Trump Lost At 4D Chess

January 20th, 2021 | RR

There have always been two kinds of Trump supporters: the ones who supported a movement that promised to deconstruct the corrupt institutions and the mainstream media—and those who worshipped Trump like the idol of a cult. Most of us belonged to the first group of Trump supporters. The other group treated Trump like he was sent by God. Those are the people who spent four years trying to convince the rest of us that Trump was playing 4D chess and that “the storm” was coming. As predicted, there was no storm and there never will be. Furthermore, if Trump was in fact playing 4D chess, he lost badly.

Republicans will now be faced with the challenge of keeping the Trump-lite devotees who supported the purge of corruption more than they supported Trump. The fringe Qanon followers that worship Trump like a god will likely disperse and find other fringe candidates and parties to support, while holding a bitter contempt for the GOP. Those Trump supporters will never find their way or see the light. They were the same people who encouraged Republicans to boycott the Georgia senate elections—which probably helped Democrats seize full power.

Congratulations, dipshits.

If the presidential election results are to be believed, fear and anti-Trump rage beat out the MAGA movement. On the bright side, Democrat enthusiasm will eventually fade. Democracy is a game with no real winners, which means that Republicans will get back into power again in the future and erase most Democrat gains. For now, Democrats get the glory and the power. However, the bad news for them is that the next Republican probably won't stir up the same kind of collective rage and fear that Trump did, which is what they relied on to put Joe Biden in the White House.

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The MAGA movement might influence future elections, but Republicans will eventually re-brand it and try to forget that Donald Trump ever existed. This will piss off the Qanon types, but the lighter supporters will move onto new candidates and support Republicans just to beat Democrats. Politics will eventually normalize over the next few years, not without a few more riots and bouts of unrest—but it will happen. In the worst case, Trump will be prosecuted for idiotic reasons and tensions will explode for a while. If Democrats are dumb enough to try it, things could get ugly before they get better.

If you're still reading this, I must not have pissed you off too badly. If you despise the fringe Qanon elements of the MAGA movement like I do, you'll want to keep reading. Those fringe idiots helped Trump lose with their vitriol and conspiracy theories, but when it comes down to it, Trump was his own worst enemy.

This is how Trump lost at the game of 4D chess he wasn't playing.

If The Election Was Stolen, Trump Failed

If the election was truly stolen by Democrats and the swamp, Trump failed as president. He had more than enough time to utilize his Justice Department, to make the right friends and to start handing out indictments to crooks and criminals inside the DC swamp. He spent four years doing nothing and the so-called “storm” that Q promised never happened.

Along the way, Trump could have picked fewer fights with media and made friends with some of them. He did, after all, come from the world of media. Had he worked to gain more respect from the better people, he could have cracked open some major scandals and exposed some corrupt dealings. Instead, he did nothing but complain on Twitter for four years.

On his way out, Trump couldn't even find the courage to pardon Julian Assange. If anyone put their life on the line to expose corruption, it was Assange. So much for draining the swamp. 

Trump appointed and nominated people he couldn't trust and betrayed people he could. Jeff Sessions might have been interested in cracking open some criminal probes, but Trump got rid of him after he recused himself from the Russia investigation. Then Barr came along and Trump was unable to sway anyone at the Justice Department in any direction. Trump failed miserably at bringing people onto his side and building loyalty like other presidents. Bush and Obama were able to convince their Attorney Generals to open investigations and to wield their influence because they nominated people they could trust and then worked to build strong relationships with them. Instead, Trump dumped anyone who showed even a slight bit of resistance.

Jeff Sessions was behind Trump from the very beginning. If anyone believed in Trump's message, it was him. However, because Trump's moronic sycophants are so conspiratorial and paranoid, and because Trump himself needs to be constantly praised and coddled, he fired Sessions for making a reasonable and legally smart decision. If anything, Sessions recusing himself made everything look less shady and more palatable for the general public. It was a wise strategy, but Trump couldn't see it.

People came and went from Trump's administration like it was a den of hookers.

Now that Trump has lost, it's clear he wasn't playing 4D chess at all. It's even possible that the stories about an erratic and dysfunctional style of leadership were all true. Maybe all the stuff Michael Wolff wrote about wasn't fake news after all. We have to wonder why Trump resorted to complaining on Twitter about members of his own team, instead of sitting down with them privately and building a relationship. Even now, after Mike Pence refused to reject the electoral results, Trump has thrown him under the bus. After four years of subservience and loyalty, Pence was fed to the wolves like everyone else.

How does that kind of leadership drain a swamp? It doesn't.

