Justin Trudeau's Alternate Reality

October 6th, 2019 | SP

My friends, you may have noticed that our beloved prime minister and dainty half-wit-in-chief, Justin Trudeau, lives by an entirely different set of rules than you and I. While we are lectured and commanded to pay more taxes and drive less to cure the weather, Mr. Trudeau is flying around the country with two campaign jets. While other politicians and opponents are strung up by their testicles and labelled Nazis for remarks they made centuries ago, our beloved prime minister is able to get away with dressing up as visible minorities and being blatantly racist on more than one occasion. As everyone else falls from grace for making sexual remarks and jokes, allegations of groping and misconduct bounce off our dainty half-wit's teflon armour like ping pong balls. Here we are, my friends, heading into another election where Liberals get to flaunt their immunity to controversy and easily walk back into political office as though nothing even happened.

Yes, I write this with the expectation that Justin Trudeau and his Liberals will win yet another majority on October 21.

We must ask ourselves who the real dainty half-wits really are, knowing that after all that has happened, Justin Trudeau is still within reach of a second majority government. As a nation and as a people, where have we gone wrong?

These are the ways in which our beloved prime minister exists on a very different plain of reality than you and I.


As Justin Trudeau so boldly stated on Twitter in 2013, “It's hard not to feel disappointed in your government when every day there is a new scandal.”

It seems there is a new scandal with the Trudeau government on a regular schedule, yet Mr. Trudeau has appeared oblivious to his own hypocrisy and corruption. Acting as a warrior for ethics in 2013 and 2014, Justin Trudeau tweeted things like, “RT to call on the prime minister (Harper) to testify on the PMO ethics scandal under oath.”

However, do we remember how recently Trudeau gagged Jody Wilson-Reybould from testifying in the SNC-Lavalin scandal? When it came time to have Canada's ethics commissioner, Mario Dion, testify on the same matter, Liberals on the ethics committee voted down a call to have it happen. It seems that in Justin Trudeau's alternate reality, the same ethics rules that Stephen Harper was told to abide by do not apply to this dainty half-wit.

Testify schmestify! The rules only apply to Conservatives in Justin Trudeau's alternate dimension.


Feminism schmeminism! No Liberal in Canada cares about equality or women's rights until an opponent is accused of acting inappropriately or without consideration for the hardships faced by women. Just ask Kent Hehr's accuser, Kristen Raworth. Mr. Hehr was given a mere slap on the wristy wrist and allowed to stay in the Liberal caucus. Or, my friends, how about Justin Trudeau's accuser? Rose Knight was allegedly groped by our half-wit-in-chief more than twenty years ago, but the fallout from the scandal barely dented Trudeau's reputation among Liberals as a stalwart of feminism and the #metoo movement.

“It is about actions now, not about words and actions from many years ago,” Liberals like to say. “The Trudeau government has made great leaps and bounds for women in Canada.”

Let us roll our eyes together, my friends. After we share in this moment, let us then remember how this Trudeau government went on to silence and suppress two women involved in speaking out about the SNC-Lavalin scandal. Let us also remember former Liberal MP, Celine Caesar-Chavannes, who called Trudeau hostile and abusive when she informed him that she would not seek re-election as a Liberal.

In Caesar-Chavannes' own words, the argument went something like this: “How dare you, Celina! After all I have done for you. You don't appreciate me,” Trudeau yelled.

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"The rules only apply to Conservatives in Justin Trudeau's alternate dimension."

It is funny that a prime minister who touts respect for women and his love for “girl power” would make it sound as though he, himself, was responsible for elevating a visible minority woman to the top of Canada's food chain. It would almost sound as though Justin Trudeau was overdue for a “thank you, dear sir” from Caesar-Chavannes, but became hostile and angry when he received a resignation instead.

This, my friends, is your feminist prime minister. He is a “man” who lives in an entirely different world than the rest of us. “Believe all women” only applies to anyone who is not a loyal adherent to Justin Trudeau and his virtuous ways.


Two planes—we all need them, right? How else could we get around from place to place during a dire election campaign? Nevermind how much carbon one single flight emits, that is not Justin Trudeau's concern. It is YOUR concern, peasant!

The trust fund baby cares not about the environment, unless it means another four years in office. His daddy would be very proud of his boy if he could go on to win a second straight majority mandate. While the rest of us pay for our carbon footprints, Justin Trudeau is oblivious to his own. Sneaking in a second plane, hoping we would not notice, is the epitome of arrogance. If he manages to win re-election, the joke will be on Canadians.

Canadian voters do, indeed, deserve a second Trudeau mandate if this carries on without a single bit of outrage. If Canadians continue to allow their media to defend Trudeau with “scandalous” breaking news about Andrew Scheer's dual citizenships, conveniently taking over headlines in time to replace breaking news of Trudeau's second plane, they will get exactly what they deserve.

What do Canadians deserve?

Well, my friends, they deserve a Liberal government that flies around the globe from climate summit to climate summit on their dime, using carbon emitting planes and eating lavish dinners at their expense. All while we taxpayers pay more on our electricity bills, more at the gas pumps and more to bureaucrats in Ottawa who enjoy living lavishly on our pretty pennies.


The only way to prove yourselves not dainty half-wits, my friends, is to vote on October 21. If you are unsure or have never voted before, visit the Elections Canada website and find out where and how to vote in your riding.

Another four years of hypocrisy like this will surely bankrupt our future. We have a prime minister who chooses to live by different rules, who behaves like an elitist brat and who has no regard for the hard work you and I do as Canadians.

On October 21, we must show up to end the disgraceful leadership of this disgraceful excuse for a man.

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