Trudeau Rewards Corruption

November 1st, 2017 | R. Rados
trudeau corruption

Justin Trudeau's ministers have gotten away with a lot. Had any of them been Conservatives, they would have been forced to resign. Being the typical Liberal he is, Trudeau has refused to allow any of his ministers to resign. This is more about sticking it to the opposition than about doing the right thing. Despite the disgust and outrage from all directions, Trudeau is more concerned with not letting his critics win.

The lies and failures that have engulfed his ministers would usually warrant dismissal in the private sector or in any Conservative government, but it looks like the Trudeau government holds itself to different standards.

Maryam Monsef

The former Minister of Democratic Institutions used to spar with Blake Richards in the House Of Commons before her government's attempts to reform Canada's electoral system failed miserably. Her government's attempts failed mostly because of her own incompetence, but instead of being fired, Monsef was reassigned to a different portfolio.

Monsef's extraordinary arrogance and incompetence killed the Liberal government's plan to reform Canada's electoral system. She organized townhalls stacked with Liberal Party supporters at venues with limited space. Her consultation process was almost immediately criticized by opposition, media, community leaders and even the CBC:

Democratic Institutions Minister Maryam Monsef has been put in charge of delivering on Trudeau's promise, and now she's holding public meetings in every province and territory to find out how Canadians want to elect their leaders.

This morning, Monsef held a two-hour public meeting at Iqaluit's Frobisher Inn, but the event was poorly attended — and some people say some of the blame rests with the minister and her team.


While Hanson credits the government for taking the time to make the trip, she said the poorly advertised event — held from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. on a work day — functions to further exclude the North from national conversations.

Monsef held short consultation meetings across Canada inside tightly packed venues on weekdays. This is a classic tactic used in cities like Calgary, where public consultation meetings on new bike lanes are held in early or late afternoons while everyone is at work. This is deliberately designed to limit engagement and create the illusion that people aren't interested or that they're unanimously in support of whatever the government is trying to do. To make sure even fewer people attended, Monsef never bothered to advertise the townhalls.

Just weeks into Monsef's consultation farce, opposition parties and critics caught a whiff of something fishy. Before it even got started, Monsef and the Liberals were accused of trying to push through reforms without properly consulting Canadians or holding a referendum. As media reports proved, opposition parties and critics were right. Monsef's response to the criticism was smug, arrogant and dismissive as she tried to claim her consultation process was indeed “robust and inclusive” and that opposition parties were only trying to derail her efforts by spreading lies.

Canadians lost faith in Monsef's mishandling of the consultation process and by spring of 2017 Trudeau announced that his government was dropping all efforts to reform Canada's electoral system. Later, Monsef was shuffled to Status Of Women, where she would play a part in making sure that pro-life women like Racheal Harder would have no say on issues pertaining to women's rights.

Harjit Sajjan

Liberal voters love to rant and rave about what a narcissist and liar Donald Trump is. They love to flaunt their shiny pony while attacking Trump's intelligence, but their leader's own failures seem to sink into the dark depths of their minds like memories of Pierre's legacy.

According to most Liberal supporters, Trump is unfit for office because he likes to embellish the truth and make stuff up. But, when it comes to the Liberal Minister Of Defence—never mind all that! Liberals only like to talk about standards, not live by them.

Harjit Sajjan should have resigned when Canadians found out that he embellished his role in Afghanistan. Word is, Sajjan was man enough to offer his resignation, but Trudeau wouldn't allow it. Whether that's true or not, we'll never know—but given Trudeau's history, it's totally believable. Justin Trudeau won't admit his faults or compromise his own image for the sake of doing the right thing.

Back in April, Sajjan told a room full of people that he was the “architect” of Operation Medusa in Afghanistan. He didn't just tell this lie once, he was caught on tape telling it twice on separate occasions. This means it wasn't just a slip of the tongue—it was a deliberate lie. A week after his lies made headlines, Sajjan apologized.

The Toronto Star:

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan has formally apologized for embellishing his role in a key Afghan offensive even as evidence emerged that he had made the false claim before.

A beleaguered Sajjan took to social media on Saturday to issue a full mea culpa for his claim to an overseas audience that he was the “architect” of Operation Medusa, a 2006 offensive by Canadian forces to oust Taliban fighters from districts around Kandahar.

Sajjan said he had “made a mistake” in describing his role. “I wish to retract that description and apologize for it. I am truly sorry,” he said Saturday in a Twitter post that referred readers to a fuller explanation on his Facebook page.

Sajjan retracted his claims and apologized not because he was truly sorry, but because he got caught lying. Sajjan consciously lied about his role in Afghanistan more than once and was able to keep his job with a simple, meaningless apology. As it stands now, Canada's Minister Of Defence is a proven liar and Canadians have no choice but to accept his continued employment.  

Ralph Goodale

Goodale became a Liberal insider just before the last wooly mammoth went extinct. His constituents in Regina Wascana keep re-electing him out of habit despite his endless history of failures. The guy refuses to retire and during his entire career he never bothered to learn a word of French—not that it matters, but come on. After decades as a politician in Ottawa, you'd think Goodale could at least speak a little French by now. Goodale has decided not to run for the party's leadership in the past for the reason he doesn't know a single word of French.