After the election, Trump and his sycophants promised they would still win. Idiots from every corner of Trump's movement took to social media to tell us that “something big is coming”. Sidney Powell promised a biblical lawsuit that would overturn the election and shatter the Earth. Rudy Guiliani told us that, any day now, the big one would land. Trump loyalists with blue checkmarks were all over Twitter telling their gullible followers that “we are going to win this” during recounts in Pennsylvania and Georgia.

Now that Trump has lost more times than we can count on two hands, the charade needs to end.

How many more times are these idiots going to fall for the Q “storm” trick? There is no storm, Trump was never playing 4D chess and there is no winning on Trump's team or anywhere in MAGA world. It's over. It's time to pack up your things and to start preparing for the real shit storm that Democrats and the left are planning. Unlike the storms promised by Q, I expect this one to make landfall.

If The Election Was Clean, Trump Failed

Fraud happens in almost every election, despite what the media says. It just so happens that the fraud is never big enough to change the outcome of an election—and the people involved are always caught and prosecuted. In truth, election fraud is nearly impossible to get away with in countries like the United States, where each state or county is responsible for the process and where media is diverse and privately owned.

To rig an election in America, it would take a wide and interconnected network of criminals. If one of them were ever caught, the whole organization would come crashing down. To believe an election can be rigged in a country like America takes a real stretch of the imagination. It would require hundreds of people acting flawlessly and remaining quiet. Although we saw a lot of suspicious behaviour and bizarre glitches, it was no different than previous elections. This time, it happened to be amplified by the expectations set by Trump's rhetoric. In reality, most of those glitches and behaviours have legitimate and believable explanations. Many of them, like the flip in Antrim County, were quickly exposed and eventually corrected.

You can't get away with rigging an election in America. The scrutiny from all sides is too intense and the punishments are severe.

Trump did a lot of good things while he was president. Most of it went unnoticed by normies and ordinary Americans who still get their news from corporate media. He passed meaningful prison reforms, slowed immigration and mended some fences in the Middle East. Unfortunately, Trump not only failed to tame the media, he failed to convert enough Americans. Instead, he struck such a nerve with a majority of Americans that they became eager to remove him from office. Yes, most of it was stirred up by a corrupt and deceitful media, but a big part of mastering politics is mastering media. Trump had a lot of time to make friends and to exhibit some self control. It's something about 4D chess, or whatever. 

The only person to blame for losing the election is Donald Trump.

Trump let the media define his presidency for him. Rather than keep quiet and lead with actions, he chose to pick petty fights on Twitter. Every time Trump scored a policy win, he would undermine his own success by creating another scandal on social media. Rather than keeping quiet and letting journalists cover his actions, he gave them tweets and sound bites that could be twisted, contorted and misrepresented.

"People came and went from Trump's administration like it was a den of hookers."

Trump had four years in office to prove he could be calm, cool, collected and unfazed by criticism. He failed and then went on to lose the election, fair and square, to a senile buffoon. He riled up so many Americans with his hasty, undisciplined and often infantile antics that they would have voted for a blow-up doll that looked like Chelsea Clinton.

“Anyone but Trump” was the goal for 80 million Americans.

Trump's Tactics Are Not Effective

After Trump was elected, we saw a lot of personalities and politicians trying to emulate Trump's tactics and behaviour. In Canada, “we need a Trump” became the common utterance. However, since hindsight is 20/20, we can see that Trump's tactics aren't effective. In fact, they're destructive and counter-productive. He went on to lose the next election and become the first one-term president since 1992. That's not success. 

Trump's tactics and behaviour riled up 80 million Americans. He won the first time because Hillary was just as unpopular as he was and she failed to muster any enthusiasm among Democrats. Put that together with the idea that most Americans thought Trump would lose, his win looks more like a fluke product of luck. The fact that an historic number of Americans voted against him in 2020 proves it. They had no idea he could win in 2016 and, when he did, they panicked and vowed not to let it happen again.

Trump still received the highest number of votes any incumbent has ever received in history. Unfortunately, a bigger majority of Americans wanted him gone. Joe Biden didn't need to put much effort into campaigning because Trump did it for him. For 80 million Americans, there was no better argument for change than Trump himself.

Those who are willing to learn from this will refuse to emulate Trump's behaviour in the future. The stubborn conservatives and Qanon types will undoubtedly continue to think, stupidly, that behaving like Trump can win elections. 

Trump's popular immigration and economic policies will be stained by his name, making them immediate striking points for opponents. His successful policies will need to be re-worked, re-branded and delivered in a more effective way. With at least 74 million Americans, stronger immigration laws, lower taxes, deregulation and patriotism are good selling features. Any future Republican candidate will be wise to build on those policies and to keep them as part of the GOP platform.

With Trump, the policies were good, but the delivery was terrible, erratic and antagonistic. Anne Coulter was right when she said Americans need more Trumpism with less Trump.

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