Why Most Mass Shooters Are White Men

September 1st, 2019 | AR

More than half of all mass shootings in America are committed by white males. That statistic is often used by politicians on the left to portray an image of white supremacy, right-wing extremism and race-based hate, but that answer is politically motivated and has little to do with reality. To push a narrative of gun control, liberals will argue that we need to make guns less available to white supremacists, rather than argue the real problems regarding mental health and our society's disgraceful treatment of young men. Since the mid 1990s, American culture has turned the average, masculine male into a super-villain that should be feared and condemned—and the consequences have manifested in the form of violence and mass murder.

Whether we are talking about a white American who converts to Islam and goes to the Middle East to fight for his cause, or about an isolated and lonely white teenage male living in an American suburb, the evidence points to a society determined to make single, straight white men feel discarded and worthless. Left to boil in their own shame and self-loathing, more and more young American men are being told that their skin colour, masculinity and status makes them immune to social pressures, rejection, loss and fear. Similar to the old fashioned gender roles in which men were taught to hold back their emotions, an equally damaging modern trend of isolation and alienation has emerged.

This new trend has cost countless lives.

The myth of “white privilege” has driven rejected and lonely young men to act out. Told that their problems are illegitimate due to their sex and race—rejected, friendless and lonely, what choices are they left with? They are told that if they are straight, white and male, they should have no difficulty finding success, love, friendship and wealth. When they don't find those things as easily as they were told they should, self-loathing, shame and alienation become overwhelming. It becomes only a matter of time before these feelings begin to determine their behaviour.

Eventually they grow to resent the society that was supposed to nurture and support them. Every young man with a light skin tone is told that his life should be easy and that his struggles are probably the result of his own inaction and incompetence, so when worse comes to worse, he is left with only one emotion: hatred.

Racial attacks like the ones in Charleston and El Paso involved young white males, mostly loners who weren't even socially capable of joining a criminal gang. Their hatred often leads them to attack minorities and groups of people who they believe have turned them into enemies of society. In other cases, alienated white boys join extremist causes like neo-Nazism and Islamic movements, where they feel accepted and are welcomed with open arms. The internet has united them and made it easier for them to find others who are just like them.

It is unfair to make this an issue solely afflicting white males, as violence and crime in all communities and countries is often linked to the same sense of alienation and isolation. However, piling on accusations of white privilege and toxic masculinity only aggravates an already dangerous situation in which young men are turning to violence, extremism and criminality in order to feel accepted and to fill a void created by extreme loneliness and isolation.

Racial Bonding And Unity

In places where gun violence is rampant, like Chicago and New York, we find alienated, rejected and isolated black men who find harmony and support among other racially isolated black males. Their sense of isolation comes from the same place as the isolation felt by white males from American suburbs, but the only difference is black men in Chicago and other urban areas have found methods to cooperate and to monetize their alienation and ejection from modern American society. That cooperation and monetization takes the form of crime and manifests as rivalling gangs who compete for money and territory.

If there is white privilege, young and friendless white males have been cast out by their own white culture—a culture that has had the privilege of being the majority and, therefore, has not yet experienced a need for unity and fraternity based on racial identity. Black Americans, who make up only 13% of America's population, have used a history of slavery and segregation by whites to unite under a single, ethnic cause. For white males, history has produced an entirely different reality.

Neo-Nazi movements exist, but they are not as prevalent as American media would have us believe. More prominent in Southern states, even the KKK has been relegated to a dying brotherhood of fat, lazy slobs with minimal influence. Most Neo-Nazi networks consist of online chatrooms and weekly gatherings in rundown shacks on the outskirts of towns, each made up of no more than a small handful of incels and angry slobs, few of which have the resources or skills to organize effectively.

Even so, the character and social skills of most mass shooters would lead to rejection even from the most organized and prominent neo-Nazi groups that still exist in America. Rejected by peers in school, by peers at work and even from their own racial groups, white males have fewer places to go than minorities who have come together and united against “white supremacy” and our “institutionally racist” white society.

White males in America have fewer ways to bond with anyone, not even members of their own race.

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"They are told that if they are straight, white and male, they should have no difficulty finding success, love, friendship and wealth."

All-white boardrooms, all-white workplaces, all-white movies, all-white Oscar nominees and anything that fails to reject anything that looks, feels or smells “too white” is condemned—even by fellow whites in Hollywood, media, school and academia. Having too many white friends is worse than having no friends at all. There is no virtue or pride allowed in anything that happens to be all-white, even if it happens to be all-white by pure accident. To be white in America is to be ashamed. To place any kind of value on being white is not only frowned upon, but it is outright attacked and slandered. There can be no brotherhood among whites in America—not by accident, not by sheer coincidence and definitely not by intention. America's new and inclusive culture is intentionally trying to exclude white men.

Look at the consequences.

Acting Under A Cause

When they don't accept loneliness, many alienated young men will find acceptance in certain groups and organizations that embrace extremism. Whether it is among white supremacists, radical socialists, or Islamic fundamentalists, isolated young men will feel welcomed by groups that preach hate and intolerance—which helps to feed and nurture the hatred and anger they have been brewing for years, alone.

We have seen young boys from middle-class suburbs join ISIS and either fly abroad to join a jihad or stay behind and carry out acts of terror at home. We have seen young men who have been radicalized by socialist ideology attempt to assassinate politicians they hate and commit mass shootings like the one in Dayton, Ohio. We have seen young men enraged by thoughts of mass immigration carry out shootings with the intent to kill blacks and Latinos.

The list could go on.

Left alone to brew in their isolation, more and more young men have few people around them to debate with, argue with, vent to and listen to. They have no one around that will agree with them and help them feel supported, even when it comes to their controversial political views. They have no one around to talk sense into them when their minds go off the rails. They have no one to peacefully challenge them and their beliefs and to make them see a different side. Instead, they find themselves agreeing with and debating with themselves.

They become their only friend.

The Solution

Parents, teachers and—most importantly—media must start living by example and teaching real inclusion. Our current system involves preaching tolerance, but teaching intolerance by action. We tell ethnic minorities that their struggles are rooted in racism, while telling lonely white men that their masculinity is dangerous and that their race has given them a special kind of privilege which renders all of their struggles moot.

We cater to ethnic minorities and sympathize with their isolation, while segregating young boys and telling them that their problems don't matter. We empower and embolden women, while we emasculate and shame men for being men.

A society that claims to be inclusive should include everyone, or it cannot call itself inclusive. This current incarnation of inclusiveness and multiculturalism is destructive. A society can only earn the right to call itself inclusive when the intolerance, shame and violence directed at one group of people ceases. In this case, we are discriminating against young boys and men, many mostly white, but many not. Young men of all colours are shamed for their gender identity on a regular basis. They are shamed for thoughts and ideas that fail to embrace self-hatred or hatred of white privilege. If they are white, their words and actions are limited and, when they breach the boundaries and commit a thought crime, they are ruthlessly shamed and isolated by media, academia and social elites. When they are black, failure to speak out against whiteness—or worse, speaking in support of it—earns them condemnation and social shame.

What we have now is not an inclusive society. Many on one side of the fence used to tell us that our lack of inclusiveness was the cause of Islamic terror, but here we are now, listening to those same people exclude, isolate and shame young white men for being young white men with thoughts and ideas common to young white men.

If we don't change, we can ban all of the guns and weapons currently available without avail. As long as we continue to isolate young men and back them into corners, the consequences will continue to include violent outbursts and acts of hate.

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