Goodale's biggest failures are happening in his old age as Canada's Minister Of Public Safety. Of course, under Justin Trudeau, he could let an unregistered Somali Jihadi walk into the West Edmonton Mall and still keep his job. A few months ago, that's kind of close to what actually happened.

Back in September, Abdulahi Sharif ran down a police officer in Edmonton before using a U-Haul to run down civilians. Luckily no one was killed, but it was bad enough. It turns out, Sharif was a Somali refugee. It also turns out that the RCMP had Sharif flagged for espousing extremist views, as per Global News:

At a news conference on Sunday afternoon, police did not confirm the identity of the suspect however, they did provide more details about his history with police.

We can confirm that in 2015, a complaint was filed with the Edmonton Police Service, around reports being made that the suspect was espousing extremist ideology,” said RCMP Assistant Commissioner Marlin Degrand. “At the end of that exhaustive investigation, there was insufficient evidence to pursue terrorism charges or a peace bond.

In Canada, people are dragged in front of “human rights tribunals” and charged thousands in fines for saying offensive things, yet Somali refugees who are reported for espousing extremist views don't even get peace bonds issued against them. This is Liberal Canada.

Goodale's attempts to explain the reasons for Sharif's continued residency in Canada after having been reported for espousing extremist views were typically Liberal. After all, it was his government that awarded a convicted terrorist $10M and doled out millions more to other alleged terrorists. In most places outside Wonderland (Canada), a public safety minister who allows a refugee with extremist views to remain in the country gets fired, especially after that refugee commits crimes like Sharif.

Bill Morneau

Where do we even start with this guy? He tried to ram through tax reforms that would have made small businesses pay more all while his own company was doing contract work for the government and using every loophole in the book. Millionaire Morneau, who used to help run Morneau Shepell, also tried to ram through pension reforms that critics have called into question, as per Hamilton Spectator:

Finance Minister Bill Morneau's troubles deepened Thursday with word that Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson intends to look into whether he was in a conflict of interest when he introduced a pension reform bill last year.

Morneau was also fined $200 by Dawson for belatedly disclosing he set up a French corporation that owns his villa in Provence, France.

After meeting the ethics commissioner earlier Thursday, the embattled minister announced he will donate to charity any profit on sale of his Morneau Shepell shares — a move that could total more than $5 million.

The minister now faces what could end up as a full-blown investigation.

Slick Billy also tried to hide his business dealings and ownership of a French villa. Morneau's ownership of SCI Mas de Morneaus was never disclosed and he was fined $200 after a CBC investigation uncovered the truth. As per the law, Morneau was required to disclose his business dealings and assets within 60 days of becoming a minister—but, oh well. What's another lie without any real consequences?

Let this sink in: Morneau's failed disclosure went unnoticed for almost two years. Had this been a Conservative government, the outrage would be permeating across all levels of mainstream media—from the Toronto Star and CBC to CTV and Global—until Morneau resigned.

Bill Morneau is probably one of Trudeau's wealthiest ministers. He has been caught in ethics controversies that trump anything we've seen in past Conservative cabinets, but yet his scandals seem to meet a bit less fanfare. Despite uncovering his failure to disclose, CBC has dedicated more time to covering Donald Trump's controversies than any of Morneau's scandals. Imagine that. It's almost like the CBC broke news about Morneau's French villa just to stall growing accusations about its pro-Liberal bias.

Lying, Cheating and Failure Are Rewarded

Justin Trudeau's reluctance to let any of his ministers resign sets a new precedent. It sets an example for his entire cabinet and future cabinet members that condones lying, incompetence and scandal. In Trudeau's government, lies and ethics violations go unpunished. This doesn't just set an example for his cabinet, it sets an example for federal employees working under these ministers. If Trudeau is willing to defend Harjit Sajjan after he was caught blatantly lying, what are the employees at the Ministry Of Defence getting away with? If Trudeau allows Bill Morneau to keep his job while shrugging off his failure to disclose assets and business dealings, what does that say to employees inside the Department Of Finance?

Do you remember those ads that Hillary Clinton's campaign ran during the 2016 presidential election that featured Donald Trump saying vulgar things and embellishing the truth, ending with “Our children are watching”? Well, guess what. Your children are watching a government shrug off ethics violations, lies and incompetence like they're no big deal. Your teenagers, who are just starting to pay attention, are seeing all the hallmarks of a corrupt government unfold while journalists turn a blind eye and fawn over Trudeau like adoring Elvis fans. Your college kids are hiding in their safe spaces and being taught that conservatism is Nazism, while millionaires like Morneau push through reforms that will benefit their own pocket books but damage the livelihoods of small business owners and farmers.

Ask yourselves this: how can accidentally leaving classified documents at your girlfriend's house and spending $16 on an orange juice be bigger scandals than lying about what you did in Afghanistan, hiding your assets while passing legislation that benefits your own company, and letting suspected terrorists stay in Canada to commit murder?

Are we living in a real country, or is Canada some weird parody being acted out on a giant SNL stage? It's time to start asking where decades worth of Liberal culture and politics has gotten us. It's time to wake up and stop living in the pages of The Onion.