Poll: Chow Leads; Tight Race For 2nd

July 1st, 2014 | Poletical Poll 

toronto poll

Throughout the months of May and June, Poletical asked 912 Toronto residents (over the age of 18) who they planned to vote for in October's municipal election. The results contain similarities with other polls from various pollsters throughout June, but the biggest discrepancy puts David Soknacki in third place with 18%. The latest poll from Forum Research puts Soknacki at 6%, a 12 point difference from Poletical's results. 

At this point, Olivia Chow would be the clear winner if the election were held today. Not only would Chow be the winner, she would claim victory with a large margin ahead of her opponents. 

Rob Ford has been absent from the campaign trail for two months. There's no telling how his return will affect these results. By the end of July, his return could dramatically change this tight battle for second. 

Both Karen Stintz and Ari Goldkind sit far behind all three of the second place candidates. 2% of Toronto voters said they would vote for another candidate besides the top six.

Through the months of May and June, Poletical only collected votes from Toronto IP addresses. Votes received from outside Toronto or from "unknown" locations were discarded. The votes of those who selected the age range "Under 18" were not counted in the final results. Only one vote per IP address was counted. 

When the results include the "Under 18" votes, they break down as follows:

Chow:   40%

Soknacki:   23%

Ford:   19%

Tory:   13%

Stintz:    2%

Goldkind:    1%

Other:     2%

Poletical will continue tracking Toronto's mayoral race until election day.