Trudeau's Saudi Arabia Problem

November 1st, 2018 | S.P.
trudeau saudi arabia

Nothing could be more astonishing than the revelation of Saudi Arabia's true nature and our own Prime Minister's silence and compliance. Our dimwitted and dainty leader, once again, has astonished Canadians with his own special and always surprising brand of shameless bias and chauvinism. If slandering sport hunters as cruel and elderly white women as racist was not enough, our beloved sock monkey has sworn to bring back apologetic ISIS fighters from Syria and to maintain the selling of armoured vehicles to a kingdom of butchers and homicidal homophobes.

Gerald Butts' version of Canada now acts as a parody of itself—a country where sport hunters and law-abiding gun owners are shamed, while terrorists are rewarded millions for their suffering and reformed terrorists are hauled back “home” to feel safe again. Justin Trudeau's Canada looks like a wasteland of unemployed parody writers from Cracked and The Onion. This country is no longer just home to Syrian refugees, it has become home to some of the world's finest, displaced comedy writers. In fact, these comedic refugees have won top jobs working in the Trudeau-Butts PMO and inside every Canadian news agency.

This can be the only explanation for Canada's recent collapse into parody, right?

Almost one month ago, a Saudi journalist named Jamal Khashoggi was kidnapped, tortured and then killed for his criticisms of the Saudi royal family. Since then, Justin Trudeau has promised to continue sending arms and vehicles to the Saudis, while continuing to diminish Canada's oil output in favour of Saudi oil. As tankers continue to haul blood bitumen to our ports for consumption and refining, our dainty prime minister continues to devalue Canada's energy sector with inaction and ludicrous regulations.

As reported by Global News:

Speaking at a media event Friday, Trudeau was asked whether the government will continue its contract with the Saudis in the wake of this news.

This particular case is of course of concern and we join with our allies around the world in expressing serious issues with these reports. Obviously, there’s a lot more to uncover on what happened here,” Trudeau said.

On the issue of selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, the previous government signed a contract with Saudi Arabia to sell armoured vehicles … we respected that contract but at the same time brought in significantly new and strengthened measures around transparency, around accountability in ensuring … we are making sure Canadians’ expectations and laws are always being followed.”

Gerald Butts' sock puppet can always be counted on to blame Stephen Harper and the “previous government”. In the very same breath, the sock puppet admits that his government chose to—and continues to choose to—uphold Canada's arms contract with Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, he refuses to disclose details of the agreement while again blaming Harper for the agreement's supposed, unproven secrecy clause. 

What else does our beloved, dainty halfit choose to do? Well, my friends, he chooses to suppress Canada's oil and gas industry while we continue to import oil from the Saudi butchers. We must not forget how the little potato handled the failed Trans Mountain pipeline and the aftermath of a court ruling that all but destroyed the pipeline's prospective future.

As reported by the National Post in September:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is pouring cold water on Alberta’s suggestion that the federal government use legislation or a court appeal to get construction started quickly on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

In an interview on Edmonton radio station CHED, Trudeau says using “tricks” such as a new law or the Constitution’s notwithstanding clause would create further legal fights down the road.

Using a legislative trick might be satisfying in the short term, but it would set up fights and uncertainty for investors over the coming years on any other project, because you can’t have a government keep invoking those sorts of things on every given project,” he told the radio station Wednesday.

Mr. Trudeau's policy of inaction on ethical Canadian oil is in direct conflict with his chauvinistic and theatrical position on international human rights. It is clear, by Trudeau's inaction, that Saudi Arabia's human rights abuses are of no importance to the dainty halfwit and that retaliatory actions against Saudi Arabia require no urgency.

Trudeau's whimsical and uneven claim to international human rights is waning as he shows no urgency in attempting to slow or stop Canada's cashflow into Saudi Arabia. Perhaps if the little potato poured cold water on Saudi Arabia's abuse of human rights by building ethical pipelines and ending arms deals, we could take his positions on international human rights more seriously.

Saudi Arabia continues to be one of Canada's largest trading partners, with Canada importing more than one billion worth of Saudi goods, including oil. This is of course the same south of the border and the US-Saudi relationship has now gained an excess of media coverage because of Donald Trump. As goes Trump Derangement Syndrome, the US-Saudi relationship was never a serious problem for the American media until Donald Trump became president. We must, however, take an even-handed approach and condemn Donald Trump's inaction on Saudi Arabia as well.

