Twitter Takedown: How The Left Controls Culture

April 19th, 2021 | MP

Project Veritas (James O’Keefe) was permanently banned by Twitter this week. The ban conveniently happened right after Project Veritas released undercover videos of a CNN technical director admitting that the network consciously:

-provided ‘help’ to the Black Lives Matter movement by providing favorable coverage and “good optics”;

-concealed the fact that the proliferation in anti-Asian violence in America is being perpetuated by black men in an attempt to prevent the “far-right” from labelling an entire group of people;

-admitted to only focusing on the skin color of a shooter if they are white, otherwise the story ‘loses steam’;

-ramped up the coverage of COVID-19 infection rates and death tolls for ratings;

-admitted to being able to ‘shape people’s perceptions’ by the type of coverage a story is given and by ‘forcing’ a story to help a ‘platform’; and

-promoted anti-Trump propaganda (his own words) on the network to influence public opinion.

Twitter alleges that O’Keefe was banned for repeated violations of its rule against publishing private information and violating its spam policy by operating multiple accounts, i.e., “platform manipulation”. But let’s be real here; O’Keefe was banned for ‘wrong think’ and was targeted for his political beliefs like the many right-wing Twitter users before him: Charles C. Johnson, Laura Loomer, Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopolous, National Policy Institute/ Radix, Martin Shkreli, Roger Stone, James Allsup, Katie Hopkins, Gavin McInnes, Stephan Molyneux, Steven Crowder, Ricky Vaughn, etc., etc.(the list gets longer each day, as you already know).

While the importance of the specific details revealed in O’Keefe’s undercover videos cannot be understated, we should take a step back and ask ourselves how we got to this point. How did Twitter, CNN and a whole host of other businesses and organizations lose sight of their original purpose of providing a product or service for profit, to becoming the thought police and enforcers of social justice?

There are three philosophers that, in my view, can point us towards how we got here. The first is Robert Conquest, the second is Vox Day (having elaborated on parts of John Rawl’s political theory) and the third is Rudi Dutschke (working from Antonio Gransci’s strategy of obtaining cultural hegemony through infiltrating intuitions).

Robert Conquest’s Three Laws

By way of background, Robert Conquest was an American historian and poet who wrote books mainly on the Soviet Union. He was involved with many organizations, including the Hoover Institution and the Heritage Foundation. He died at 98 years old in 2015.

Conquest is credited with having established the following Three Laws of Politics:

1. Everyone is conservative about what he knows best, i.e., people will seek to preserve and maintain what they believe in, or have an interest in, and will be resistant to change. We are more likely to gatekeep and ‘conserve’ that cause/ organization/ business, etc. if we are personally invested in it.

2. Any organization not explicitly and constitutionally right-wing will sooner or later become left-wing. As you’ll read later on, it is the stated goal of the far left to infiltrate organizations to use its power and influence to effect the far left’s political goals. If an organization doesn’t explicitly state its goals (and, more importantly, state that they are counter to those of the left), the organization’s goals will eventually become those of the far left.

3. The behavior of any bureaucratic organization can best be understood byassuming that it is controlled by a secret cabal of its enemies. Eventually organizations become too large to be directed by one person, or a small group of people with a singular vision and purpose. This will lead to an opening for outside interests to infiltrate and use the organization to effect its own objectives using the institutions’ resources.

A great explanation and analysis of these three laws can be found here.

Of particular interest is Conquest’s third law.

As businesses and organizations grow, so too does bureaucracy, as the growth of the business or organization naturally necessitates putting multiple people in charge of decision making and enforcement and will necessitate parting with a single person’s vision and goals towards ‘shared’ goals, where multiple people can weigh in. In this regard, bureaucracy creates openings for far-left infiltration of corporations. This process has been documented by Vox Day. You can read the full post here, but below is a summary of the process.

The Five Stages Of Corporate Convergence

1. Infiltrated: people devoted to social justice have been hired, but don’t have influence or power at this time. People are hired or fired on merit or connections. The corporation’s marketing is solely for its goods or services.

2. Lightly Converged: infiltrators have begun to move into their preferred areas, such as Human Resources and Marketing, but they don't have any real influence over the corporation's policies or corporate strategies. There are occasional noises about "outreach" and "diversity” but the corporation does not change its employment practices. Marketing is still mostly about the company's products, but now features some diversity.

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3. Moderately Converged: HR is now under infiltrator control and is used to exert influence over other departments as well as the executive team. Marketing begins to devote more attention to virtue-signalling than selling its products or services. Managers engage in diversity-hiring and stop holding low-performance employees accountable. HR begins holding mandatory awareness sessions. The corporation's customer service begins to go downhill.

4. Heavily Converged: The infiltrators now control strategic centers. Significant elements of the executive team and the board are devoted to social justice, and other far-left causes and are open about it publicly. Hiring quotas are implemented and HR openly dictates corporate policy to employees, often without consulting the executives. Marketing materials virtue signal and openly advocate various social justice issues.

5. Fully Converged: The corporation devotes significant resources to social causes that have absolutely nothing to do with its core business activities. HR is transformed into a full Inquisition, imposing its policies without restraint and striking fear into everyone from the Chairman of the Board on down. The CEO regularly mouths social justice platitudes in the place of corporate strategies and the marketing materials are so full of virtue-signaling and social justice advocacy that it becomes difficult to tell from them what the company actually does or sells. The corporation now shows open contempt for its customers.

You’ll remember how Twitter’s own executives went from saying that it was the “free speech wing of the free speech party” to openly stating that "hate" (i.e. right wing beliefs, or even some beliefs held by traditional liberals) has no place on their platform. Jack Dorsey has pledged to donate 1/3 of his personal wealth to social justice causes, including $3M to Colin Kapernik’s Know Your Rights Camp, $1B for Covid-19 relief and $1M to Elton John’s AIDS Foundation. The corporation has a social justice driven “Hateful Conduct Policy” currently implemented for its website. The corporation now shows its full-on contempt of right wing/conservative users by shadow-banning them or dishing out a disproportionate number of permanent suspensions against them. If I had to place Twitter somewhere on Vox’s Five Stages, I’d say it was at stage five.

So, the question begs: why doesn’t the far-left just create their own institutions? Why do they have to take over everything and leave no space for people with opposing viewpoints? Why can’t there be left wing and right-wing organizations that exist at the same time?

The answer to that question can be found in the concept of the Long March Through the Institutions. This idea was originally thought up by communist Antonio Gransci, who felt that the only way to bring about communism in the west (since the idea of a violent revolution was/is an untenable one given the level of freedom and material wealth enjoyed by westerners) was to change the minds of people through a ‘cultural’ revolution. This idea was expanded on by Rudi Dutschke, who coined the term the “Long March Through the Institutions” and wrote on how a communist revolution could be achieved by “working against the established institutions while working within them.”

Politics is downstream from culture. The idea is that if the values held by citizens were not conducive to a communist revolution, then their values needed to be changed. Since people’s values are instilled by institutions, such as the family, the church, schools, businesses, organizations, etc., then the institutions need to be changed so that they instill values that are conducive to communism. Herbert Marcuse and the other commies in the Frankfurt School thought Dutschke’s idea was great, and the “Long March” strategy has been in effect ever since.

The moral of this story: If you own a business or organization, state explicitly that you are a right-wing group. Be careful who you hire and put in charge. Try your hardest to patronize only businesses or organizations that are explicitly right-wing (or at the bare minimum those that appear to be politically neutral). Switch to Gab. Or Parler. Or any social media platform that isn’t Twitter.

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