82 Cases Of Coronavirus Brought Into Vancouver Since October

January 2nd, 2021 | DS

A minimum of 82 cases of the Wuhan Coronavirus were brought into Canada through Vancouver's international airport since October 1.  As reports emerge of at least 28 entering Canada through Toronto in December, it is important to remember Canada's other international airports facing the same problems.

It is unknown whether each of the 82 flights coming into Vancouver had more than one case of the Coronavirus, but according to BC's CDC, 82 international flights had one or more cases aboard in the last quarter of 2020.

According to recent studies by the WHO and to graphics being distributed by health districts all across Canada, one person who is infected with Coronavirus can infect up to two or more people. Although masks are mandated on planes and social distancing is enforced at airports (often poorly), masks are often worn incorrectly or removed to eat and drink. With many international flights exceeding six to eight hours in length, passengers are offered snacks and drinks.

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Knowing this, it is safe to assume that the 82 cases on board the international flights that entered Canada through Vancouver may have infected up to 165 additional people. If so, those 82 international flights could be responsible for up to 247 infections in BC since October. However, since data tracking is faulty or non-existent at best, we may never know the true numbers.

Like other provinces, British Columbia businesses are facing lockdowns and residents are facing restrictions. All of it has amounted to severe economic and health crises.

Here is a breakdown of the flights that entered Vancouver during the Christmas season (throughout December) in which at least one case of the virus was confirmed on board:

-6 flights from India

-11 flights from the United States

-7 flights from Europe

-4 flights from Mexico

This is the total number of international flights that brought the virus into Vancouver each month since October:

December: 28 flights

November: 32 flights

October: 22 flights

Q4 into YVR: 82 flights

It is reported that the new UK variant of the virus was brought into Canada through Canada's international airports on several occasions since December.

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