They Hope Trump Will Die

October 2nd, 2020 | Spartacus

As you may have heard, Trump and his wife have tested positive for Coronavirus and are experiencing mild cold-like symptoms, according to the White House physician. To those who have spent the last three years crying under their beds and praying for impeachment to work, there couldn't be better news. These also happen to be the same people who believe everything mainstream media tells them, which means they actually believe Trump could succumb to the illness. These are the same people who would dance on his grave, but call you a deplorable person for doing the same for Joe Biden. These people are disgusting parasites who are responsible for the downhill slide into depravity that Western civilization has been experiencing for the past thirty years.

Believe it or not, there was a time when killing an unborn fetus was immoral and praising your dead enemies was righteous. With the spread of Western liberalism, that time quickly became history. Donald Trump is not a model for civility and respectful behaviour, but what did anyone expect? The other side has been exhibiting immoral, depraved and uncivilized behaviour for decades. For most of it, we just sat there and took it. Then Donald Trump came along.

In Canada, much of our culture and politics is driven by what happens in America—hence our support.

It's hard for any of us to stake a claim on civility while Donald Trump is the guy who would get our votes, but many of us know he is the wrecking ball Americans need right now. He is the product of our enemies. He is our response to decades of depravity, virtue signalling and false morality. For too long, people on our side of the fence have been named, shamed, cancelled and insulted. In 2016, we got our vengeance.

Now, our enemies are jumping for joy and glowing with glee over the thought of Donald Trump dying from COVID. After the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, praise came from all sides—even from Trump himself, who said she lived an amazing life and accomplished great things for America. You would have been hard pressed to find people on our team tweeting things like this about her:


Sadly, the replies to Trump's tweet about testing positive were littered with tweets like this. Some were too grim and vulgar to re-publish here. Had we done the same for our enemies, it would be all the rage on CNN. We would all be lumped together and called “white supremacist trolls” or Russian antagonists. The behaviour of a few would become the behaviour of all Trump supporters. The other side is so obsessed with collectivist ideals, they are unable to distinguish the differences between individuals.

What if we played by the same rules?

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I know many of you will refuse to play the same game. However, some of us won't refuse and we should not be shamed for playing by the other team's rules. Some of us have spent time playing the “principled civility” card for too long, only to have nothing to show for it. In Canada, we have an entire voting population that turns a blind eye to corruption. Justin Trudeau's historic number of ethics violations haven't hurt his poll numbers as much as they should have. Most prime ministers have seen one strike put them in the hole, but Trudeau has had more than three and he could still win a majority tomorrow. After the first few scandals, Trudeau should not have even been able to win a minority—but he did. He won because Canadians are amoral, complacent and fundamentally weak at their core.

I don't want to hear lectures from smug, self righteous Canadians about morality. Canadians have no ground left to stand on. As long as Trudeau keeps signalling virtue, marching in gay parades and condemning non-existent systemic racism, he can break every law and still win perpetual majority governments in this country. As long as he keeps up his facade and gives the camera that dreamy gaze, you idiots will keep re-electing him.

If you think Trudeau is somehow better than Trump, you can keep your smug opinions to yourself. If you dislike both of them equally, that's fair.

There will be plenty of graves for us to dance on in the future. Most of you will hold back the festivities, even if you want to burst out in celebration. A part of your moral code involves controlling your impulses. That's what makes you a textbook conservative. You shouldn't be faulted for that, but you should also know you are living in amoral times and among amoral people who won't even notice—or care about—your self discipline and civility. Times have changed and you are now living among barbarians. They will need to be beaten back and defeated before your morality will start to matter again.

The truth is, Ruth Bader Ginsburg couldn't have dropped dead at a better time. When Antonin Scalia died, the other team danced on his grave and called on Obama to quickly replace him. They could hardly contain their joy. Unfortunately for them, Republicans held the senate and stopped Obama from being able to replace him. The outrage was minimal at the time, because everyone expected Hillary Clinton to win the election. However, our team struck a beautiful blow and she lost and whimpered away in defeat.

This will now be Trump's third Supreme Court nomination. If that doesn't spell winning, I don't know what does. Republicans couldn't have asked for such great luck.

Furthermore, the truth is, if Trump wins a second term and Coronavirus takes out three liberals on the Supreme Court, America's return to civility, constitution and morality would be secured. This would be a grim, but positive scenario worthy of celebration. The loss of even one more liberal on the court would set America on the course to a better, brighter future.

"I don't want to hear lectures from smug, self righteous Canadians about morality."

Liberalism is destroying America and it has most definitely destroyed Canada beyond repair. Our enemies would like nothing more than for us to die off, shut up and disappear. They celebrate the deaths of our leaders, they tear down the history of our country, they divide us, they actively work to suppress our speech and they have taken us into a time where abortion, depravity, polygamy, adultery and the destruction of the nuclear family are celebrated.

An excess of liberalism has taken us into an era of filth, sleaze, disease and decadence.

Next on the liberal agenda: the slow and incremental decriminalization and normalization of pedophilia. There was a time when you might have believed it was mindless conspiracy theorizing, but it's now unfolding before your own eyes. California has given judges discretion in deciding whether a person found guilty of having anal sex with a minor should be registered as a sex offender. The law only expands on a previous law that gave judges discretion on vaginal intercourse with minors. This new expansion helps alleviate unfair discrimination against the LGBTQ community, according to Gavin Newsom.

Something similar happened in Canada, when the Supreme Court lowered the age of consent for anal sex from 18 to 16. It can be considered fair to make the age of consent consistent across the the board for all types of sexual acts, but before 2008, Canada's age of consent was 14. It was a Conservative government that increased it to 16—with much “controversy”. When that happened, media and rights groups using LGBT issues criticized the whole law as “unfair to gay men”. That is what, inevitably, led to the changes in 2016 to lower the age of consent for anal sex.

Many of the ideologies peddled by media and rights groups have found their way into written laws.

Outlets like the New York Times have published opinions claiming pedophilia is a disorder, not a crime. Other organizations have embedded themselves (unfairly) into the LGBTQ movement, using the community as a vessel to push for the normalization of pedophilia and underage sex. Many liberal outlets have begun to scrub the word “pedophile” from their dictionaries in favour of more pleasant and less derogatory terms like “minor attracted person”.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have failed, or blatantly refused, to remove exploitative images and messages about children. Netflix has recently come under fire for a new film about underage girls becoming adult dancers. Left-wing rags like Salon have been pushing for laws to decriminalize underage sex and to change consent laws by publishing articles written by known pedophiles. Vice has done the same thing.

The cultural movement to normalize the exploitation of children is in full gear. With enough politicians on their side, things could change for the worse.

The one thing that can stop this cultural shift is a conservative Supreme Court and less tolerant and less apologetic conservatives. However, to beat these barbarians, we must all play by some new rules. We don't necessarily need to dance on the graves of dead liberals, but we shouldn't feel guilty about the joy that fills our hearts whenever another heathen is taken out of the equation. Our enemies laugh when one of us dies. Their moral compasses are spinning and they have little dignity, but they will continue to beat us if we keep playing nice. From now on, one leftist and child lover's behaviour should represent the entire liberal movement. Name them, shame them, cancel them.

Playing by their rules and winning today will allow us to write new rules tomorrow.

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