The Truth About Uneducated Conservatives

July 8th, 2019 | RR

Some of the dumbest people I know have degrees. Even lawyers I have met, who spent years in law school and passed their bar, have exhibited an astonishing lack of common sense, street smarts and resourcefulness. These people aren't usually stupid, they've just spent too much time in school being robbed of their ability to think critically. That's what schools and universities do. For every valuable new skill we learn, a school will strip us down—bit by bit—into basic, pre-programmed computers that can only accomplish certain assigned tasks. Lawyers are smart about laws and courtrooms, but nothing else. That's how we create experts who are valuable to our progress as a society, but the downside is that it also creates an arrogant and elitist class that frowns upon the “less educated”. As a result, these frowned upon, less educated segments of society choose a different political path that irks the elites who spent years in university to buy their expensive degrees. Uneducated conservatives have, therefore, become the most dangerous political force in North America.

Highly educated figures in media and academia have made “less educated” synonymous with “stupid”. They have then used polling data to paint conservative and right-wing voters as less educated and, thus, stupid as shit. As university enrollments plummet in both Canada and the United States, this strategy is destined to backfire in a spectacular fashion—more than it already has.

Since “highly educated” folk with expensive degrees have shown to have little common sense, we should expect them to keep repeating the exact same mistakes. We have already seen an example of their work. It was their “uneducated and racist voters” narrative that put Donald Trump in the White House and it would be the exact same failed strategy that puts him back into office in 2020. Without the capability to learn from their mistakes, the highly educated academics, journalists, lawyers and civil servants who have called us all racist and stupid will only intensify their failed strategy over the next elections in Canada and the US.

Justin Trudeau's state broadcaster has already started:

Canadian conservatives might ask themselves the same question. Rather than whining about how unfair it is that Liberals are associating Andrew Scheer with Faith Goldy — an obvious white supremacist (a label she rejects) who proudly advocates for "European identity" and "white identity," and who has contributed to a neo-Nazi podcast — they could instead reflect on why in heaven's name he appeared on her online diatribe show two years ago.

Or why Scheer chose to address the "United We Roll" yellow-vest gang in Ottawa this year, where, yes, Faith Goldy also spoke to the crowd (as did former Conservative MP Maxime Bernier). Or why he would hire as his campaign manager a former director of the far-right shock-talk site Rebel Media, where Faith Goldy worked until she became too much even for them. Rep. Steve King, incidentally, endorsed Goldy's recent bid for mayor of Toronto. Somehow, she still lost.

Conservatives in Canada might also ponder why there have been so many racist and anti-gay bozo eruptions in Alberta's United Conservative Party, rather than in, say, the governing NDP. Or why a small-c conservative senator's racist posts remain online. (Yes, Lynn Beyak was expelled from the Conservative caucus for the posts, which were denounced by Scheer. But how does the party attract characters like her in the first place?)

The same strategy of painting anti-left political movements as racist, then linking them to conservative politicians, has failed as much as it has succeeded in the United States. Canada, however, is a bit different. In the United States, Republicans held the Senate in the last mid-term election—after almost three years of being called racist and stupid by media. Although this media strategy seems more effective in Canada, Canadian conservatives are being driven further to the right. Rather than driving conservatives away from the party, or toward the middle, this strategy has only strengthened conservative views and solidified conservative culture. The problem, though, is that Canada doesn't have as many conservatives as the United States.

In Canada, the media's strategy of painting conservatives as stupid and racist has only made conservatives louder, more angry and more motivated to beat the left and the media. 

"Uneducated conservatives have, therefore, become the most dangerous political force in North America. "

When someone falsely calls us racist and stupid, one of two things happens. One, we retract, become silent and continue to vote for right-wing parties. Two, we become louder, angrier, more combative and eager to double down and further infuriate our enemies. It's rare to see a genuine conservative switch sides because a bunch of elitists with degrees called him racist for not believing in white privilege, big government and victim culture. It's rare to see a conservative recede into a spiral of self-pity and reflection because someone with a degree called him stupid and “less educated”.

For the most part, uneducated seldom means stupid and conservative seldom means weak.

Some Of Society's Best Are “Less Educated”

Some of the world's smartest and most innovative creators and entrepreneurs have been college and university dropouts. Some have even been high school dropouts. There is barely a thread of logic behind the claim that “less educated” should be equated with stupidity and low intelligence. There isn't a shred of humility or intelligence behind the strategy to shame, humiliate and defame anyone who embraces conservative ideas and principles as “less educated” and, therefore, stupid.

We all know someone who dropped out of school, but who has made a healthy living by starting their own business or climbing a corporate ladder. Some of us might be those people. A truly capable and competent person should be able to get along and thrive in a society without an expensive piece of paper. When those people happen to be conservatives, we see a strong sense of pride and accomplishment that accompanies a resentment for high taxes, endless miles of red tape and people who blame the world for their failures. These less educated conservatives probably had to work harder because of the stigma and barriers they had to face for not having an expensive education—but you'll never hear them complain about their struggles or blame anyone else.

When you hear media and pollsters tell you that conservative voters are less educated, embrace it. You can educate them about the hard work involved in starting a new business, enterprise or venture from scratch, without a penny to spare. You can show them the thick skin you've earned from years of hard work, hard labour or financial struggle. You can show them the blisters on your hands and the wrinkles on your face that you earned from the years spent getting to where you are now. You can show them what a “less educated” person can accomplish with a lifetime of effort and pride.

Yes, conservatives are more often less educated than liberals and socialists. All that means is that we didn't spend years in school to put ourselves in debt and to lose the resourcefulness and common sense that makes us who we are. We're more likely to be right-wing because we don't believe in victim culture, identity politics and white privilege. We're more likely to be right-wing because we're tired of being told that our struggles don't matter, or that our lives are somehow easier because of our race and group identity. We're conservatives because we've had to work just as hard and worry just as much as anyone else. Our lives have been filled with uncertainty, hardship and fear—but we've been told that it matters less. Maybe our skins are thicker and our attitudes are more crude because we're tired of being lectured.

Maybe, just maybe, we're tired of being called stupid.

Since repeating the same mistakes is a hallmark of the “highly educated”, we shouldn't be surprised that most of these people are—coincidentally—socialists. Socialism has failed repeatedly, yet Marxism is more popular among the highly educated. That's another fact that is reflected in most polling data. Although the Marxist label is rejected, academics more commonly identify with socialist ideas—which are mostly Marxist ideas. The reason may be just as much stupidity as it is opportunism:

Why do so many university professors — and intellectuals more generally — favor socialism and interventionism? F. A. Hayek offered a partial explanation in his 1949 essay "The Intellectuals and Socialism." Hayek asked why "the more active, intelligent and original men among [American] intellectuals … most frequently incline toward socialism." His answer is based on the opportunities available to people of varying talents.

Academics tend to be highly intelligent people. Given their leftward leanings, one might be tempted to infer from this that more intelligent people tend to favor socialism. However, this conclusion suffers from what empirical researchers call "sample selection bias." Intelligent people hold a variety of views. Some are lovers of liberty, defenders of property, and supporters of the "natural order" — i.e., defenders of the market. Others are reformers, wanting to remake the world according to their own visions of the ideal society.

Hayek argues that exceptionally intelligent people who favor the market tend to find opportunities for professional and financial success outside the Academy (i.e., in the business or professional world). Those who are highly intelligent but ill-disposed toward the market are more likely to choose an academic career. For this reason, the universities come to be filled with those intellectuals who were favorably disposed toward socialism from the beginning.

Uneducated conservatives have a low tolerance for wealth redistribution, taxes and social justice because they have spent a portion of their lives struggling, working hard and pinching their pennies. This is the psychological mindset that makes less educated voters likely to identify with conservative principles. Conservatives love keeping their hard-earned money, while socialists don't really have much hard-earned money. The harder we have to work, the more likely we are to appreciate our own wealth.

