Ten Reasons Trump Should Open The Borders With Canada

February 1st, 2018  | J. Hodgson
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The U.S. unemployment rate continues to sink, hitting a 17-year low in November (4.1 percent), and job seekers are finding work more easily than at any time since the mid-90s. Openings in the United States have now topped roughly 6 million for five months in a row, a record streak, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics . Normally, such a stretch would inspire applause. But Wayne Winegarden, an economist and senior fellow at the Pacific Research Institute, a California think tank, said the trend should concern policymakers. “If you have less labor, you’re going to have less growth,” he said.


The Washington Post ~ Dec 28th, 2017


With the unemployment rate hovering around 4% the shortage of available workers is going to be a hot topic once again. At a time when immigration (both legal and illegal) is set to be scaled back, the question of filling job openings will lead to some problematic situations. Who will fill the jobs that need doing?


In the short term, wage inflation will likely occur, which is good, but in order to keep the economy greased and growing, new workers will be needed. Politics being what it is these days, those new workers will not likely be arriving from Mexico or from the current immigration system that has scaled back reforms on the horizon.


For this reason, Trump needs a big idea. An idea that transcends nibbling at the periphery of current systems and creates a bigger, bolder solution to the worker shortage problem. A solution that fits with the America First policy, without stifling business. A solution that would be welcomed by many political factions and constituencies.


Trump should call for open borders with Canada.



1. They are already culturally assimilated


One of the biggest criticisms people have with immigration is that the melting pot idea that took place throughout American history has given way to the multicultural salad bowl idea of maintaining previous cultural traits at the expense of assimilation. Immigrants come to America expecting to make America more like the place they left behind.


Canadians, on the other hand, are already culturally assimilated. For the most part, there isn’t anything in particular that differentiates a Canadian from an American. Oh sure, they’ll be a few minor things like a penchant for doughnuts and hockey, but you’ll find more variation between Americans than you will between Americans and Canadians.


2. They speak American English


Most Canadians speak English. Yes, there are some French speakers too, but not enough of them would move to the U.S. to cause language issues. The English that Canadians do speak is very American sounding as well. With the exception of some long-form vowels, you can barely tell that a Canadian isn’t from Montana or Minnesota. No uppity British accents and no crazy “G’Day mate!” Australian lingo. Canadians are already 95% of the way to speaking like decent, red-blooded Americans.


3. They will be young


Older Canadians won’t take advantage of the open borders. They’ll be too beholden to their precious single-payer universal healthcare to risk moving to the U.S. permanently. The money-hemorrhaging snowbirds will still come down to enjoy the weather for a few months every year, but the real economic value will be getting the young ambitious ones that build careers and businesses straight out of school. They will be the ones putting down roots and adding to the economy from the ground up.


4. They will be (mostly) white


83% of Canadians are white. For the alt-right types that believe in “Blood and Soil” nationalism, an open border with Canada should pose no threat to their ideology. An influx of white immigrants might just be what some conservative factions are looking for. As for other, more progressive conservative factions who are post-racialist and color blind, well, point #4 doesn’t make any difference then.

5. They will vote Republican


Ann Coulter and many others have warned that the influx of immigrants will permanently destroy the Republican Party as we know it. The theory is that immigrants from the third world are coming from heavily socialist poor countries and their attraction to America is the material prosperity. Once they arrive they naturally gravitate to the Democrats because the Democrats offer them a platform that is similar to the socialism they are familiar with. In the minds of third world immigrants, a good government is a government that “takes care of the people”. Conservative policies that Republicans offer is a harder sell because it makes demands of voters that require more than one-step thinking. Delayed gratification, personal responsibility and other boilerplate conservative values are a harder sell than: Hey! Free Candy!


Although Canada is known as a progressive, liberal bastion in globalist circles, there are many conservative Canadians that are held hostage by electoral majorities. These conservative minorities are precisely the ones that will be attracted to moving to Trump’s America and, when they get citizenship, they’ll vote accordingly.


6. They won’t send billions of dollars back to Canada

Many immigrants in the U.S. send remittances back to their home countries. The United States loses tens of billions of dollars a year having all this cash sent back to wherever the immigrants have come from.


This is unlikely to happen with Canadian immigrants, because many of the people heading south for the American dream will be from middle-class backgrounds. Even low class Canadians are rich by world standards (same as Americans). An expectation that money should be sent home to Toronto from Johnny working in San Francisco or Sally working in Denver, is a non-starter. It’s more likely they’ll fly their parents in for a visit or buy more expensive Christmas gifts.


