Will America Sell Out To Thugs?

June 4th, 2016 | T. Carter
trump rally violence

The scenes from Chicago in March and the scenes from New Mexico, San Diego and San Jose tell a pretty frightening story. America's left have turned up to smash police cars, punch peaceful attendees and verbally attack anyone who supports Donald Trump. We have seen the left do things that the Tea Party has never done. No matter how heated the rhetoric becomes, we conservatives rarely resort to violence. Even after Christian bakers are punished for refusing to betray their values and conservative pundits are barred and locked out of campus speeches, we conservatives always keep our cool. This should be the single truth that helps Americans decide who occupies the White House after Barack Obama. Will we choose the violent Alinsky tactics of the left, or will we stand up for our values and elect Donald Trump?

The progressive globalists mean business. Trump's candidacy threatens to end a decades-long effort to dissolve national sovereignty and erase America's borders. Donald Trump may not be the most perfect candidate for some conservatives, but his presidency would rebuild American sovereignty and restore America's right to self determination. That means it will once again be Americans charting their country's course, not the bureaucrats who have been selling American sovereignty to the United Nations on a piecemeal basis since 1988. Donald Trump threatens to give America back to Americans and take it away from a dynasty of globalist aristocrats.

America doesn't belong to Saudi Arabia, Mexico or Europe. It belongs to Americans. Americans are people who descended from and who are legal immigrants. Americans are people who have paid their taxes, built their institutions and earned their freedoms. America's freedom and sovereignty do not belong to anyone who didn't have to earn their way or fight for something in this imperfect union. America did not happen by accident and it isn't for sale. America has always been the country of rogues and trend setters. We do not comply or sell our freedom to anyone for any price. Since America was founded, Americans have always rejected any and all forms of outside influence and coercion. That is the message that is resonating with Americans of all colors and faiths, from coast to coast to coast. That is the message that will put Donald Trump in the White House and give America back to Americans.

They said, “he'll be dead within a week” if he wins. That is the vision the left has for America. If the left had their way, Donald Trump or any democratically elected president they disagree with would be assassinated immediately after taking office. If democracy doesn't give the left what the left wants, they'll just murder the president. If Americans don't agree with the left, they will be threatened with violence and be brutalized by bought-and-paid-for thugs. That has always been the the guiding principle of America's Marxist left. According to the American left, if democracy doesn't produce a desired result, democracy must be subverted with violence. Democracy is of no use to the American left if it doesn't advance what the left determines to be a “progressive” agenda. The left's vision of progress is an America with no borders, limited self determination and unlimited, global redistribution of its own wealth.

According to the American left, American prosperity belongs to everyone. The left suffers from so much self loathing and shame that it believes America owes the world its own life. The left does not speak for America, which is why more voters will move to Donald Trump with every new outburst of violence. As the Washington Times reports:

The ugly protest scenes outside Donald Trump's rallies are doing more damage to protesters than to Mr. Trump's political chances, according to analysts who say the violence and anti-American sentiments are backfiring.”Washington Times, May 30, 2016

This was after illegal immigrants and protesters burned American flags outside a Trump rally in California. The protesters were organized and paid by local unions and Democrat Party affiliates from Fresno, Sacramento and San Diego. Protesters in New Mexico, who were organized by the Party For Socialism And Liberation, torched American flags and smashed police cars in Albuquerque on May 24. Among those protesters were more illegal immigrants waving Mexican flags and people wearing Bernie shirts and carrying signs with profanity and death threats. These same organizers were partly responsible for the chaos and violence that unfolded a few days ago in San Jose.

It's something we've heard before from the political class in America, from both sides, but it has never been as true as it is now. America is at a crossroads. Americans have a decision to make and that decision will either make America a stronger country, or it will make America a subservient state in a global community. The thugs we see protesting and hurling rocks at Trump rallies don't represent America. They represent non-American illegal aliens, socialist gangsters, labor unions and a class of wealthy globalists who pay and organize them for their own gains.

To think that the media is on America's side would be a mistake. Americans shouldn't forget the strange obsession CNN had with Thomas DiMassimo, the punk who rushed Donald Trump at a rally in Ohio. After rushing the stage and being apprehended by the Secret Service and charged with disorderly conduct, DiMassimo was treated like a celebrity by CNN and their awe-struck reporter, Martin Savidge. Had DiMassimo charged the stage at a Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders rally, make no mistake about it, CNN would have demonized him – not given him the spotlight and an interview. At no memorable point in American history has a thug been rewarded by mainstream media like DiMassimo.

DiMassimo is obviously a Bernie Sanders supporter. Like usual, Bernie supporters have been responsible for a majority of the Democrat funded violence at Trump rallies, including the Chicago rally in which Black Lives Matter protesters fired automatic weapons on the street. As evidenced by DiMassimo's Twitter account, where he has called himself “Marlon Bando”, we see DiMassimo's intention to provoke violence at a Trump rally.

Through violence and intimidation, socialist activists and Democrat organizers plan to subvert democracy. They have threatened violence at Trump rallies, mostly in an effort to discourage Trump supporters from attending out of fear. They have threatened violence against Donald Trump and suggested assassination as a solution to an unfavorable democratic outcome. Americans have noticed the tactics and the violence, but the efforts of the Saul Alinsky thugs have backfired and registered negatively with a majority of Americans. Americans are fighting back and fearlessly attending Trump rallies in solidarity. Blacks, whites, Latinos and minorities are showing up to break the failed narrative that paints Trump and his supporters as white supremacists. The ground is shifting under the left's feet and there isn't anything they can do to stop it, so they are resorting to violence. As the violence continues, Americans will fight back. Any violence or attempts on Donald Trump's life will not sit lightly with Americans. The time has come and Americans are more ready than ever to fight back and protect their democracy.