Both Trudeau and Trump have failed on international human rights by continuing to support Saudi Arabia militarily and economically. However, it has not been Donald Trump parading around the world touting his own, unquestionable love and respect for international human rights. That was Canada's own little potato, Justin Trudeau, who must now be held to a higher standard than Donald Trump.

Justin Trudeau's own words must be used to hold him accountable for his inaction on Saudi Arabia.

As of 2018, Saudi Arabia continues to fund private Islamic schools and organizations in Canada. In 2015, it was uncovered that many of these schools teach Wahhabism—the very same breed of Islamism practiced by ISIS and the Taliban.

As reported by the Globe & Mail:

The Saudi government is donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to help finance the expansion of private Islamic schools in Canada, according to newly leaked documents that shine a light on how foreign states are helping finance a growing demand for religious education.

The documents, involving cables between diplomats at the Saudi embassy in Ottawa and government officials in Riyadh, contain conversations from 2012 and 2013 about a $211,000 donation to a school in Ottawa and $134,000 to a school in Mississauga.

The schools confirmed to The Globe and Mail they had sought such donations to help build or buy new facilities for rapidly expanding student bodies.

The memos about the donations were among 500,000 Saudi diplomatic cables that WikiLeaks has begun releasing, yielding unprecedented insights into how the secretive Arab kingdom operates outside its own borders.

Foreign donations to private schools are legal. But Riyadh is frequently accused of spreading a puritanical form of Islam, and its critics allege Saudi dollars can pave the way for Saudi doctrine.

It has been uncovered through extensive research that Saudi Arabia also funds anti-oilsands campaigns in Canada. There has been much coverage of foreign funded campaigns to combat Canadian oil on Canadian soil here at Poletical. In 2014, Poletical published this:

The idea that Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia would invest in such propaganda makes sense. Saudi Arabia is a major oil supplier to both the United States and Canada. They also ship some of their oil to China, where Canada's contentious Northern Gateway pipeline is eventually supposed to ship Canadian bitumen.

Another ominous prospect is Russia. The country just signed a 30 year gas contract with China. As the United States begins off-shore drilling and various fracking ventures on its own soil, the country poses an economic threat to Russian gas and oil exports. With growing oil production and a Prime Minister scouring the globe for potential buyers, Canada is also becoming a significant industrial threat to Russia and Middle Eastern oil suppliers.

Canada is currently the world's sixth largest oil producer, but over the years Canada has cranked up its production. The top three oil producers are Russia, Saudi Arabia and the United States. By 2025, it's estimated that Canada could push past Iran into fourth place and eventually into third place – ahead of the United States.

I, too, touched on Saudi Arabia's influence in Canada and on the idea that Saudi Arabia was working diligently to have Stephen Harper removed and replaced with a more Islamic-friendly, anti-oil, politically correct Liberal:

Flooding the market with black gold takes time. After the market is flooded, it takes more time for economies and industries to feel the pinch. When the Saudis refused to cut production in November, they still had eleven months to let the affects take hold. Two months later, the affects are being felt and they are getting worse by the day.

A prospering economy always bodes well for an incumbent leader. Since Stephen Harper took office in 2006, Canada's economy has been prospering and blooming like a young primrose. But as we conveniently approach an election, Saudi Arabia has decided to take away the incumbent's advantage. Why, you ask? Because they can.

Most of Canada's recent prosperity has resulted from the country's wildly successful energy industry – which exists mostly in Alberta. At the same time, our friends to the South have devoted resources to shale gas exploration and extraction. These two realities have combined to produce an unwelcoming future for Saudi Arabia – a country with an absolute dependence on the export of black gold. Competition is too dangerous for Saudi Arabia and its wealthy, dictatorial royal family. Now – because they can – the Saudis have decided to pour drain cleaner on Canada's beautiful, blossoming tulip.

Before they resorted to this last ditch effort, which also hinders profits for Saudi Arabia and OPEC, the Saudis – with help from other nations – tried to hypnotize large swaths of North American liberals into becoming counterfeit green activists by arranging and funding high profile protests against pipelines and dirty oil. Since mass zombification failed on the majority, they have been forced to exercise their undesirable plan B, which involves a considerable amount of self sacrifice.

Little Justin's one-sided and hypocritical positions on international human rights must come under deep scrutiny in the next election. Murdering journalists, executing gays, attempting to destroy Canada's energy industry and spreading Wahhabism across the world's most destitute countries should be something Gerald Butts and his sock puppet despise, yet we hear and see nothing from the little potato to prove his government stands against the atrocities committed by the Saudi Kingdom.

Perhaps this all has something to do with Justin Trudeau's admiration for dictators.