A Robert Mueller Conspiracy?

May 17th, 2017 | R. Rados
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Donald Trump's Department of Justice has appointed Robert Mueller as the special prosecutor in the Trump-Russia probe. Mueller will be tasked with investigating the ongoing allegations that Trump's campaign colluded with Russian officials to help win the election. In the tradition of connecting dots and putting pieces together, I'll show you who Mueller is directly and indirectly connected to. As you'll see here, it turns out that Robert Mueller is more closely connected to Donald Trump and members of his family than most people might yet realize. It's likely one of the most insignificant and meaningless connections there is, but if the Mueller investigation doesn't go the way Trump's opponents want, they may dig it up as a way to delegitimize Robert Mueller. 

It'll only be a matter of time before the Never Trump league of power brokers in the media and Democratic Party realize that Robert Mueller is indirectly (but very closely) connected to Donald Trump's son-in-law and acting advisor, Jared Kushner.


Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dore LLP, or simply WilmerHale, is a law firm based in Washington DC. They operate 12 offices around the world and have been involved in some high profile legal cases, including the investigation of Enron's CFO. In 2007, WilmerHale was criticized for representing a group of terrorists being held at Guantanamo Bay known as the Algerian Six.

In 2013, Robert Mueller joined WilmerHale as a partner, operating out of its office in Washington DC. He will now be resigning his position at the firm to take on the task as special prosecutor in the Trump-Russia probe.

Jamie S. Gorelick

Gorelick was the US Deputy Attorney General under Bill Clinton and, in 2016, she was hired to represent Jared Kushner in his efforts to become his father-in-law's closest advisor in the White House. Gorelick argued that the appointment of Kushner as Trump's advisor was not a conflict of interest and wouldn't violate any ethical practices. She successfully argued that the US's anti-nepotism statute does not cover Kushner's role as a mere advisor.

Gorelick's history is controversial, to say the least. A look at her history would probably suggest that she wouldn't be friendly to the Trump Administration, but her efforts—on the other hand—to clear Jared Kushner's role in the White House could tell a different story. Or, maybe, the pro-Trump bloggers who have been calling Kushner a cuck and a closet Democrat are correct in believing that it was an effort to soften the Trump Administration and to eventually steer it in a more Democratic direction. However, it was Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump who called Gorelick for help—not the other way around. Since taking on the role, Gorelick has faced a barrage of attacks from the left.

Regardless of the theories, it's clear that Gorelick is on Kushner's side, even if she isn't on Trump's side. It's also clear that Gorelick is directly connected to WilmerHale and—therefore—directly connected to Robert Mueller.

In 2003, Gorelick became a major partner at WilmerHale and has upheld her position ever since. She works out of the firm's Washington DC office, just as Robert Mueller did prior to his appointment as special prosecutor. To suggest that the two have never crossed paths or ever had lunch would require a huge lapse in logic. Gorelick also praised the appointment of Rod Rosenstein as Deputy AG. Of course, Rosenstein is the Deputy AG of Trump's DoJ and was responsible for appointing Mueller as the special prosecutor... after he had recommended the dismissal of James Comey. 

Gorelick was also a member of the 9/11 Commission and had direct contact with Mueller on more than one occasion while he was serving as FBI director under the Bush Administration. Whether the two are friends or close acquaintances isn't known, but when the Never Trumpers and Democrats catch a whiff of these connections, it'll likely send them reeling and crying foul.  

No Collusion With Russia

It's obvious to anyone who's paying attention that the Trump-Russia conspiracy is a baseless political campaign to remove Donald Trump from office and to delegitimize his presidency. No one expected Trump to win, so the left's “plan B” is to make the Trump government ungovernable, to undermine the public's trust in him and to get more Democrats elected to Congress in 2018. On board are some members of the Republican Party and most of the mainstream news media.

The mainstream news media and Democrats may choose to sit on these WilmerHale connections until Mueller finishes his investigation, or they may start spinning into a tizzy within days and calling for Mueller's dismissal. It's also possible that no one will see anything nefarious here. Mueller is also highly respected and regarded in political circles, making criticism of him more risky. If Mueller's investigation uncovers the obvious and proves that Donald Trump and Russian officials didn't conspire to beat Hillary, they may use this information to delegitimize the entire investigation and call for a do-over—just like they did with the entire election. No matter what the outcome, Never Trumpers won't be satisfied until someone proves guilt where there is no guilt.

Mueller has already been praised by Democrats and Republicans in Congress and he is allegedly close to James Comey, but who knows what the coming days might bring. Once Anderson Cooper and Salon get a hold of Mueller's direct connection to Gorelick and her connection to the Trumps, things might change quickly. There are probably at least a few journalists who have already prepped their columns about why Mueller is a part of a grand conspiracy to vindicate Donald Trump.  

We can likely expect Mueller's connections to Bush and Comey to also send some pro-Trumpers into a whirlwind of conspiracy theorizing about Mueller being involved in a conspiracy to achieve the opposite.