Truckers Protested Peacefully, Media Lied

February 2nd, 2022 | RR

In the days leading up to the 'Truckers For Freedom' protests in Ottawa, media and Liberals speculated and pontificated that the demonstrations would turn violent. At first, as the convoy rolled on, they tried to ignore it—but as it grew, the convoy became increasingly impossible to ignore. Before long, Canada's corporate media began to do what we all predicted they would. They began to smear members of the convoy as extremists and racists, while preparing the public for riots and a possible insurrection. None of it materialized and the protests remained peaceful, so journalists started weeding through the grass for evidence of extremism and racism.

It was so scary that Justin Trudeau had to be whisked away to an undisclosed location over “security concerns”. It was important for Canadians to know this, so Justin's journalists mobilized and made sure to get the story out to Canadians. They needed us to know how heated and dangerous it could get when the “fringe minority” of racist extremists finally arrived in the nation's capital.

As the sun began to set in Ottawa on the night of the demonstrations, it became clear that violence wasn't in the cards. It was never in the cards.

When journalists realized that an insurrection wasn't going to happen, they started to complain about parking violations, a flying beer can, people being mean to a statue and one guy with a Nazi flag. Evan Solomon tweeted, “Seconds before I was doing my hit for [CTV News] a guy in the crowd drilled a full beer can at me and just missed but hit our camera gear.” The former host of Power & Politics then went on to tweet about someone dancing on the Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier, describing it as degrading and insulting.

Solomon's entire Twitter feed from the evening was filled with attacks on Conservatives who supported the movement, questions about swastikas drawn on Canadian flags and an interview with Gerald Butts about how the CPC has supported the protesters. Nowhere on Solomon's feed was there video of indigenous dancers enjoying unity with the protesters, people distributing and sharing food and various outbreaks of singing and peaceful celebration.

Along with Solomon, most of Canada's mainstream journalists sought to prove the extremist views and degeneracy of the protesters, while ignoring the majority who had been celebrating and enjoying the peaceful gathering. Within a crowd of 20,000 people, journalists went on the hunt for anything and everything that would delegitimize the protesters and stir outrage among the public.

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Most Canadians would agree that dancing on a war memorial for dead soldiers is inappropriate, but no one is dumb enough to believe that doing so would be considered “desecration”—except a few pandering politicians on every side of the political fence looking to score points.

Desecration became the word of the night and was used to describe what happened to the Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier and a statue of Terry Fox. Neither monument was damaged, vandalized, defaced or permanently scarred by the actions of protesters, but various other erroneous and deliberately misleading words and phrases were used to describe what happened.

Writing for the Daily Hive, Megan Devlin claimed the statue of Terry Fox was “defaced”, repeating the misleading claims of Port Coquitlam's goofy mayor, Brett West. Various other publications, like the Toronto Star and Vancouver Sun repeated the claims as fact, without correcting or fact-checking West's misleading statement that the statue had been “defaced”.

The Oxford Dictionary, among others, defines defacement as “spoiling the surface or appearance of (something), for example by drawing or writing on it”. The Oxford Dictionary defines desecrate as “treating (a sacred place or thing) with violent disrespect; violate”.

Neither the Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier or the statue of Terry Fox were desecrated or defaced. In fact, both monuments were restored to their glory by the next morning—completely undamaged. Unlike what has happened to statues of John A. Macdonald and Pierre Trudeau, the monuments in Ottawa were left fully intact and were never spray painted or pulled down by protesters. Yet, somehow, that didn't stop some politicians and the Conservative Party's clueless leader from—again—falling for the Liberal bait.

Upon hearing the news, probably through a corporate venue, Erin O'Toole tweeted, “The individuals desecrating these memorials should be ashamed and their behaviour undermines the brave Canadians who have sacrificed for our country.”


Throughout his entire time as leader, O'Toole has struggled to find a consistent message. He has flipped and flopped on every major issue and expressed clear hesitation in supporting the convoy and the protesters until well after other Conservatives had done so—probably without his consent. It's no surprise that he would, again, open wide for some Liberal bait and fall for another ruse. By describing the actions of protesters as “desecration”, O'Toole has again proven himself incapable of sorting through the Liberal noise to find the facts. Instead, he always panics, backtracks and makes hasty remarks to appease Liberal critics.

Other Conservatives, like Dan Albas, repeated claims that statues had been “defaced”. Like O'Toole, he feigned outrage and was quick to jump on the corporate media's bandwagon of condemnation.

"As the sun began to set in Ottawa on the night of the demonstrations, it became clear that violence wasn't in the cards."

Overall, the vast majority of demonstrators were respectful, civilized and peaceful. In fact, 100% of the protesters were peaceful, since not a single act of violence has been reported by Ottawa police as of the publication of this piece. As for being respectful, a few bad apple's gave the media material to slander the 99% who did not disrespect fallen soldiers and Terry Fox. Bad apples come with every large crowd. Such has been the case with several left-wing protests that have happened over the course of the past few years.

As for swastikas and Confederate flags, everything has an explanation. One man carrying a Confederate flag had his face fully covered and was shown being demeaned and told off by other protesters in a video shared on Twitter. He appeared to be alone and was quickly made to leave by several other demonstrators. Another man in a small group had a Nazi flag, while some other protesters had swastikas drawn on the Canadian flag. As a member of the convoy told me on his way through Alberta from Port Alberni, the swastika has been used by some protesters to symbolize the actions of governments and their vaccine mandates and is not meant to express an allegiance to Nazism or white supremacy.

Of course, not a single corporate journalist would know this—because they never bothered to ask.

If I was able to stop and get a simple answer from a member of the convoy who was passing through, there is no reason a professional journalist couldn't have done the same. Regardless of their opinions about the use of Nazi imagery and the comparisons of today to what happened in that era, adding some perspective always helps the rest of us understand. But, understanding isn't what journalists want. They want a majority of Canadians to loathe and despise the protesters. That couldn't have been made more clear than it was by their slanted coverage.

When it became clear there would be no violence and no insurrection, journalists and Liberal supporters turned to deception and deceit. They had to find a way to denounce and undermine the protests, but more importantly, they needed to prove they weren't a bunch of liars and hacks. They also needed to turn the protests into a political disaster for Conservatives, who had mostly come out in support of the convoy and the peaceful demonstrations, making them the only mainstream (elected) party to do so.

There's no telling—yet—what political impact all of this will have, but the polls that come rolling out in the coming weeks will need to be treated with an appropriate amount of scrutiny. Pollsters like Nanos and EKOS shouldn't even be considered. Any pollsters that do old-fashioned telephone polling should be disregarded, as they've been proven to miss a massive and important segment of the population. In the last election, the polls that relied more heavily on telephone and IVR failed. The polls that relied on controlled online data had the most accurate results. Those included Leger, Ipsos, YouGov and Abacus.

When all is said and done, the Truckers For Freedom and the protests in Ottawa will have either changed the views of Canadians negatively or positively. Only time will tell, but what we do know is it wasn't a “fringe minority”. The GoFund me page for the movement raised more money than all of the mainstream political parties combined and pulled in more than $9M from nearly 110,000 donors at the time this was published. The support has been astronomical, which is exactly why Canada's pro-pharma corporate media has been in overdrive trying to smear the campaign and its people. For the Liberals, NDP and Conservatives, those kinds of fundraising numbers only happen in dreams.

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