Poll: Tory Surges, Chow Plummets

September 2nd, 2014 | Poletical Poll 

Poletical's latest poll asked 521 Toronto voters who their choice is for mayor. Again, a major discrepancy with scientific polls puts David Soknacki at 17% (down from 18%) compared to his polling average of 5% among polling firms like Nanos and Forum Research. The other results achieve a closer relationship to scientific polls, putting John Tory and Olivia Chow in a virtual dead heat.

Poletical's poll results were acquired exclusively online. Only IP addresses from Toronto were counted, while multiple votes and votes from outside of Toronto were discarded. Through the month of August, 521 Torontonians took the poll. Votes received from people who chose 'under 18' were not counted in these results.

John Tory gained 11% from the previous poll and Olivia Chow plummeted from 38% to 29%, losing 9%. In another discrepancy with scientific polls, Rob Ford received 19% of the votes, making a gain of 2% from the previous poll. Polls from Forum Research and Nanos put Rob Ford within the 25-30% range.

Results from the previous poll show a major shift in support between July and August.

Poletical will continue tracking the race, with the next batch of results published on October 1st and a final poll with results published October 20th. If you live in Toronto and plan on voting, take the poll.