Tofinogate: A Story Of Hypocrisy And Entitlement

October 3rd, 2021 | SP

No more than ten days after the federal election, the next Trudeau scandal was written. As the rest of Canada was made to reflect on the torrid legacy of residential schools and indigenous rights, with ceremonies and meetings, Justin Trudeau disappeared to his favourite million dollar escape in Tofino. Leaving a smoke trail of carbon emissions from Ottawa to the far West edge of the country, little Justin broke more than one rule and disrespected more than one class of voter. Our dainty half-wit chose his own quiet luxury of surfing and leaving an enormous carbon footprint, all while declining an invitation to meet with First Nation chiefs. Away from the press and not burdened by on-going indigenous issues, Trudeau enjoyed a quiet family retreat as the country continued to burn.

Some will say he deserved the vacation after a hard-fought election campaign. Malarkey! Some will say he wanted to remain quiet and out of sight, so the focus would not be on himself, but rather on indigenous issues. Malarkey! Have you met the man?

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Our dainty half-wit-in-chief spent $600 million of our hard-earned dollars to drag us, by our ankles, into an election we did not want. In the midst of a so-called fourth wave, recklessly and carelessly, this prime minister put his own ambitions ahead of ours. At no point during the election campaign did any more Canadians jump on his bandwagon, or give him their trust. In fact, little Justin lost votes and broke even in his seat count. Had turnout not decreased, he may very well have lost the election.

Not expecting his next scandal to arrive so soon, Canadians were shocked by his latest antics.

This is the story of Tofinogate and little Justin's astounding and shameless hypocrisy and entitlement. May it forever remain embedded in the minds of Canadians.

Little Justin's Very Big Carbon Footprint

Just for a moment, never mind that this prime minister vacationed on a day that should have been spent meeting with indigenous leaders. Let us, for a moment, take a look at his carbon footprint.

According to an online carbon footprint calculator, created by the greenest of green folks, Justin's trip from Ottawa to Tofino emitted 387 kgs of carbon into the atmosphere. This is to assume that his military plane emits the same average as a normal jetliner. That amount converts to 0.387 tonnes of carbon for a one-way flight.

Little Justin's round trip flight from Ottawa to Tofino, therefore, emitted 0.774 tonnes of CO2 into our atmosphere. Nearly one tonne more than you, or I, emitted on the same day.

Had it been a business flight, perhaps to meet with indigenous leaders and to solve several boil water advisories and poverty issues, we would be more understanding. Little Justin's trip, however, was strictly for pleasure. He was caught strolling on the beach with Sophie and playing cards while nursing a delicious pale ale at an $18 million hideaway.

We must give this little dainty half-wit credit for not creating as large of a carbon footprint, this time, as his trip to meet with the Aga Khan on his private island in 2017. That trip emitted an estimated 23 tonnes of carbon into Earth's atmosphere.

Little Justin's Big Lie

On the day of his flight to Tofino, little Justin's official itinerary placed him in Ottawa and in “private meetings”. Had it not been for journalist Bryan Passifiume tracking Trudeau's flights online and having a hunch that he would escape to his favourite destination, we may have never found out the truth of Justin's whereabouts.

Many have speculated that Trudeau has made undercover escapes to magical destinations in the past, successfully, without being caught by journalists.

"Not expecting his next scandal to arrive so soon, Canadians were shocked by his latest antics."

Perhaps out of sheer laziness, or pure contempt for Canadians, Justin forgot that his military charter could be tracked online, at any time, by anyone. With a prime minister that is as predictable as a hungry goat on the forage for grass, more than one journalist was able to sniff out Trudeau's favourite surfing destination and successfully predict his appearance there.

The only question that remains is whether his official itinerary placed him in Ottawa by mistake, or on purpose.

Little Justin's Tiny, Ever Shrinking Legacy

Little Justin's legacy on indigenous rights has shrunk in size. It was quite small to begin with, but this latest scandal has reduced its size more than a cold shower.

This is not the first time Justin Trudeau has figuratively urinated on indigenous issues and ignored the many issues plaguing First Nations across the country. Only recently, after coming under fire from the NDP and indigenous activists, did little Justin's government finally lose some legal proceedings against indigenous children who were owed reparations, as ruled by a Human Rights Tribunal.

This, after Trudeau's government spent more than $100 million on the legal fights. More than what the Harper government had spent on the same fights.

In his 2015 campaign, Trudeau promised to end all First Nation boil advisories within five years. More than six years in, he has failed. As you read this, there are more than forty water advisories across more than thirty indigenous communities across Canada. That means, there are more than thirty indigenous communities and up to 15,000 indigenous people that do not have access to clean drinking water.

Rather than talk about those issues and work to solve them on the National Truth And Reconciliation Day he created, little Justin went surfing in Tofino.

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