As a result... the money stays in America.


7. They will be law abiding


Canadians are extremely subservient to the law. You’re not going to have a Canadian mafia setting up shop. You’re not going to have Canadian gangsta dudes gunning down their drug dealers in turf wars. You’re not going to get dirtbags looking to rob and rape when they could more easily do it at home with a much more “compassionate” justice system slapping them on the wrist, should they get caught.


What you’ll end up with is young, ambitious university graduates that want more opportunity than a frozen progressive backwater can offer. They’ll show up and follow the laws as well or better than your average middle class American.


8. There will be enough of them to matter, but not enough of them to notice


Right now, under NAFTA, there are roughly 1 million Canadians living in the United States. These are people that fit the H1-B visa requirements or have TN visas due to certain professions like nursing, teaching or engineering. By lifting this requirement and allowing for open borders, you’ll receive millions of people who are otherwise locked out due to non-specific job skills.


Everything from retail to construction to transportation jobs that are currently experiencing shortages could be filled by Canadians simply willing to head south, and if legal barriers are removed they would likely give it a try. If you’re a truck driver in Manitoba, wouldn’t you rather drive a truck in Florida? If you’re a carpenter in Newfoundland, wouldn’t you rather be a carpenter in Texas? This will be advantageous to American business in that a larger workforce would now be instantly available, but it would also be innocuous enough that the downsides of mass immigration wouldn’t hurt the average American worker.


Unlike Mexico (with 130 million people), Canada only has 36 million people. If 10% decided to move to the United States that would only be 3.6 million people dispersed throughout a population of 325 million Americans. A drop in the bucket. Enough to help, but not enough to harm.


9. Demand reciprocity


By offering Canadians the opportunity to live and work in the United States, it would allow the United States to demand a reciprocal policy from Canada. By allowing Americans to move to Canada with no strings attached, Hollywood liberals could make good on their promise to leave the country and head north without barriers. American welfare clients could also head north and get a much better deal from a much more progressive government. The benefits and entitlements are more generous...and you wouldn’t even have to work for them! While Canada is sending it’s best and brightest, America could off-load it’s not-so best and not-so brightest.


It’s win-win!


10. First step towards total annexation


“The whole continent of North America appears to be destined by Divine Providence to be peopled by one nation, speaking one language, professing one general system of religious and political principles, and accustomed to one general tenor of social usages and customs. For the common happiness of them all, for their peace and prosperity, I believe it is indispensable that they should be associated in one federal Union.” ~ John Quincy Adams, 1811


Manifest destiny seemed to have been put on hold after WWII. Alaska and Hawaii became official states, but not much has changed in 75 years. By opening borders with Canada and removing barriers to the free movement of people between our two countries, the United States would be moving toward Manifest Destiny once again.


As young people pour out of the north in search of opportunity and warmer weather, the long-term effect on Canada would be one of depletion and decline. As the bloated social welfare state begins to collapse due to emigration of the young and ambitious, the costs of maintaining Canada’s progressive culture would surmount. Already one of the most debt-ridden countries on Earth, Canada will be pushed into Greek-style chaos attempting to maintain the status quo. From this situation, the United States saves the day and negotiates a buyout, which a stressed-out Canadian populace would gladly accept. What couldn’t be taken by force 200 years ago, could be taken with a handshake and the stroke of a pen tomorrow.


The first step is allowing freedom of movement... the rest would eventually follow.


So there are ten reasons that open borders with Canada is a good idea. Selling and implementing this idea would be politically tricky, but not insurmountable. The first and biggest question is, How could Trump implement this policy with Canada, while at the same time advocating a wall with Mexico?


Easy. Just say Canada has reached a bunch of benchmarks that make for a more positive, free flowing labour environment. Many of the points above can be cited. Liberals and the media will still hate it. Democrats might go with it because they think Canadians are uniformly left-wing and will constitute another voting block. American Hispanics would probably hate it too, but they already vote Democrat on a 2 to 1 basis, so who cares.


The details are quibbling. America needs workers and Canada fits the bill. Open the borders and bring in the Canadians. In the short term, millions of ready made neo-citizens will be building the economy. In the long term, the United States will need a bigger flag for more stars and Russia will no longer be the biggest country in the world.

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