Tom Brady Attacked For No Mask, Wins Superbowl Again

February 7th, 2021 | Poletical

In true gangster fashion, Tom Brady refused to wear a mask on game night. Then, he went on to win the Super Bowl for the seventh time.

Angry fans quickly flooded social media to attack and criticize the Buccaneer's quarterback for failing to wear a mask as he entered the stadium. It turns out, he was the only member of his entourage without a mask, which seemed to infuriate his critics even more. 

"Does he think he is above everyone else?" some users commented on Twitter. Others expressed their hopes that he would lose the game, or even be expelled from the NFL. 

Much to the chagrin of his critics, Tom Brady's Buccaneers went on to destroy the Kansas City Chiefs by more than 20 points in the 55th Super Bowl, adding a seventh ring to Brady's historic collection. In what was one of the most "woke" Super Bowls to date, Tom Brady's win added some much needed sobriety to the evening. 

Congratulations, Tom Brady!

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