Poll: Tory 36%, Chow 30%, Ford 20%

During the month of September, Poletical asked 610 Torontonians who they plan to vote for on October 27th. Although this should not be considered a scientific poll, only IP addresses from within Toronto and surrounding areas were counted. Multiple votes from one IP address were discarded along with votes received from outside of the Toronto area. Votes received from those who identified as 'under 18' were not counted in the final result. 

This is the fourth poll Poletical has conducted during the Toronto mayoral race. The results for the fifth and final poll will be published October 20th. You can help us measure the mayoral race as accurately and honestly as possible by taking the final poll here

When comparing results from our previous poll, we see John Tory gaining 5% and Olivia Chow's decline finally subsiding and allowing her to gain 1%. Since the removal of David Soknacki, support seems to have shifted to John Tory and Ari Goldkind. Goldkind saw the biggest gain from our previous poll, while Doug Ford entered at only 20%.

These were the results of our previous poll: