We Are At War, Everywhere

June 1st, 2020 | Spartacus

On every ideological front, we are at war. At home and abroad, we are fighting an enemy that seeks to upend the freedoms we have come to know and cherish. Both democracy and capitalism are in danger, not just at home but around the world. At home we face political parties and media that seek to redefine our rights, while abroad we are seeing a corrupt and persistent hierarchy emerge as the new leading force in global economics and politics. The only thing left to do is for us to acknowledge that this is, indeed, a war. This is not just hyperbole and we are not just dealing with a passing fad. This is serious.

At home, in Canada, we have a ruling Liberal Party that is backed by three other ideologically corrupt parties and one inept Conservative opposition. Our prime minister (I will not use capitals when referring to his title), the least honourable person to ever hold the office, has used Orders In Council to pass new laws, while treating our system of government and its ethics codes like minor inconveniences. When faced with any real challenge or question, the prime minister cowers and reverts to flowery, scripted platitudes. Our journalists back down, refrain and refuse to challenge him when he steps over the checks and balances that have been put in front of him by our founding fathers.

We are dealing with an entirely different country now. The Canada we knew ten years ago is gone.

As a pandemic—hyped and bolstered by complicit media and corporate journalists—shuts down the planet, our prime minister cowers in his taxpayer mansion in Ottawa, giving daily press briefings that he uses to muddy the waters and spread his party's message. To Canadians, none of that matters. He was, after all, able to escape with multiple ethics violations and corporate scandals. What difference should it make to a populace that has been inoculated and pacified by hardworking Liberal journalists and corporate media?

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Simply giving daily addresses from his hideout and using the platform as a campaign tool for Liberals has given him a Coronavirus approval rating above 70%.

Many of his opponents will hypocritically dismiss these polls as “fake” and paid for by corporate media, while simultaneously touting other polls that reaffirm their own biases, but that come from the same companies and media organizations. However, to believe these polls as true is not that much of a stretch. Many Canadians outside of the Conservative strongholds do, in fact, approve of the prime minister's handling of the pandemic. Multiple election polls from several polling agencies confirm this.

Leger shows the Liberal Party polling at an average of 40%, with Conservatives down to less than 30%. Mainstreet Research shows the Liberals averaging 42%; EKOS shows the same, along with Abacus, Innovative Research and multiple polls from Angus Reid.

If an election were held today, the Liberals would return to a majority.

We shouldn't really be surprised by this. As stated earlier, the prime minister was able to win a strong minority government after breaking multiple ethics codes, being embroiled in a corporate corruption scandal and dressing up on various occasions as an ethnic minority. Not to mention his many stumbles along the way, like “drink box water bottle sort of things” and his infamous “peoplekind” remark.

All of the progress we have made in this ideological information war has been erased. Andrew Scheer's historic showing of popular support in the last election is yesterday's news. His party is now neck-deep in its own problems. To make it worse, the party's drama is playing out in a journalistic theatre of frenzy, bias and hysterical anti-conservative derangement. On top of that, the party's membership is self-destructing over two front-running leadership contenders who are anything but conservative.

To many, there isn't much hope to be found in any of this. However, if we look south of our border, we see a President winning nearly every battle he has been faced with. He won an election that was stacked against him, he survived a mid-term election by keeping his Senate intact, he then overcame an impeachment and several other relatively minor scandals. Now, he remains a successful contrarian by pushing for his country to re-open amid a growing number of COVID-19 cases. Every time we see what looks like a looming disaster and—finally—something the President cannot withstand, he overcomes all the odds again.

Where is our Canadian warrior?

Even if Donald Trump loses the next election, he will be remembered as a President who won a majority of his battles and was able to emerge unscathed. From another perspective, Democrats in America are feeling the same blues that conservatives are feeling in Canada. They have weak leadership, they are bent on their own self-destruction and they are unable to agree on anything. When push comes to shove, Canadian conservatives and American Democrats always choose to shove their own.

This is where we need to make the changes required for victory.

Conservative media in the United States has been spectacularly successful in countering the mainstream networks and the ideology that fuels them. GOP and conservative politicians have found their niches when battling the radical left—and it has worked. To build up our anti-liberals in Canada, I will take from Sun Tzu's Art Of War. Keeping in mind, this is a war against the Liberal Party and the various ideologies that fuel it and the many global organizations that have set out to upend our freedoms. You don't need to call yourself a conservative to join our war against these regressive global ideologies.

If You Know The Enemy And Know Yourself, You Need Not Fear The Result Of A Hundred Battles

One of the biggest obstacles facing anti-liberals in Canada is their reluctance to listen to the enemy, to see the world from the enemy's perspective and to expose themselves to the enemy's propaganda. We too often hear opponents of the Liberals ridicule members of their own team who watch CBC, CNN or MSNBC. We hear them lash out at “fake polls” and “fake news” while proudly stating that they have never watched a single minute, or read a single word, of the enemy's propaganda.

A lack of information leads to defeat. This is why nations collect intel and use massive intelligence agencies like the CIA and Mossad to keep ahead of their enemies. You can't expect to win without always knowing what the enemy is thinking, doing and planning. If you're truly intelligent, their propaganda won't effect you—but if they make a good point, acknowledge it and use it. In some cases, the enemy may have information that you didn't.

If There Is Disturbance In The Camp, The General's Authority Is Weak

The current state of the Conservative Party is an example of a camp in chaos. The party must find principles to unite on, while still maintaining the respect of its membership. The same can be said about any anti-liberal, grassroots organization that his having trouble herding its cats. The party chose a bad time to take down its elected leader with internal politics and scandal. A rift was created at the absolute worst time.

Do Not Swallow Bait Offered By The Enemy

One form of bait offered to politicians who fail to subscribe to liberal logic involves accusations of racism, sexism, or other kinds of isms, followed by a demand for an apology. In particular, Conservative politicians most often bite the bait and issue an apology. Of course, the apology is never really accepted, but rather, it is used to flaunt victory over the newly shamed Conservative and their admission of guilt.

The apology itself is a poison pill that slowly kills the host from within. More often than not, the politicians and anti-liberals who stand firm and refuse to apologize come out looking stronger.

Other forms of bait often include comments directed at anti-liberals with the intent of provoking a negative response—which can later be used to demand an apology. Many times, our opponents will find our weaknesses and exploit them by hurling provocative remarks our way. Their intention is always to make us angry, rile us up and to provoke us into saying something that is driven by emotion and anger. When we react, they say, “See! A Racist!”.

Just As Water Retains No Constant Shape, So In Warfare There Are No Constant Conditions

Adapt and evolve. That is the lesson in this quote. The enemy is always adapting, but they too will falter at times. Often times, anti-liberals fail to change their methods—case in point, the many elections lost by federal Conservatives in Canada, where they relied on the same old messaging, merely because it had worked in the past.

Throughout the Art Of War, Sun Tzu tells us that we must not use the same tactics repeatedly, even when they have proven to work. We must become unpredictable to the enemy and we must maintain a constant and evolving element of surprise. Too often, anti-liberals repeat the same tactics, making themselves predictable and easy to defeat.

The Art Of War

Liberals have read the book. You should too.

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