Trudeau Cutting Deals With Democrats

September 14th, 2018 | S.P.
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The pieces of the Trudeau puzzle do not appear to be too complicated, as the fellow's mind is probably empty and filled with thoughts of lavish vacations and pep talks with his liberal minions, however, we must not set aside or brush off the political wit of his dainty puppet-master and best friend, Gerald Butts. The stomach at the heart of Ottawa has been rumbling with rumours of Justin Trudeau and his office cutting secret deals with high level Democrats in Washington to save NAFTA in the event of Donald Trump being removed from office.

Perhaps at the root of Justin Trudeau's seeming unwillingness to cooperate with Donald Trump and his negotiators on NAFTA, these secret negotiations with top level Democrats fill in some missing pieces and answer some questions that many Canadians have been asking about Trudeau's reluctance to work with the American president.

I would not have been fortunate enough to stumble upon these new revelations had I not visited a little cafe in the heart of Canada's political class last week. My spouse and I only accidentally stumbled into this pleasant and home-like little cafe on Blackburn Avenue in Ottawa because we wanted a caffeinated boost during our stroll. Little could I know, I would also stumble upon two familiar faces quietly discussing politics at a corner table. These two faces would not be so familiar to you unless you were a political anorak like myself.

In the days of anonymous sources and unsubstantiated stories, my not telling you these individuals' names should be quite fine. I knew who they were and I heard them speaking and saying things that not only stunned me, but helped explain the Trudeau government's tough and stubborn approach to NAFTA negotiations. I will share the very basics of exactly what they spoke about just loudly enough for myself and spouse to hear.

“I heard they were talking to Democrats at that conference,” one of them muttered. “I guess there is some reassurance that they expect Trump will be gone, so don't make a deal with him. We'll get you a better deal and save NAFTA,” he quoted.

You could envision a bright, white light coming down from the sky and shining down upon me at that moment. As I nudged my wife, who could not care less and was whispering something about coffee beans, I had realized that it all—finally—made sense. The Trudeau plan is to wait out the Trump presidency to make a deal with Democrats in Congress.

There has been much speculation about this, but in my mind, it was confirmed at that moment.

These two familiar faces seemed to be speculating themselves, or simply relaying pieces of information they had heard, but their positions in Ottawa circles is reason to believe that their speculation and information are legitimate. If anyone would be privy to such information, it would be these two inidividuals. Had I heard this conversation between two ordinary layman, I would have thought nothing of it.

Now we must ask: where are our beloved journalists?

Surely, our friends at the CBC must have heard this speculation and been aware of the very same information. Well connected Ottawa journalists cannot possibly be in the dark about any of this, yet I have not seen any reporting on the subject. I have seen reporting on several speculative ideas and subjects, yet not one on the likely and possible coordination between Canadian Liberals and American Democrats.

If any of this is true, it raises many questions. Are Liberals banking on Trump leaving office sooner than later? If so, who reassured them that it would happen? How can they be so sure as to hinge the future of NAFTA on this possibility? Who are these Democrats and what exactly do they know that the rest of us do not? Why are Liberals so confident in whatever reassurance they are getting?

Perhaps if Ottawa journalists begin doing their jobs, we will find out.