Three Idiotic Trudeau Conspiracy Theories

June 1st, 2020 | RR

There are a lot of things to be mad about when it comes to Justin Trudeau, but we shouldn't be leaning on unsubstantiated and ludicrous conspiracy theories. They make us look dumb and they put holes in our credibility. If we are looking to take Justin Trudeau's scandals seriously and if we expect to have our opinions and criticisms taken seriously, we cannot continue to push these asinine conspiracy theories about this prime minister. God knows, we don't need these theories when it comes to finding things to criticize about Justin Trudeau.

Justin Is Fidel Castro's Son

Justin Trudeau is not the Cuban dictator's illegitimate son. Justin has Pierre Trudeau's genes. If you think otherwise, take a look at photos of Justin's younger son, Hadrien, for proof. Hadrien is a spitting image of his grandfather, Pierre Trudeau. We won't post the pictures here, but the most recent photo of the Trudeau family trip to the cottage can be seen here.

This conspiracy theory stemmed from Margaret Trudeau's history and reputation as a promiscuous woman and the Trudeau family's close ties to Fidel Castro. Although Justin Trudeau also bears a mild resemblance to the young Fidel Castro, the same could be said about almost anyone with a typical or generic facial structure.

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A few years ago, Fidel Castro's oldest son committed suicide. According to proponents of this theory, he left a suicide note describing the truth about Fidel and Margaret's secret love-child. The letter wasn't real and Justin was born four years before Margaret ever made a trip to Cuba. Fidel rarely left Cuba and there is no record of Margaret taking a trip to the country at any time before Justin's birth.

Based on Hadrien's resemblance to Pierre, and a lack of evidence to prove Justin's mother was anywhere near Fidel when he was conceived, makes this wild conspiracy theory false.

Justin Is/Was Under House Arrest 

This new theory arose from Justin Trudeau's bizarre and unnecessary stint in isolation at his Ottawa residence. It was propelled by photos which appear to show a strange, square-shaped bulge around Trudeau's ankle, underneath his pants—which proponents claim is an ankle bracelet used to track people who are under house arrest.

Upon further examination of other photos taken at the exact same time, the bulge is nothing more than a fold in his pants. In addition, Trudeau had been reported to have left Rideau Cottage once during this alleged “house arrest” and again during the Easter holiday when he visited Sophie and his children in Quebec. He has since appeared at Parliament Hill wearing a mask.

This conspiracy theory has been “backed up” by various users on Twitter jumping through legal hoops to explain why Trudeau might be under house arrest in the first place. Explanations range from him having slept with an underage girl to him being forced to stay away from Sophie—whom he is allegedly divorcing.

This conspiracy theory is so wildly absurd that it doesn't justify much effort to debunk. Not only would the Prime Minister's criminal convictions be public knowledge, it would be nearly impossible for law enforcement, the PMO and media to cover it up.

Justin Trudeau is not—and never was—under house arrest.

Justin Is A Pedophile

There has been talk swirling over a settlement and non-disclosure agreement between Justin Trudeau, Liberals and a former underage student at West Point Grey. The Buffalo Chronicle  was first to publish the reports, which have not been substantiated by any other journalists or investigators. We know that Canada's mainstream journalists would bend over backwards to protect Justin Trudeau—which is proven by how photos of him dressed in Blackface were kept secret in 2015 and during his run for the Liberal Party leadership, only to finally emerge in 2019 after American journalists published the photos in Time. This doesn't, however, mean that allegations this explosive would be so easily kept a secret.

This insidious rumour has been propelled by the fact that Justin did, in fact, board with a person convicted of possessing child porn while he was teaching at West Point Grey.

In 2012, Christopher Ingvaldson plead guilty to two counts of accessing and possessing child pornography.

"Justin Trudeau is not the Cuban dictator's illegitimate son."

According to statistics, child pornography is one of the most widely distributed items on the dark web next to drugs and guns. There is no question that pedophiles exist in rampant numbers around the world. The demand for child pornography proves just that, so rumours and conspiracies about sex trafficking rings and child pornography rings are not as far-fetched as some would like us to believe. This again, however, does not make such allegations about Justin Trudeau true.

Although Trudeau did live with Ingvaldson for a time while teaching at West Point Grey between 1999 and 2001, there is no evidence to suggest that Justin knew about, or participated in, Ingvaldson's filthy and disgusting habits. Ingvaldson was charged with possessing child pornography in 2010—almost a decade after Trudeau's short stint at West Point Grey. (There are still unanswered questions about why Trudeau abruptly left)

Guilt by association is used rampantly in politics, but it is seldom a true reflection of a person's nature. As for allegations about Justin Trudeau having slept with an underage student while teaching at West Point Grey, no other reports have substantiated those claims. Only when—and if—substantiated evidence emerges about this allegation should we continue to spread it. As of now, it is nothing more than another idiotic conspiracy theory.

Rest assured, Justin Trudeau is a despicable character in many ways, but to insinuate that he is a pedophile—without evidence—requires us to stoop to some very dangerous lows. If we put ourselves into the gutters just to launch attacks against our political opponents, we leave ourselves with no moral ground to stand on.

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