories about how “no evidence exists to prove vegetables are healthy”. That's the world we live in now, so it's stunning to see Canadians shrug off the lies and misinformation that have been spread by Theresa Tam.

Theresa Tam is a doctor and she is Canada's official Health Officer. She guides policy and directs our Minister Of Health and Justin Trudeau on Canada's response to the Coronavirus. This should make it even more troubling when she spouts Liberal talking points and gives us all bad advice during a pandemic.

This is a timeline of Theresa Tam's costly failures during this pandemic.

Racism Is A Bigger Problem, Don't Panic

How woke does one have to be in order to shrug off a novel (new) virus that shuts down an entire province in China and results in men in hazmat suits spraying entire towns and cities with disinfectant? Pretty fucking woke, apparently.

That's exactly what Theresa Tam did in January, right as the Coronavirus was ripping through Wuhan. She shrugged. “I don't think there's any reason for us to panic or be overly concerned,” she said in a call to reporters that was reported by Global on January 20.

Why don't you read that again, just so it sinks in: “I don't think there's any reason for us to panic or be overly concerned.”

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Fast forward to April and we are no longer allowed to go anywhere, except the grocery store, where we're forced to follow strict social distancing guidelines. Two million Canadians are now unemployed and small businesses are facing permanent closures and bankruptcies. People's grandparents are now dying in care-homes and people with serious health conditions are facing life threatening complications. Meanwhile, we're being forced to listen to Justin Trudeau give daily updates and warn us not to force his government to invoke even stronger restrictions.

Welcome to 2020. What a way to kick off a new decade.

While she was telling us not to panic, Theresa Tam was lecturing us about racism and how stigma about the Coronavirus could impact Canada's Chinese community. On January 29, Theresa Tam was on Twitter telling us to “end the stigma”. She even tweeted a pleasant little graphic to go along with her scolding:

She finished her thread by saying, “Racism, discrimination and stigmatizing language are unacceptable and very hurtful.”

Fast forward to April again and here we are, watching our grandparents die in care-homes while friends and family with diabetes, asthma, immune disorders and major health issues fear for their safety. That looks and sounds pretty fucking “hurtful” to me. A lot more hurtful than the alleged stigma facing the Chinese community.

Now, we all need to ask ourselves whether that was the right call. I know Canadians are dopey, compliant cowards when faced with adversity, but I also know there are a lot of us who have no issues criticizing authority when the authorities fail us.

Failed us they have.

This was Theresa Tam's first and most fatal failure. She was more obsessed with spouting Liberal talking points and playing identity politics when she should have been focused on keeping the virus out of the country.

Travel Bans Don't Work

Around the same time that Theresa Tam was using identity politics and playing the old Liberal race card, she was advising the Liberal government to keep travel and immigration open. On February 10, our public broadcaster reported that Tam had advised against implementing travel restrictions, stating that “current measures and guidelines now in place are sufficient”.

Fast forward to April and a majority of Canada's cases are travel-related, while most of the community transmissions can now be linked to people who were in contact with travellers. At the end of March, 65% of Coronavirus cases were travel-related, while 35% were community spread. That 35% was linked to people who had been exposed to the virus by travellers and who had then gone on to spread it to friends and neighbours.

"People's grandparents are now dying in care-homes and people with serious health conditions are facing life threatening complications."

Basically, all of our community cases can be linked to travellers—which is what obviously happens, naturally.

By the time Canada's government came around to implementing travel bans against infected countries in March, other countries had already done it in February. Some of those countries include Taiwan, Cuba and Vietnam—all of which had minimal cases and were able to get a hold of the virus before it became a problem.

Taiwan (right beside China) implemented a ban on Chinese travellers February 7; as of now they have only 400 cases.

Vietnam banned travel from China February 1; as of now they have under 300 cases.

Cuba banned travel from China February 21; as of now they have less than 700 cases.

Egypt banned travel from China on February 1; they currently have less than 2000 cases.

Canada didn't ban travel from China until mid-March and currently has nearly 25,000 cases. As we speak, flights are probably still coming in from China, despite the alleged travel ban. Flights in and out of Canada can be tracked here and flights from Hong Kong, Hubei and Shanghai have been reported to have entered Canada long after the travel bans.

Back when Canada was said to have implemented screenings at all international airports, media reports surfaced and citizens began posting on social media, claiming that no such screenings were happening. Given all of this information, it's fair to say that the Liberal government and Theresa Tam have only begun to take the Coronavirus seriously within the past week—if that. If at all.

Masks Don't Help

Theresa Tam's most idiotic blunder involves masks and face-coverings. If you're not sick, a mask won't help you—that was the official stance of Theresa Tam's health agency. As of January, Tam and the Canadian government were advising people not to bother wearing masks, while the mainstream media was ridiculing citizens for making their own masks out of cloth and old clothes.

Fast forward to April, Theresa Tam and media have new advice: masks work in protecting others from getting sick and you should make your own masks out of cloth and old clothes.

Usually, a national doctor's advice is expected to be sound and accurate. In Theresa Tam's case, Canadians are getting whiplash from her lack of coherence. We're getting dizzy from the mixed messages about the seriousness of COVID-19 and whether wearing a mask is something to be made fun of.

We were told racism is a bigger threat, travel bans don't work and that wearing a mask is a waste of time. How are we to know if what we will be told tomorrow won't be reversed next week? Theresa Tam has wormed herself into a little hole she can't get out of. Public trust is waning, despite the media and Liberal government's best efforts to canonize her.

It's time for a reset. It's time for Theresa Tam to step aside and let the public gain some confidence in the government's ability to handle this crisis. Someone else needs to take her place. Lives and livelihoods depend on it.

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