Trudeau Is Buying Feminist Votes

May 6th, 2019 | S.P.

Our dainty halfwit of a prime minister is at it again. This time, he is following the old Liberal playbook to stir up some more identity politics and division. Within a matter of hours, the Liberal government announced a slight increase to the child benefit along with a new policy that would ensure all federally regulated employers provide free menstrual products in the workplace. You cannot make this stuff up, my friends. Struggling in the polls, Trudeau's Liberal government is ready to hit the identity ball right out of the park!

Free Menstrual Products

Liberal Minister of Labour, Patty Hadju, said, "This is ultimately about equity and dignity. It is time to stop stigmatizing women for something that happens to their body every month."


I'm not sure about you, my friends, but I have never actively stigmatized my wife or two daughters for that "thing" that happens to their bodies every month. Nor would I imagine that buying their menstrual products with my own money would somehow do anything for them but lighten their monthly expenses. Do not get me wrong, I have indeed forked over many Canadian dollars to buy my wife her monthly stigma products during our twenty-year marriage, never asking for her to reimburse me. However, I don't remember that curing her of the unfortunate "problem" which has been partly responsible for the reproductive system that gave us our two beautiful daughters. 

As a husband, I have no problem helping my wife. Voluntarily, we husbands do many things for the women we love. This does not mean that paying for all women's menstrual needs should be our responsibility. Nor does it mean that we somehow alienate or stigmatize the women we love for having their life-giving menstrual cycles by letting them spend their own money to buy tampons. 

What Minister Hadju said to justify this new Liberal policy is ludicrous and absurd. 

Even if women do face a stigma for "something that happens to their bodies every month", making menstrual products available for free at the taxpayer's expense would not solve this so-called stigma. Hadju also made a point of claiming that Liberals are "committed to women", despite recent accusations about fake feminism. 

Make no mistake, my friends, our dainty halfwit has only one objective and that is to win the next election in October. This policy is designed to attract the feminist vote and to deliberately trigger conservatives into reacting negatively to the new proposal. I would, therefore, encourage all Conservatives on the federal level to remain silent. Please allow us to do the talking and to maintain a disconnect between federal Conservatives and mainstream conservative thought. We will do the heavy lifting, to make it more difficult for Liberals to accuse federal Conservatives of "sexism".

We all know very well that our opposition to this policy has nothing to do with sexism, but that will not stop Trudeau's cohorts from making the accusations. That is, after all, the real, political  purpose of the policy.

Increased Child Benefit Payments

The Trudeau government's increase in child benefit payments to parents amounts to $12 and $30 more extra per month, depending on the age of the child. Most parents, who are not the children of wealthy prime ministers, know that every dollar helps, but a measly 12-13 dollar increase does not stand a chance against potential tax cuts that could be offered by the federal Conservatives. As a father and husband, I would prefer a cut to my payroll and sales taxes.

Perhaps, instead of an insignificant increase in the child benefit, voters of a like mind would choose cuts to the sales tax applied to baby products, like clothes and toys. Andrew Scheer's proposed GST exemption on electricity bills does more for my household than the Liberal Party's $30 increase in the child benefit, which I will not be receiving anyhow. Perhaps single parents could benefit from a cut in the federal GST, or even their own payroll taxes. Every dollar saved amounts to one less dollar toward Justin Trudeau's pension... perhaps that is why you will not be seeing any tax cuts in the 2019 Liberal campaign platform.

To truly make a difference for all Canadians, tax cuts across the board offer more benefits for parents and families. This October, I will put my faith in Canadian voters to not fall for Justin Trudeau's vote-buying gimmicks.