Things That Could Derail Trump

October 1st, 2016 | T. Carter
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There are conspiracy theories circulating online about Hillary Clinton and the Washington establishment trying to influence next month's election by either staging an international incident or pinning a mass shooting on Trump supporters. With Hillary's poll numbers barely surpassing Trump's after spending six times more than Trump on ads in swing states, some have concocted grandiose theories about how Hillary will try to change her own fortunes with an October surprise. Rather than give these theories automatic credence, I'd like to examine their validity and take a more sober look at the likelihood of an international incident or mass shooting being used against Donald Trump – without the dark, conspiratorial undertones.

These are three things that could unfold over the next four weeks and be used to derail Donald Trump's presidential ambitions. They aren't conspiracy theories, they're just re-tellings of common political strategies in which media events and incidents have been exploited to destroy political opponents.

A Military Confrontation With Russia

The Clinton campaign has spent weeks disseminating an idea that Donald Trump is in bed with Valdimir Putin. Obama's FBI speculated – without offering evidence – that Russia was behind recent hacks that revealed even more DNC emails to the public, while Hillary's campaign has suggested that Trump admires Putin, has had significant ties with the Kremlin, and that Russia could hack the election to help him win. Her campaign manager, Robby Mook, told ABC's George Stephanopoulos that Donald Trump is a “Kremlin Puppet” when he was asked tough questions about the Clinton Foundation. Instead of answering the questions about the foundation, Mook deflected to Donald Trump. Although Mook's allegations are completely false and unfounded, mainstream media has implied and disseminated the same story, using Trump's reluctance to insult Putin as evidence.

Hillary's surrogates and anti-Trump pundits have even gone as far as calling Trump a “real life Manchurian candidate”. For those unfamiliar with the famous film, a “Manchurian Candidate” is a brainwashed presidential candidate sent by Russia to control the United States. The very same pundits and commentators who have ridiculed the likes of Infowars, Alex Jones and the alt-right for spreading crazy conspiracy theories are now disseminating their own whacky conspiracy theories. The “Trump Manchurian Theory” has already been picked up and spread by Salon, the Daily Kos, CNBC, The Guardian and various left-wing publications that aren't often credited for spreading conspiracy theories.

Now that the Trump-Russia theories have been implanted into the minds of the anti-Trump forces, any international incident or confrontation with Russia over the next four weeks will be exploited by Hillary Clinton's campaign and the mainstream media.

If a Russian ship or jet shoots down an American plane between now and November 8, we can expect the Clinton campaign to immediately point to Trump's phony ties with the Kremlin. Pundits and commentators will immediately decry Trump's affection for Putin as an imminent threat to America. The mainstream media will jump on the same tide of sentiment and journalists will bombard Trump with questions like, “Do you still admire Putin?” If Trump still manages to win after all of this, the Clinton campaign will suggest the election results were hacked by Russia and that Trump's win is illegitimate.

A Mass Shooting By A White "Alt-Right Nationalist”

Many of us remember the UK shooting that happened just days before the UK referendum to exit the European Union. The press in the country falsely reported that the gunman yelled “Britain first”, or some pro-Brexit epithets. As other investigators and journalists pointed out days later, the gunman never uttered anything remotely close to “Britain first” and he was generally apathetic towards the entire referendum. The gunman was just a mentally ill person who was being used by an anti-Brexit media to portray the Leave campaign as racist, xenophobic and violent. The gunman wasn't a part of any conspiratorial black operation – he was just a lunatic that the media unsuccessfully exploited to destroy Brexit.

We should expect something similar to happen leading up to the November election. During a heated season fueled by righteous warriors who believe it is their moral obligation to stop Trump, we should expect the next mass shooting to be exploited by the media and Hillary Clinton's ruthless campaign.

Media – as they often do – will immediately point to the mass shooter's skin color and political affiliations. This is something they go out of their way to avoid doing when a mass shooter is of Islamic origin. If the next mass shooting is committed by a Caucasian, journalists will immediately begin searching for Confederate memorabilia, racist Facebook posts, a Make America Great Again hat, or anything that would imply the shooter is an alt-right Trump supporter. Even if they find nothing, the mainstream media's implications will be immediate. Depending how close the shooting occurs to November 8, it could take too long to prove the anti-Trump journalists wrong. It took real mainstream journalists in the UK a full week to come clean about the Brexit shooting.

Contrary to what you may hear at Infowars, mass shootings are not carefully orchestrated and staged operations. The next mass shooting won't be either, but the media will do everything to tactlessly orchestrate a way to make you believe it was Donald Trump's fault.

More Women With Rape Allegations

There was recently a less covered suit before the federal court that accused Donald Trump of rape. Conveniently, a year after launching his campaign and 22 years after the alleged incident, an unidentified woman has accused Donald Trump of sexually assaulting her at the age of thirteen. Aside from brief coverage in the Huffington Post, the case hasn't gotten any attention on America's mainstream news networks. This should immediately be cause for suspicion.

We should be suspicious that a fervently anti-Trump media hasn't yet jumped all over this case. The reason could be as simple as the media not wanting to discredit itself by giving credit to a possible case of wrongful accusation, or it could be as simple as the media thinking it isn't close enough to November to cover the story. Another reason could be that they would be forced to then cover the numerous rape allegations against Bill Clinton.

Another, more sinister reason, could involve a series of ambulance chasing lawyers gathering more “victims” for an October bombshell. As we've seen with Bill Cosby and Bill Clinton, once one victim comes forward, it compels money hungry lawyers to chase down even more victims. That's not to say that all of the victims are fabricating their stories, it just means many potential victims are compelled to come forward for a quick payday.

What better way to destroy Donald Trump's presidential aspirations than with a massive rape suit in October. Poletical goes out of its way to avoid crazy conspiracy theories and I've often been told to avoid touching on some of the more ludicrous theories circulating on the web, but even the editor thinks this scenario seems to be silently and suspiciously waiting to pop into mainstream headlines before November.

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