Uneducated socialist and liberal voters have chosen to take a different political path because they have less appreciation for personal responsibility. Uneducated and downtrodden socialists are socialists because they have given up and decided to let government sort out their problems for them, with higher taxes and wealth redistribution. Uneducated socialists have been trained to believe racial identity and gender are impenetrable barriers. This doesn't necessarily mean uneducated socialists are stupid, it just means they have a certain kind of solution to their own perceived problems.

It's easier to believe the barriers are impossible to break down than it is to work hard at breaking them down.

The Real Facts

Conservatives are more likely to be uneducated, white and less tolerant of nonsense. The reasons for these trends are overlooked by elitists and socialists who are looking to disparage their opponents rather than understand them. Instead of helping others understand conservatives, their goal is to stop conservative ideas from spreading by shaming anyone who drifts toward them. Scientists with this kind of regressive mindset will manufacture faulty studies that “prove” low intelligence among conservatives. Journalists will publish these studies and use them as weapons, while citing polls and statistics that show conservatives and Trump supporters as “less educated”. None of this is by accident and all of it is political.

Other statistical facts are overlooked by media and academia because they don't fit into the “dumb and racist conservative” narrative.

When polls talk about educated voters, they're talking about university and college graduates. This means that many of the under-educated and less educated voters they refer to have trade certificates or careers that don't require a BA or PhD. Voters who obtain educations through trade schools to become electricians and plumbers are not usually counted in the “educated” bracket. Furthermore, police officers, military personnel and first responders who receive specialized training often don't fall under the “educated” bracket either.

Coincidentally, conservative politicians and parties often scoop up more voters from these categories than liberal and socialist politicians and parties. They also scoop up more of the ethnic vote than liberals would like to admit.

In Canada, the 2011 election showed a huge surge in ethnic support for the Conservative Party. What they call “bootstrap immigrants” voted in large numbers for Stephen Harper and his policies, which favoured immigration but also disparaged handouts, high taxes and welfare. Data from the past two elections has, in fact, shown that immigrants in Canada tend to be more conservative—both socially and economically—than homegrown Canadians.

As reported by the Globe & Mail  last year:

Doug Ford’s election as the leader of Ontario’s Progressive Conservative Party would not have been possible without the mobilization of social conservatives. That a strident anti-abortion activist – Tanya Granic Allen – was even on the ballot was proof in itself that this is no longer your father’s PC Party. That Ms. Granic Allen captured almost as much first-ballot support as the centrist Caroline Mulroney, and that her supporters propelled Mr. Ford over the top on the final ballot, was especially sweet for social conservatives.

The latter are now celebrating their new-found political clout — in dozens of languages. Immigration has swelled the ranks of Canada’s social conservatives. Polls shows that Canadian-born voters are less religious than ever, even when they claim to belong to a particular faith. That is not true of immigrants, who often identify more with their religion than their country.

Immigrants have increasingly shaped our communities, our schools and our self-conception as a country. So, it was only a matter of time before they began shaping our politics, too. It is unlikely Ontarians would be debating the province’s new sex-education curriculum at all if only Canadian-born voters were concerned. Resistance to the new curriculum has been strongest among immigrant parents. Some even pulled their kids out of school in protest.

In 2016, military personnel, veterans and police supported Donald Trump in large numbers. Trump also increased the GOP's black vote and its number of Latino voters. These are all voters that media and their polls would call “uneducated” or “less educated”.

The same mindset of struggle and penny pinching that rules the lives of white conservatives also drives the lives of immigrants from China and India, who came to Canada to thrive in a free country and a free market. They've spent most of their lives struggling and trying to get by, while having their entrepreneurial ambitions and freedoms quashed by big governments and a lack of opportunity.

Next time someone tells you conservatives are uneducated, tell them they're right. This country was built by the grit, ambition and ingenuity of people who had to turn nothing into something. The uneducated, hard-working Canadians and immigrants, who create their own cash cows and side hustles, are the people who make Canada and America great. The less educated soldiers, cops and firefighters are the people who have kept us safe and free.

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