The Trump-Sessions Feud Is A Ploy

August 1st, 2017 | T. Carter
trump sessions feud

The feud between Donald Trump and his most loyal supporter and Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, has made the mainstream media go wild. Democrats and Never Trump Republicans are loving what they are seeing unfold in the Washington swamp, but is it really what it seems? What if the Trump-Sessions feud is nothing more than a clever ploy orchestrated by Trump and Sessions to achieve a particular goal?

It Doesn't Add Up

The Trump-Sessions feud makes very little sense. Donald Trump has rarely attacked or publicly castigated anyone who has shown him pure loyalty. From the very beginning, Jeff Sessions has been Donald Trump's most loyal supporter and Trump has always gone to great lengths to protect or defend those who have shown him the most loyalty.

Trump's public criticism of Sessions is out of the ordinary and should seem strange to people who have been paying close attention. Trump has rarely gone out of his way to dedicate early morning tweets, New York Times interviews and press conferences to castigating anyone but his most mortal enemies. Some of his slightly less loyal supporters have never faced the same barrage of criticisms that Jeff Sessions has faced over the past few weeks. Let us not forget that Trump just hired and fired Anthony Scaramucci—a guy who once called him a hack—to be his director of communications, without saying one negative thing about him.

Trump has always shown respect and loyalty to former foes who have expressed regret and apologized. Since hiring Scaramucci, Trump has lobbed no public criticisms at Scaramucci, despite Scaramucci being one of Trump's harshest critics in the past. Following Sean Spicer's resignation, Trump made no public criticisms of Spicer's performance and only heaped praise on his former Press Secretary, despite multiple reports of Trump being unimpressed and disappointed with Spicer's performance. With the resignation of Reince Priebus—the reported leaker—Trump wished him well and said nothing negative.

Trump's public criticisms of Jeff Sessions are completely out of the ordinary based simply on Trump's past and present behavior. It should also be difficult to believe that Donald Trump doesn't have regular contact with one of his closest allies and top members of cabinet. Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions are likely in contact on a regular basis and have regular discussions, making it more difficult to believe that the two have not sat down and discussed their differences in how the Department Of Justice should be conducting business. When it comes right down to it, Donald Trump is Jeff Sessions' boss, meaning that Donald Trump has the power to call the shots.

What should also appear odd is that Jeff Sessions made it clear that he would recuse himself from any Russian matters during his confirmation hearings in the Senate. This makes it unlikely that Trump was unaware that Sessions had every intention to recuse himself from the Russian investigation, as he claims.

Lastly, if Sessions were to resign, Trump would be losing his closest and most powerful ally in Washington. This whole feud should not make any sense to the keenest of observers, unless they are convinced that Trump is an imbecile who would be incapable of performing such a political trick.

Baiting The Rats

Washington is less like a swamp and more like a sewer filled with rats. Trump is a man who values loyalty and there is no better way to test the loyalty of Washington elites than by dangling some cheese in front of them. In the midst of the Russia investigation in the Senate and by Robert Mueller, there is no better way to attract rats than by making them think Jeff Sessions is on the outs with his boss.

Who will be the first opponent or Republican rat to approach Jeff Sessions now that many think the two have had a falling out? The Democrats spoke of impeaching Trump before he even won the election, so how many of them will come crawling to Jeff Sessions trying to get him to turn on Trump? This could be one of the most clever ploys in recent history.

Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions have been like inseparable twins since the beginning. By setting a mouse trap for opponents, Trump could find out who in Washington really wants to get rid of him. In so doing, he may find out how exactly Democrats and Republicans plan on taking him out. By putting Jeff Sessions on the outside, as a betrayed opponent, important people in high places may turn their sights on the Attorney General in efforts to destroy the Trump Administration. Will Sessions help take down Trump? What does he know? Will he spill the beans? These are questions that could draw the rats to Jeff Sessions.

Rod Rosenstein

Rosenstein is the second in command at the DoJ, behind Jeff Sessions. After Sessions recused himself, Rosenstein took over the Russia investigation and appointed Robert Mueller as the special counsel to investigate Trump. Rosenstein is a loyal Bush family supporter and Washington insider with a career spanning decades. Some have believed that Rosenstein was under the influence of Sessions, even though Sessions had recused himself from any matters regarding Russia, but this weird feud will shed doubt on the idea that Trump controls Sessions and, therefore, also controls Rosenstein.

By creating the illusion that Sessions and Trump are no longer friends—or that Trump and Sessions have maintained distance—Trump could gain meaningful insights into the Mueller investigation if Rosenstein or anyone involved in the investigation approaches Sessions. He could also identify false friends and wolves in sheep's clothing.

Perhaps a Trump-Sessions feud may also open the door to firing Robert Mueller. By creating a feud or distance between Trump and Sessions, the termination of Rod Rosenstein and then Robert Mueller would look more like an independent decision made by Jeff Sessions in the case that the Mueller investigation produces negative results. Another way to eliminate Mueller would be to move Jeff Sessions to another department, like Homeland Security, while bringing in another highly respected Attorney General (under the illusion he or she would not fire Mueller) who would eventually fire Mueller.

It has become clear, since Mueller has hired prominent Democrat lawyers and donors to the Democratic Party, that his investigation is a witch hunt with the intent of producing damaging information that could sink the Trump Administration. The intent of the Mueller investigation is clear: the investigation will be drawn out until after the mid-term elections in 2018, with the hope that Democrats will take either the Senate or House and make impeachment a real possibility.

Journalists, Media And Leakers

Like all Administrations before it, the Trump Administration has a leak problem and it's a big one. By creating false enemies in and around himself, Donald Trump could attract rats from all walks of life, including info miners, leakers and once-thought friendly journalists. With Sessions and Trump on the outs, slimy journalists will approach Sessions looking for things to damage Trump. 

Much the same, leakers and information seekers inside the Department Of Justice could come forward in search of damning information they think Sessions might provide. This will help Trump blacklist anyone he thinks is working against him and prevent his Administration from sharing any information with such individuals.


Republican members of Congress have already come forward to defend Sessions from Trump. Paul Ryan shied away from directly attacking Trump or defending Sessions—probably a safe move on his part. However, other Senators and Congressman have attacked Trump and shown more loyalty to Jeff Sessions or shown no real loyalty to either men. This was exactly the point, as Trump never fails to reiterate how there is a “loyalty problem”.

Aside from the publicly “Never Trump” Republicans, there is a whole swamp of two-faced, duplicitous Republicans who need to be dealt with in Washington. This isn't just a problem in Congress, it's a problem with GOP staffers across Washington and the whole country. They are the backroom dealers, the low and high level employees inside GOP offices, the private donors and financiers, the strategists, the analysts and a never-ending list of others. The swamp is a great deal deeper than most people realize.

Following The Rats

When the rats grab the cheese, they will either eat it on the spot or run away with it. When they run, Trump will follow them back to their nests. This is only the beginning of a long process and effort to drain the disgusting swamp that is Washington DC.

Much of the Never Trump movement in Washington is covertly funded and fed by money and information. A lot of people who work to undermine the Trump Administration and its goals have tried to hide, but they will be found. In order to drain the swamp, they must be found. They can run, they can hide, but Trump will find them.

The fake feud between Trump and Sessions is likely one of many. If the rats are only now finding out or beginning to suspect that the whole thing is a ruse, it might be too late. Enough rats have probably taken the bait and left a trail of stink leading back to the motherlode.  

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